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Horticultural grade Vermiculite has become a mainstay as a component of soil less growing mediums, as a soil amendment and in many other horticultural uses. Vermiculite has the excellent property of improving soil aeration while retaining the moisture and nutrients necessary to feed roots,
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Horticultural grade Vermiculite has become a mainstay as a component of soil less growing mediums, as a soil amendment and in many other horticultural uses. Vermiculite has the excellent property of improving soil aeration while retaining the moisture and nutrients necessary to feed roots, cuttings, and seeds for faster growth.

Vermiculite possesses cation exchange properties, thus it can hold and make available to the growing plant ammonium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. When mixed with peat, composted bark, organic compost, or natural soils, vermiculite like perlite helps promote faster root growth, and gives quick anchorage to young roots. These mixes help retain air, plant food, and moisture, and releases them as needed by the plant. Because vermiculite is very light and easy to handle, it easily mixes with soil, peat, composted pine bark and other composted organic materials, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

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Vermiculite Tech Info (PDF)

Vermiculite is USDA approved for organic use under mined minerals. See Materials for Organic Crop Production, NOP 5034-1 (PDF)

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Reviews (247)
  • Excellent product
    Exactly what I wanted at a fair price and fast delivery.
  • Excellent
    The vermiculite is much nicer than what I am able to get local. It's not nearly as fine either. I will be using it again. No damaged bags and the pallet was wrapped well.
  • Perfect Size
    I really wanted the smaller size but they were sold out. I'm actually happy about that because I actually feel this size was better suited to the task of mixing a soil for several new 2x4 elevated beds. I had a couple liters of smaller stuff left in the bottom of the bag which is working great now for top of my seedling pots.
  • Top-Notch Product, and Great Customer Service.
    Product is of a very consistent quality. Have purchased same item several times from this supplier. Very satisfied with the product, and the customer service is top-notch.
  • Super Coarse Vermiculite
    Easy ordering. Prompt delivery.
  • Perfect in every way.
    I have ordered this product many times from this company, both via will-call and shipped directly to my home. The product is very consistent in quality, and I recommend it to my family and friends whenever the need arises.
  • Best Vermiculite
    Shipping is quick, which is a plus. We are making Mel's mix and we have moved, so we had to start from scratch. This vermiculite is better than other brands, better cost, and WAY better than Perlite. I like buying from the Greenhouse Megastore. They usually have what I want at a decent price and they ship it pronto!
  • Vermiculite, compost, and worm castings
    It was so pleasurable and easy to work with the associates at Greenhouse Megastore. My order came quickly and all were in great condition upon arrival. I will definitely be ordering in the future. Thanks.
  • Vermiculite
    Arrived in well sealed containers, love the way it holds moisture in the soil. Here's to a wonderful garden year!
  • Coarse size vermiculite
    Is good size for useing in the bark multch soil mixes i make for perrenial beds in my landscape. Rather large for any small pots, or seedling mix, i suppose one could roll it ina mixer with some aggregate to break it down with and sieve the smallest out? But then that wud be in a emergency type situation.
  • Very Happy
    I was having a lot of trouble finding vermiculite locally. I ordered on 4/15 and it arrived on 4/17. I would definitely recommend this site to my friends and I will use them again.
  • I finally found vermiculite
    The vermiculite arrived quickly and in great condition. I have been looking everywhere for vermiculite to make “Mel’s Mix” for my raised garden beds but have had little luck. This vermiculite was a bit coarser than vermiculite I’ve used in the past, but still worked great in my soil mix.
  • Disappointed
    Bought 4 bags last fall for my winter needs. Price was $37 per bag. Great product just what I needed. did not write a review but it would have been 5 stars for the price, quality, and shipping. Bought another 2 bags last week. Now it is 3 star. Why the downgrade? Price is now $53; and the product is about 20% dust. Shipping kept it as a 3 star - could have been a 2 star.
  • Vermiculite
    Product arrived on time. It is working just as it should. Vermiculite has been hard to find in large bags. Glad to find it.
  • SO-VERXC-04 Vermiculite
    Works really well with mixing in with Peat and Perlite in my Potting Soil. Also, for a fine layer over seeds to keep them moist during germintion.
  • Awesome company, product, price and deliver
    This brand, as such, is the best of all the vermiculite brands I trialed years ago. Holds up in the raised beds, helps so much with reducing watering. Least dusty as well. Could not fine this stuff anywhere, and the online supply was hard to take for pricing, mostly delivery charges. Arrived in perfect condition! I really hope this is not a hardship for the company, because I will be ordering the vermiculite again as needed, and so many other things!
  • Great product, price and service
    The vermiculite I bought are good quality. It shipped fast to me with good price and free shipping. Love it. Thank you.
  • nice size
    I use this in my sq. ft. garden and it works well. Little seedlings can easily pop up through this (mixed with compost and peat moss)
  • Just What I Needed...
    Product came as advertised. Just what I needed for my beds. Great service, and fast shipping.
  • Very Dependable and Consistent
    As always, this company has been very dependable and consistent. Great service, and fast shipping. I would recommend this company to my friends and neighbors.
  • Love this stuff
    I’m using this to help fill my garden beds. The place I ordered my soil from which is top notch compost with live medium. I live in Florida and they can no longer get the vermiculite and peat moss to mix in. I needed a lot and I am so glad I found this. Got the peat moss too. She said 1 part of each to fill the bed. I already have several liogs, leaves, and branches at the bottom. Cannot beat the price on this
  • Excellent product and customer service
    As vermiculite is becoming harder to find in bulk at reasonable prices, ordering from Greenhouse Megastore was a blessing! With the free shipping that was offered, I was able to order several bags to make the perfect "Mel's Mix" for my Square Foot Garden. My garden is flourishing, and because of the characteristics of vermiculite, I hardly have to water my crops. Thank you, GM crew!
  • First time vermiculite user
    This order got here super fast. I’m using this in part to build garden soil from scratch. D see I far garden is growing well. Next bed I’ll increase the amount of vermiculite to help keep soil loose and retain water better. Super product
  • Vermiculite
    Perfect for my rasied beds we get a lot of hot days in Vegas.
  • best quality vermiculite
    best quality vermiculite I have ever seen in my life--35+years
  • Excellent product delivered quickly
    This is my second time ordering several bags of this and it comes quickly and is good quality every time.
  • Perfect for Mels Mix
    This is the stuff you need if you are making Mel’s Mix for square foot gardening. Items were shipped quickly and I will definitely purchase again when I need more.
  • Vermiculite in my garden.
    I roto tilled your vermiculite into my garden but here in west central Ohio the planting season is just now starting so I won't know any results until late July. Consequently, I only gave you a three star rating until that time. We sometimes have a late frost until mid-May.
  • Perlite
    I have used this product before and it has always been of good quality. Would recommend it.
  • Good service
    As described, fast service
  • Industry standard vermiculute
    It's rough vermiculite and does't have a lot of snow / dust in it. Good stuff. Order enough to get free shipping and the price is comparable to wholesale competitors who cater to nurseries and AG. This is my default option for vermiculite.
  • Great Product
    I am using this product for my square foot gardening mix, equal parts of peat moss, vermiculite and compost. I am happy with the result.
  • Excellent Ingredient for making growing media
    I mix vermiculite, peat moss & home-made compost, in equal parts, to make an outstanding growing medium for my raised beds. I could not be happier with the results; 6 years experience.
  • Great amount for a great price
    What can I say? It's vermiculite, except the quantity for the price is much better than any I can get locally. I always make sure to order it when ordering other items from Greenhouse Megastore to get free shipping.
  • Vermiculite
    I am very pleased with the quality of the product.
  • Great product
    I used this coarse vermiculite last year, and am back for more. It's great for my gardens, use it everywhere. Greenhouse Megastore was easy to to work with, shipped quickly.
  • Vermiculite.
    I received my order in a few days. Just what I wanted. Great product.
  • Great
    Exactly what I needed. Will most likely order more in the future. Came in a timely manner.
  • Excellent Service
    Great product! Received product quickly.
  • Great Product
    Product arrived without problems. Good packaging. Great addition to my raised garden beds.
  • Exactly what I needed
    I couldn't find a local store that this in stock. Even with the shipping, the MegaStore price was less than my local big box.
  • Great Garden Soil Enhancer
    I use this Horticultural Vermiculite when building soil for new raised garden beds. I use about 25% each of soil, sand, compost and vermiculite to make a light, friable, well drained but absorbent mix. All my friends and neighbors are jealous of the results my gardens achieve. Thanks for such a great asbestos-free product!!
  • Good product!
    Used this for my Mel's Mix for raised beds. My local stores only had medium grade and at a higher price. Even with the shipping for the larger quantity I bought it was still cheaper than the garden store. Shipping was very quick (faster than expected) and arrived undamaged and neatly packed in boxes.
  • Just Right
    Reasonable price. Arrived quickly and was as described.
  • Quality!
    Product is quality- Price is spot on (even after shipping I still got it cheaper than the local garden shop)- Shipping was fast; soil mixed; garden planted!
  • Great product!
    This is the second year I ordered vermiculite. Both orders arrived as scheduled and the size/value of the product offering for garden certified vermiculite cannot be beat in quantities for the home gardener.My small vege garden is highly productive and resists wilting by adding this product to my soil mix.
  • convenient for urban gardener
    In most urban areas, it is difficult to find this and it is too expensive. I do raised beds and use it for my own soil.
  • Worth every penny
    Was shipped in a large box, which protected the bagged Vermiculite from being punctured. The vermiculite is good quality, larger pieces, great for gardening. Has worked amazingly well in my Mel's Mix, for square-foot gardening. And makes a great starter medium for getting the seeds started inside.
  • Great Amender
    What can I's vermiculite. I added it to the soil and the plants are doing well.
  • Good Quality
    I have been using this vermiculite in my organic potting soil mixture. I put it in the mixture to help it hold moisture and it seems to be doing a very good job at keeping moisture in the soil. I have not used it for very long, so cannot say if it will continue to hold up, but I think it will work just fine. I have transplants in the soil that are doing wonderful and have been for about two weeks. Great product and a must for healthy soil.
  • Meet the purposed
    Good price and product. Fast S&H. Thank you!
  • Excellent
    Very good
  • great service
    Fast delivery,and will recommend.
  • Vermiculite
    Very good product and fast shipping. The bag came with a 5 gash, though, and there was some wasted product and messy to get out. Would be 5/5 otherwise, thanks.
  • Vermiculite 4 cu ft
    This was my first order from this source. I was unable to find this quantity locally at a reasonable price. The ordering process was easy; the price including shipping was very fair; the shipping time was reasonable; the product was packaged so that it would not be damaged. I found the particles to be a small size- perfect for tilling into my garden soil.
  • Vermiculite
    I purchased this vermiculite to use in hypertufa and it works beautifully! I am very pleased with the product, shipping and speed of delivery.
  • Great for Mel's Mix
    This is what you want if you are doing the square foot garden. Works great!
  • Vicki
    I make my own soil and this is the perfect compliment providing the air and water absorbing qualities I am looking for. No one sells the course is my area.
  • Mr
    This product is great. I give it five stars; however, I did have a problem with shipping (not your fault). What it looks like in someone forgot to load it in San Bernardino. I was told it could be another three days to get it from 90 miles away; completely, unacceptable but someone was confused. I got it the next day.
  • Vermiculite
    Great product for a fair price, delivered two bags per box and was packaged very well, UPS delivered.
  • Course Vermiculite
    I use this product in mixing with soil and coir for all my container plantings. I like how the course vermiculite does the better job for my purposes.
  • Not that coarse
    Good transaction. Shipped quickly. It's called coarse but it's not. More of sm/medium in size of particles
  • satisfied
    It is coarse vermiculite, costs about the same with the shipping cost included as the one sold in Home Depot, which is not coarse. I am hoping the label is correct about it being asbestos free. It is a large bag and i am very pleased to have found a reliable source for this product, as I use it to make potting mix.
  • Greenhouse Vermiculite
    Good quality product. I do wish the price would come down. It is a little expensive, but Greenhouse had one of the better prices online.
  • excellent
    I thought this vermiculite was great. I needed larger stuff and this worked out super
  • Coarse Vermiculite
    The product was what I wanted, very cheap, and quick delivery. Although it was open upon arrival some had spilled out and the box was also broken.
  • Good Product!
    I was expecting a larger grade of vermiculite, since I'm accustomed to using extra-coarse. Nevertheless, your large grade should do the job.
  • No Complaints!
    No complaints! The product seems fine and the packaging is very good.
  • Great stuff !!!!
    Used it for insulating concrete blocks around the base of my single car garage.. needed 4 bags and I filled the front/back/and 1 long side...seems to have stopped a lot of the drafts....
  • Course Vermiculite
    Outstanding product for Raised Bed Gardening. I use 8 cubic feet along with compost and peat in each 8' x 12' garden. Vermiculite retains moisture in the porous soil. I buy from Green House Megastore for their great service and very quick delivery.
  • COARSE vermiculite
    More coarse than I prefer, but it will do the job.Good price and fast shipping.
  • Great Buy for Raise Bed Gardens
    This is the best price that I could find. Two of these bags are the proper amount for a 4' X 8' x10 (27 CuFt) raised bed garden. As an added bonus the cardboard box that they ship 2 bags, is just the right amount of brown cardboard to line the bottom of the bed.
  • vermiculite
    best price i could find for my soil mix. Works great
  • Looks Good.
    Used this to make Mel's Mix for some new raised beds. Mixed with peat moss and compost and the end result looks like nice potting soil. Nice!
  • really good product
    Best price on the internet.
  • A regular...
    This lightens and aerates my soil very well. I buy a bag like this every year or so. Great product.
  • Mr.
    Superb, as always.
  • Vermiculite for pizza oven insulation
    Mixed this product 5:1 for pizza oven insulation. Great result. No more heat loss. Oven will stay warm now for up to 3 days. First day for pizza, second day for baking bread and on the third day I can still use it for some kind of Italian casserole dish. First day 700 degrees, 18 hours later dropping to 450 and third day still at 300.
  • Impressive Stuff
    Love the size of this Vermiculite, durability, quantity I am able to purchase. Worth every penny, even shipping. Arrives quickly also. Use in my raised beds and add to my mixture for under-light seed planting, in cow pots, btw. Love those too!
  • Great product with many uses
    I live in an area that has limited resources. I bought enough coarse vermiculite to make raised bed planting medium and seed starting medium for years to come. My local sources don't understand why their products won't do the job, and there's no use trying to educate them. I can't wait for spring!
  • Great Price
    Best price for this coarse vermiculite.
  • Owner
    Using this as part of a raised bed soil mix. Works great!
  • Coarse Vermiculite, 4 cubic foot bag
    Product was just what we needed. Excellent packaging, and fast delivery. We use in cut funeral baskets, but our supplier stopped carrying this. Will be buying again.
  • Good Product
    I was very pleased with the quality of this vermiculite.
  • Not soil color!
    I purchased this, assuming it was soil (brown)colored Vermiculite. Well, you know what happens when we assume. It was white colored. Buyer beware. I was not. My bad.
  • Vermiculite 4 cu.ft
    As far as I can tell, without any chemical analysis etc, it is a good product, coarse vermiculite. I use it for my potting mix for gardening. It is about as expensive as at Home Depot if you count the shipping, but it is coarse. The HD Vigoro one is medium. For the potting mix, the coarse is better.
  • very good product, economical size
    I mix this vermiculite with coconut coir and compost or good soil to make a growing mix for my raised beds. i also use it for covering raw compost to reduce odors. the huge bag lasts a long time! thank you so much for carrying this product.
  • Vermiculite Delight
    My first purchase thru Greenhouse Mega Store. I usually purchase from a local greenhouse but after 22 years it is no more. The product was exactly what I was looking for and even with the shipping cost a better quality and value than I had found locally. I am delighted.
  • Very nice vermiculite
    This was a very nice bag of vermiculite. The price was excellent! It mixes well with the coco peat I bought along with it. The pieces were not too big or too small, they were just right! :) I cannot find vermiculite in my area in anything other than the tiny bags at my local big-box store and I am trying to fill a raised bed. The fact that I could get a large bag like this delivered to my home and not spend a fortune was the best part aside from the great quality of it. I will definitely buy again when the need arises. Thank you, Greenhouse Megastore!
  • Works fine
    This just one part of the Square Foot Gardening method. All three parts are mixed together per volume not weight.Green House Megastore has the best price on this product including shipping!
  • Coarse Vermiculite
    This product is great and was shipped quickly. The coarseness is about triple what's available at the large chains (although I wish it were coarser still). Excellent experience.
  • Good for gardening
    The large bags of vermiculite I purchased were delivered very quickly and were exactly as advertised. I mixed it with compost and peat moss to use in my vegetable garden.
  • Vermiculite
    Vermiculite was a good value. I mixed it with the soil in my flower boxes to make the soil lighter and to help hold water since the planters are in full sun. I was careftul not to use too much since I don't want the roots to stay too wet.
  • Fast and Economical
    Best price on the web for 4 CF bags of vermiculite with fast delivery and well packaged.
  • Awesome
    I Love useing vermiculite as a mix IMO like it better then perilite. Good deal even with shipping will purchase again from here.
  • Best Qualiity & Price!!!
    Best price I could find anywhere even with shipping! The vermiculite is good sized, maybe 1/4 inch tops, not the really tiny stuff. Love it!Thanks for having this hard to find for a decent price product!
  • Coarse Vermiculite
    Good stuff. Good price. Shipped fast.
  • Nursery grade vermiculite
    I needed a fairly large amount of vermiculite for potting and seed starting. I found exactly what I needed at your site. Thanks a mil! I'll be returning for more items soon.
  • Just perfect
    Great stuff! I've used it in the past. Perfect for seed starting or for use in the Square Foot Gardening method.
  • Fantastic moisture retention
    Exactly what I wanted. The quality, price, and results were exceptional! I start thousands of flowers and vegetables under lights in my basement to go into my greenhouse in late winter. I mix my own soils and have always had trouble finding large bags of good vermiculite and perlite in my area. This year my mix has hit a new level giving me fantastic soil moisture retention and porosity allowing nearly 98% germination. The starts grew exceptionally fast and healthy.I will buy even more soon and hope this product isn't changed or removed.
  • owner
    arrived on time, good condition, no problems
  • mr
    exactly what I needed and the price was the lowest I could find
  • Good source for Vermiculite
    We garden in raised beds after struggling with poor clay soil in our area. We don't necessarily follow the famous square foot gardening regime but we definatly have taken pointers from it. If you've been searching for vermiculite then I'm sure for the most part that all you have found is little bags at your local big box store at an uncomfortable price. Shipping price does hurt a little bit with this product but after all you are getting a Big bag that goes a long way. If your looking for vermiculite then this is one of the best sources you will find. I'm adding vermiculite this year to my beds and maybe perlite next year from here as well. Good luck!!
  • Course Vermiculite Of Course!
    I use course vermiculite in the creation of Hypertufa Fairy Houses, Water Garden Containers, and Planters. Greenhouse Megastore is absolutely the best place for me to purchase this product. Product is consistently clean and great quality. Shipping is fast. Price is fantastic.
  • Good buy
    This seems to be the only source for this product. It is extremely inexpensive, but then shipping costs just as much. Still, comparable, though not identical, products cost more than the combined total in big box stores.Quick delivery; I'd use them again in a heartbeat.
  • EAK
    Great product, cheaper than H.D. even with shipping!
  • Excellent!
    Could not obtain this product locally. Everyone I asked looked at me like I was nuts. Easy order experience, fast delivery. Exactly what I needed to make soil for my sq ft garden!
  • Great product for square foot gardentin
    Using for my square foot garden. Very difficult to buy in large size in my area. Order came through with no problem
  • It's vermiculite
    Good coarse vermiculite for my garden. Quick shipping and easy transaction. Wish shipping costs were less but overall satisfied.
  • Excellent product
    Exactly as described. Perfect condition. Great transaction. Excellent addition to my raised beds !!
  • Nice quality vermiculite
    I am so glad it is possible to buy reasonable price vermiculite online (even with shipping price is still not bad since we are getting 4 cubic feet). Home Depot carries just medium, not course, and course is best to put into containers and raised beds for moisture retention. I used it mainly in containers and seedling mix together with compost and peat moss.
  • The vermiculite
    The vermiculite was just what I was looking for. Thank you!
  • Great to use in Mel's Mix
    Very pleased with my purchase. Great product - perfect to use to make Mel's Mix for square-foot gardening.Competitively priced, even with shipping, and super-fast delivery.
  • planting
    god product got here real fast
  • Best service best product
    Fast shipping and good product. Was not available locally and hence ordered it. I will highly recommend.
  • Good Product and Good Value
    We use this to mix into raised garden bed soil. It is a good quality, good texture. Hard to find bags in this size especially for the price. I recommend this product.
  • priced right
    I liked this course vermiculite. it did have a tiny bit of dust to it but mainly very good and the price was right. fast delivery and excellent product
  • coarse vermiculite
    I used it to insulate the pipes for the hydrant set on the inside wall of the cinderblock pit housing the wellhead and pressure top to it yet...the tank gets removed soon, the pit gets more coarse vermiculite topped of with 12 inches of soil, flowers, a wellhead extension, and a fiberglas rock with the house number on it...good price, speedy delivery...will buy more soon to finish the job...
  • Best vermiculite
    I am using vermiculite in my garden. Vermiculite fromGreenhouse Megastore is thebest by quality and price.
  • Terrific Insulation
    Greenhouse Mega Store was only store in US who had Vermiculite in very coarse granules. Ordering was very easy. Very good Customer Service, I go product few days earlier than expected, packing was great, surprised by the size as it was not expected by me, content was very safe. I used vermiculite for my home made clay Tandoor Pit to keep the heat, and it works terrific and reached 800F without temperature drop. Would greatly recommend this as there is no mess and does the job.
  • Vermiculite 4 cubic foot bag
    good product, good price, and fast delivery.
  • Fast delivery, good product
    Can't be happier except for the shipping costs.
  • custarmer
  • Coarse Vermiculite
    I bought a bag of coarse vermiculite in hopes it would make a good rooting medium for cactus. It is working better than expected and after my plants have rooted I can use the same vermiculite mixed with soil. So nothing is wasted. I normally buy perlite but I believe this is every bit as good... if not better! I will be buying more in the future.
  • Great product/service
    I was having trouble finding this product available locally. The cost was very reasonable, comparatively speaking, and it arrived very quickly.
  • Course Vermiculite 4 cubic ft
    Great product. Reasonably priced. Shipped quickly! I couldn't find this anywhere in my area so I am very satisfied with my transaction.
  • Coarse Vermiculite
    I am fairly impressed with the timeliness of the shipping. The product is exactly as described.
  • Vermiculite
    Even with shipping costs it was cheaper than buying locally! Very happy with speed of delivery, also.
  • Coarse Vermiculite
    I use this for square foot gardening. Comes just as advertised. Ships very quickly albeit a bit pricey for the shipping.
  • Product as advertised
    Fast shipping. I received exactly what I expected. Some might not consider it coarse grade, maybe more of a medium-coarse, but I'm happy with it and works great for my raised square-foot garden beds.
  • Vermiculite
    After scouring high & low to find vermiculite in my area, this is by far the best one I have come across in both quality & cost. The coarseness is perfect for my square foot gardening. And I can depend on it arriving quickly when in need. This is my 2nd time ordering & I have referred other square foot gardeners to your site!
    i loved the vermiculite to make my own growing mix for my sq ft garden. It took about a week and a half to receive but it wasn't. my only gripe is the amount charged for s/h
  • Jeffrey
    I'm very happy with my Greenhouse Megastore purchase. Everything arrived as scheduled, on time. The course vermiculite exceeded my expectations. I'll be ordering more. I would recommend using Greenhouse Megastore to everyone.
  • Mr
    Probably the best on the market.
  • perfect for the do it yourself type
    Excellent for my needs I have a couple raised bed I made this year added some vermiculite and peat moss and topsoil Perfect for my growing needs
  • Pleased
    My plants seem to like this vermiculite and I'm going to be purchasing more. The price is better than most!
  • Good service, medium grade vermiculite
    The service was very good, the shipment arrived in four days. Although the description says it is a coarse vermiculite, it had small particles. It looked more like medium grade. I later bought coarse vermiculite at our local nursery and it was with much bigger particles. I used this product for my square foot garden beds and I can barely notice vermiculite pieces in the mix. The coarser vermiculite purchased at the nursery can easily be noticed in the mix.
  • Quick Fast and Easy!
    First off, I'm very pleased with how fast this order was shipped to me. Second this is a really good deal for this amount. I paid less through buying online from this website than I would have from a local nursery. This grade of vermiculite is more coarse as a heads up. Still does the job though.
  • Perfect
    I thought the shipping was expensive until the bags arrived and I saw how bulky they are. There's just no way to ship those cheaply. The vermiculite works perfectly for square foot gardening and flowerbeds, it's great stuff.
  • Good Product, fast shipping
    My local Home Depot sells this for 10.50 per cubic foot. With shipping, I can get this here for 8.60 / cu foot.Quality is good, but this is finer than the HD medium grade vermiculite so I would not call it course.
  • Great value
    I mix my own peat-lite seed starting and growing mixes. This vermiculite is an integral part of my formula, and I reorder it regularly. I'm pleased with the price and how fast it arrives via standard shipping
  • Happy enough to order more
    My first order of 4 cubic foot bags of coarse vermiculite arrived very promptly. I ordered more & they came within just a few days. It's too cold to plant yet, but these will give me a head start on setting up my square foot gardens in early spring.
  • quick delivery, right product
    This stuff is so hard to find, and it's great to be able to order it in the convenient 4 cubic foot bags and have it delivered even before I was expecting it.
  • very pleased
    I'm pleased with the product.I'm pleased with the speedy delivery.I'm pleased with the efficiency and accuracy of the company.What's not to like?
  • Exellence.
    The product is awesome. Just how I thought it should be.
  • Coarse Vermiculite
    Works great for storing dahlias through the winter.
  • Dahlia Tuber Storage
    Great product for winter storage of dahlia tubers! The course vermiculite is perfect for maintaining the proper moisture in boxes of tubers during winter storage. Because we need a large quantity at a reasonable price, Greenhouse Megastore meets our needs!
  • Right product, good price and delivery
    The title says it all. Greenhouse Megastore was one of few places I could find that carry coarse vermiculite for square foot gardening. Product was as advertised, the price competitive, shipping speed good, and shipping cost reasonable (provided you get 4 bags or less, otherwise shipping cost goes way up).
  • Michael
    Great product, provides good drainage in my container mix. Shipping costs were reasonable
  • Vermiculite
    Product arrived quickly and in good condition. Price was VERY reasonable comopared to others. Prodcuct was as described.
  • fast shipping
    Tthe operator was very helpful and my order was ship promptly and accurately will definitely recommend them and order from them again. 5 Stars.
  • Coarse Vermiculite
    Excellent service in shipping item.
  • Deal
    I have ordered 3 big bags so far and it is great for my gardens as a mixture for composting and my plants that are dying get back in shape in this mix!! My tomatoes and squash love it too!!
  • Coarse vermiculite
    My 4 bags of coarse vermiculite came quickly - very pleased with the shipping. I ordered middle of the day on Saturday, and was a little sad when I didn't get a quick confirming email - figuring that they were closed on Saturday. On Tuesday morn, I called in, asking if my order had been lost, and the very polite rep said that it had been sent, and in fact, the vermiculite should be there tomorrow (Wed).She mentioned they had had problems with Spam filters on various email clients, and sent me a quick confirming email from a non-work account. I also checked my spam folder, and there was the original email. A good experience, overall. Product was just as I expected, way cheaper than competitors, quickly shipped, good customer service.
  • Vermiculite/Square Foot Gardening
    The big bags of vermiculite are perfect for square foot gardening.
  • I'm not an expert
    It came very very quickly,the customer service is awesome(especially compared to the loser company in CA I first ordered from) and as far as I can tell, the vermiculite is doing its job. I'll order again from here anytime. WIsh I could tell you more about the vermiculite, but as I said, I'm not an expert.
  • Just what I wanted
    I saw this mentioned on another forum. It is just perfect for my raised garden beds.
  • satisfied customer
    So happy to find this online since no-one sells it locally. Arrived promptly. We were able to do our garden and it looks great! Thanks
  • Vermiculite
    Good product needed for square fool gardening . Easy to order ,quick shipping.
  • Square Foot Gardening
    We looked all over for vermiculite to use in our Square Foot Gardening boxes. This is the best price we found for pure vermiculite.
  • Awesome vermiculite
    Very good quality and price. Quick delivery. The best source for course vermiculite anyone can find. A must for SFG practitioner.
  • coarse is SFG best
    just what the garden wanted -- keeps growing mix light and friable, doesn't throw up dust, just what i needed!
  • Waverly
    The vermiculite was just what we needed for our raised beds. Good quality. Price much better than anything we could find locally. Shipping a little high but still kept cost reeasonable
  • Good experience
    Although I thought the shipping was a little high, the overall experience was very positive. Ordering was easy and shipping was prompt and arrived when expected. I couldn't find this product locally so I had to order online. When I need more I will order here again (hopefully with cheaper shipping).
  • sweet, sweet vermiculite
    I recieved exactly what they advertised and arrived earlier than expected. Thanks
  • Fine product
    Well worth the price, but wish they could find a way to make the shipping cost lower.
  • Gardener
    This product was hard to get locally, so I was pleased to get it from your store. I needed it for raised bed gardening, and it worked exactly right.
  • Ms
    Delivery of this product is fast and using this product to enhance our garden beds is convenient, fits our needs, and the price is right!!
  • Coarse Vermiculite
    This year I decided to do Square Foot Gardening and fretted over trying to find the recommended coarse vermiculite, which I couldn't find locally. This was exactly what I was looking for and needed. The product was clean and arrived in excellent condition - no holes in the bags and no mangled shipping boxes. Delivery was within the time frame. Overall was very pleased.
  • Coarse Vermiculite
    I recently purchased the 4 cubic foot bag of coarse vermiculite (I couldn't find it anywhere) because I was planning to do the squarefoot gardening technique. I ended up not having as much space as I needed so I just mixed it into my plowed garden as well as some pots around the house. Haven't really got any use out of it yet, but it seems like the quality is great. Thanks!
  • Fantastic Service!
    This is one of the few retailers that has coarse vermiculite so I was pleased to find it online! Website was easy to use, price was right, and shipping was speedy! Product is perfect. (Just wish I could find a way to lower the shipping costs)
  • Great, stuff, reasonable cost
    This is a hard to find item in this size/grade for Square Foot Gardening. Shipping price was reasonable, customer service was excellent. Considering purchasing another just to have around. Thanks!
  • Can Hold Water!
    Our soil is all sand, without adding vermiculite, there is no hope of ever being able to water enough to grow anything. We are in a draught and this is the only way to justify watering your vegetable garden.
  • Great product
    Great product with fast service. I'll be ordering from this vendor again.
  • Ms
    Exactly what I needed for square foot gardening. Price was good & shipping price was 50-75% less than others I priced! Arrived in less than 1 week!
  • Vermiculite
    Great service! It was exactly what I needed for my one square foot garden. I only gave it 4 stars because shipping was a little high.
  • Fast responsive shipping
    Item just as described in excellent shape when received
  • Vermiculite
    Your product arrived on the island of Roatan in excellent condition as promised. Thank you very much because it was impossible to find it here.AlP.S.; Was it shipped on a pallet? The shipping company charged me for the volumn of a pallet but no pallet came with itThanks Al
  • Happy to find Vermiculite
    This is not easy to find locally and I was very pleased to find that it is available from your store.
  • worth it
    This is what you need if you are making your own soil for a Square Foot Garden. Don't waste your time trying to find the big bags locally.
  • Vermiculite
    Everything arrived in good condition and as expected.
  • coarse vermiculite
    thank you .the product was what i expected.arrived promptly.thank you
  • Vermiculite
    Needed to buy a large quantity of Vermiculite to create the Mel's Mix for a large Square Foot Garden. Even with the shipping which cost as much as the Vermiculite, I still saved about $100 over buying it from the Big Box Store.
  • great product
    fast service, great product. We make our own potting mix. This is a good quality for the mix
  • Finally found it.
    Thank you for carrying this product! I ended up traveling to the source in Spartanburg SC and buying 20 bags...because I could not find it in any store or garden center! Crazy, wouldn't you say? Coarse vermiculite along with compost and peat moss have revolutionized my gardening! Finally fantastic harvests!
  • great product/fast delivery
    will order through website agian!!
  • Very good product
    Excellent for square food gardening
  • vermiculite
    great communication service was good
  • The one you want for Mel's Mix
    This vermiculite is COARSE the one you want for square foot gardening. Price is the best and coarse vermiculite like this is hard to find in my area. One bag fills a lot of mix. I used one bag for 3 4x4 boxes but it seems like I could get away with one bag for 4 or 5 boxes.
  • terrific
    I had gotten one bale of the coarse vermiculite already which I like very much, and this second bale came much more quickly than I thought it would. Thanks
  • Little more coarse than I prefer
    I ordered this vermiculite after not being able to obtain it locally. I prefer the finer vermiculite but this product does the job so I'm happy. The shipping fees were a little shocking but I needed the product so I paid it.
  • very good will use again
    Well worth using this company! Fast and efficient
  • Just what I needed
    Using this for my new square foot garden. Exactly what I needed.
  • Hard to find
    Finally found a big enough bag of vermiculite for my garden. The shipping is high, but for me it's worth it.
    I ordered COARSE VERMICULITE to make perfect soil for my square-foot-garden. The sing on the bag was 'coarse vermiculite' but inside was fine vermiculite. I could get it at the local store for the half price I paid for Megastore. Disappointed...
  • Vermiculite-fast!
    I live in a small town where no one (not even Home Depot) sells vermiculite! I needed it for my square foot garden, so I ordered from Greenhouse Megastore. Even with the shipping, the price was competitive with prices at other stores I found online, especially when you count the cost of fuel and time driving around. The product was great and arrived quickly. I will order from this company again!
  • Just what I needed
    I needed coarse vermiculite for my square foot garden but could not find locally. So I went on line and found Greenhouse Megastore and ordered 2 huge bags at a good price. It cost a lot to ship them but once it arrived the cost became unimportant because it was just what I needed and was of excellent quality.
  • The best!
    This is the place to get the vermiculite for the Mel's Mix(Square Foot Gardening). Delivery was fast and accurate.
  • great quality
    The combined shipping & product cost was still less than the competitors, and the quality was TEN TIMES BETTER. I recommended your product to my friends.
  • Great for SFG
    Vermiculite is coarse grade, came quickly, and was much cheaper than I could find elsewhere. We used it for 12 cu ft of garden space.
  • 00chard
    excellent value
  • Perfect for Mel's Mix
    Product arrived as advertised. Its the coarse Vermiculite necessary if you want to put together your own Mel's Mix as described in The Foot Gardening book. Contains more than enough for 2 4x4 foot planters as described in the book.
  • Agriculture Assistant Sup
    It is perfect for the job. I mixed it with the fine. Medium seems to work best but time will tell. I start all my seeds in it in a bed watered by the seepage from unglazed pots. My sprouting rate is twice as fast as in the soil mixture.
  • coarse vermiculite
    I mixed the vermiculite with peat moss about 50-50 and used it to start seedlings with excellent results. Outside in my square foot garden, I am using 1/3 vermiculite to 1/3 peat and 1/3 mixed compost. This makes for a light soil that is easy on the plants--and easy on me. It is a delight to find this product that extends the life of the soil in my garden and makes it so easy to work with.
  • Gardener
    Excellent. High quality. I use it in my greenhouse and my vegetable/ flower gardens. Price is excellent. I bought six bags for the coming growing season. Perfect for square- foot gardening.
  • good value
    Greenhouse megastore did as advertised. I got the correct grade of vermiculite and even with shipping, I saved a couple of bucks. I will be ordering some more before spring.
  • Excellent Size!
    Exactly the Size of Vermiculite I was Looking for!Lowes and Home Depot are Not Going to Carry Perlite or Vermiculite anymore.. But they still has some in stock.. I checked all the Bags and its all Dusty and Micro Sized Pieces.I Need a Bulker Size for My Mushroom Recipe because Mushrooms Need to Breath Easier and need the Space..Im 100% Happy with the Product.Im Growing Shitake Mushrooms BTW.
  • askme1
    Good selection, fair price, acceptable shipping charges and fast service.
  • Good stuff
    High quality and did what I wanted it to which is loosen up my garden beds.
  • Best Price / Fast Shipping
  • Perfect!
    Just what I expected and a great price. I used it in my new square foot garden. Does blow a bit in the wind so a dust mask is needed in breazy conditions. Will buy this again when i expand my garden.
  • Amazing Coarse Vermiculite
    This stuff is amazing!I bought the Square Foot Gardener book! The author said follow his formula to a tee and you will more veggies that you can eat! I live in SW Texas yesterday was 101! The vermiculite holds the water in place!
  • Great Product - Perfect for Mel's Mix
    The product was the correct coarse Vermiculite as specified in square foot gardening. I found out the hard way that Pikes and the local nurseries here don't carry the coarse stuff, and using the wrong one results in the mel's mix not being as friable as expected.
  • Vermiculite
    Product seems to be of good quality.
  • MR.
    will be using on square foot garden. difficult to find locally. good reviews. should perform just fine ..
  • Just What I Needed
    I am doing square foot gardening for the first time this year, which calls for 1/3 of my soil to be made of vermiculite. I spent quite a bit of time shopping around, making phone calls, visiting my local big box stores, and Greenhouse Megastore had the best price for both the product and the shipping. Just be careful when you open the box - don't slice it with a knife because you'll slice right through the bag inside.
  • Peatlite mix
    Your vermiculite works well in the peatlite mix that I make up for gardening.
  • Just as promissed.
    Was happy with the product and it is now in my raised bed gardens.
  • Great product
    After searching high and low for bulk vermiculite to make Mel's Mix for square foot gardening, I was pleasantly surprised to find this product at GHMS. It arrived promptly and well packaged in a sturdy bag inside a well taped box. No leaks at all. Would definitely recommend.
  • Coarse grade vermiculit
    I looked everywhere for vermiculite suitable for square foot gardening. Shipping prices were outrageous. Very glad to have found what I need at Greenhouse Megastore. Shipping price was reasonable and got it fast!!! Will definitely come back and shop again.Thanks!
  • vermiculite
    This is the perfect size to mix in for the 3 x 3 foot square foot raised gardens. And delivered to my door!
  • found it here
    vermeculite was not to be found anywhere close so was very glad to order and recieve so quickly. Am ready for spring so I can make my square foot gardens.
  • very pleased
    I wish all Internet purchases were this smooth. Ordered several bags on 12/26, they shipped on 12/27 and arrived, all the way to the East Coast, on 12/29 at 9:05AM. I was very pleased to see that each bag was shipped in a cardboard box, which means no product loss during shipping. Great service and the best price.
  • vermiculite
    This is a hard product to find, especially in any quantity. I'm very happy to find a source at a reasonable price and your shipping was VERY fast.
  • Great bargain!
    This is a hard product to find -- especially in this large of a bag. It came quickly and I used it in my new Square Foot Garden - worked beautifully! Already have sprouts coming up through the mix! I sincerely hope Greenhouse Megastore will keep this at a reasonable price; shipping was reasonable also. Thank you, Greenhouse Megastore!
  • Extremely fast shipping
    This product was shipped really quickly and for a reasonable rate. I now have a source for this valuable soil additive.
  • SO-VER
  • I finally found it
    A year ago I became convinced that the Square foot Garden made a lot of sense. I have been searching for coarse vermiculite ever since. I found it at the Mega store and it works great. I have set up 4 4'x8' gardens and found that the vermiculite mixed very easily with the other ingredients of peat moss and compost. I can't wait till next Spring to plant the gardens.
  • Quantity = Value
    Even with shipping this is a great value compared to anywhere else I've seen.
  • SO-VER
  • Excellent product
    Very good quality, exactly what I was looking for. Product arrived quickly.
  • SO-VER
    Coarse vermiculite is very difficult to find, and this product was perfect for making Mel's mix for the square foot gardens. Shipping was very fast.
  • SO-VER
  • Hard to get
    Vermiculite is hard to get around here so purchasing over the Internet was a great convenience. The product was excellent and delivered very quickly.
  • 5 Stars across the board
    This is the coarse vermiculite, just what is needed for raised beds and many other applications. The shipping and delivery were lightning fast and the product arrived in perfect shape. Order from Greenhouse Megastore with confidence !
  • Outstanding service
    I seldom take the time to review products. This company, however, deserves praise for their product AND the speed in which it was delivered. Other reviews said they were the best. I fully agree!
  • Excellent Product
    We use this an agricultural laboratory for our germination testing on compost material. The large bag makes it is easy to keep plenty in stock.
  • Fabulous Value
    After copious comparison shopping, Greenhouse Megastore has the best price for Vermiculite. I also like all the info you provide on the product.
  • Great product/Great service
    Everything about this transaction was great! The product was just what I was looking for and the service was friendly, speedy and courteous! I will be a return customer.
  • big bag
    This is a big bag of vermiculite at a good price even with the shipping charges it was less than what I would pay retail.
  • Vermiculite
    I ordered four bags of coarse grade vermiculite. It arrived to my doorstep within 3 or 4 days. It was exactly what I needed for my Square Foot Gardening beds.
  • rapid service, good availability
    If you can't find it locally, this is fastest and least expensive source of vermiculite. I live in Washington state and my local garden shop could get nothing but the 12 qt bag for $9 per bag. From this website the 4 cu ft (102 qt) bag costs an add'l $13 to ship. Costwise, roughly $0.33 per qt online vs. $0.75 per qt locally. FWIW, I discovered long after I received my order that my Home Depot had perlite at $20 per bag of 3.5 cu ft. ($0.23/qt)
  • Outstanding delivery
    I never dreamed a company could be so efficient and quick! I will definitely purchase from them in the future! The vermiculite is true to it's description and at a great price. Very reasonable. Thank you!
  • The right stuff
    Wasn't sure by the description before I ordered, but this is the COARSE vermiculite I needed to use for the Square Foot Gardening mix I am trying this year for the first time. This was convenient and competitively priced and delivery was quick. Can't wait to get started.
  • Won't find a better price anywhere
    After traveling to several garden/home improvement stores and no one had what I was looking for, I went to IGC and found exactly what I was looking for for less than I could have imagined. Thanks Greenhouse Megastore
  • Excellent Value
    I did not realize how much I was getting with this order. You will not find a better price....I tried. I have already used it with a set of 50 propagation students and still have 3/4's of a bag full.
  • Bigger Than Expectations
    Wow.... 4 cuft ....ha more than i thought i paid for...the bag is huge and the price is flowers are blooming..the soils i stirred up with this vermiculite did the trick.. definitely recommend it.