Seedling Propagation Mat

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Start your seedlings with this nifty heated mat that is sized ideally for seed flats. This will cause faster germination, higher success rates, and faster growth for quicker transplanting. Helpful tips on watering, lighting, and transplanting are printed right on the mat so you will never lose the
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Start your seedlings with this nifty heated mat that is sized ideally for seed flats. This will cause faster germination, higher success rates, and faster growth for quicker transplanting. Helpful tips on watering, lighting, and transplanting are printed right on the mat so you will never lose the instructions.

  • Germinates seeds faster
  • Increases seedling and cutting success
  • Helpful lighting and planting information printed on the mat
  • Fits under common seed trays
  • Waterproof construction
  • Automatically warms rooting area 10-20F over ambient temperature
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Reviews (162)
  • Perfect
    Just the size I needed under my plant lights. Definitely will come in handy next growing season.
  • heated pad
    I ahve been using it for two weeks, seems to work well
  • Plants Pop Fast
    This works great, I just wish it had a built in timer and thermostat.
  • heat mat
    Heat mat works great. used indoors to start seeds it seemed to help them pop ground and grow much quicker than without having one. as much as 4 or 5 days sooner than without. It also seems to help the seedlings set better roots quicker and takes the chill out of soil after watering. I have nothing negative to say about the heating pad.
  • Doug
    Works just like it should
  • Jeff Scott
    Love the added warmth these mats provide. Super easy to use.
  • Excellent product..
    I’ve used the same matts for several great,especially with the thermostat..It really gets the seeds to germinate much quicker than without it..if taken care of,they’ll last for years.i won’t grow without them..
  • seeding mat
    These mats last a long time and really help speed up germination.
  • Perfect!
    Very simple -- just plug it in and set germinating seeds in a tray on top. It seems to provide just the right amount of warmth, transmitted through a variety of thickness of trays, to get the seeds sprouting. Now my cellar plant house is filled with little seedlings and I am very satisfied. The low wattage and low cost of the mat means that I haven't wasted resources to get just the result I wanted. Thanks!
  • Great product for starting seeds
    I can recommend the heat mat for starting seeds - it really jump started the process. It will be used for many years - well made and durable, water proof and can be rolled back up.
  • Seed mat and thermostat
    Purchased the seed mat and thermostat combo. Programmable temperature setting made seed starting simple. Great results with first attempt.
  • Great product
    Using these mats with a crop of peppers. They do as advertised and keep soil temps an average of 15-18 degrees F over ambient. In our sprouting room I see an average of 85F soil temp in the tray center which is perfect. I cut germination times in half over previous years not using mats. Highly recommended.
  • Heater Pad
    Have not used this yet, however, I expect our pepper seeds to appreciate the heat and germinate better than previous years!
  • Karen
    I haven't been able to use this as yet as we are going into winter. It looks like a quality product and is a very good size, fitting on the working shelf in my greenhouse perfectly. I'm excited to use it in a few months as spring begins.
  • Adequate
    These seed mats will do the job but they are smaller than what this company has made in the past and the plastic is harder and seems cheaper. But as I looked around for something better, I find that most seed mats have changed in the last five years to be smaller and cheaper. Oh well.
  • Too Pricey for the Quality
    Not as heavy duty as I had hoped.
  • seedling propagation mats
    These heating mats are basically a 'must have' if you are starting seeds or propagating hardwood cuttings. The one thing is that if you don't get a thermostat (sold separately), you need to ascertain how hot the growing media actually gets BEFORE you put the seeds in. that's easy enough to do with a soil thermometer and I just put a double layer of cardboard underneath the seedling trays and the soil stays nice and warm without cooking the seeds or seedlings. Great product.
  • Very Satisfied
    I just set up my seed starts and am getting familiar with the heat mat. It controls fine and works well in the house.I would recommend insulating between the mat and the tabletop with a towel or cardboard.
  • First time customer
    I purchased the mat so my heirloom seeds would have a great start. I also purchased the thermometer which can be used in soil or to control air warmth. Great products for my gardening needs.
  • Heated mat
    I hope this helps my seed starting. I haven't been able to do very good in the past. The mat seems to be well insulated and durable. I will know later how everything goes.
  • Heat mat
    I purchased 2 Heat mats that fit perfectly in my kitchen window. It is very cold where I live and these mats are keeping my houseplants and cuttingscomfortable. I have noted a marked improvement in growth and appearance. The mats are well made, strong andsit very well on the large sill and are practically invisible in use.
  • Very nice!!
    I plugged it in and it warmed up nicely. It is big enough to put 4 trays on it to start seeds or seedlings. I would highly recommend this.
  • Perfect!
    Best germination ever, as I'd hoped. Worked perfectly.
  • Seed Mat Believer
    3rd year starting my own seeds, decided to use a seed warmer. This seed warmer worked well and germination was faster with a higher success rate that previously experienced. Also first year using soil blocks (what a great concept!). My only mistake other than starting later than planned was the square footage needed to warm. Using mini soil blocks not that much area is needed to heat therefore I could have used a smaller pad. I'm set for moving to the next level when that happens.This is a good product.
  • works well
    The mats keep my plants warm. The temp in the room is about 55F and the thermostat for the mats is set for 70F. The temp display for the seedlings usually runs 69-70 and they are growing well. Some are placed directly on the mat and so some water does collect, but that hasn't been a problem.
  • Long Lasting Product
    This is the second greenhouse mat that I have purchased. My last one is over ten years old and keeps working just fine. It does a wonderful job for seed starting and the large size is really necessary. I have about 800 plants in my greenhouse from marigolds to zinnias to carnations. I have very few failures in starting seeds and if they don't germinate it is not because of the heat mat.
  • Fabulous!
    I have struggled to get seeds started early but these mats make it so easy!
  • Product
    I was pleased with this productand the delivery time.
  • Seed mat
    The heat mat really works great . My seed germination has been close to 100 per cent.
  • A little more oomph
    This pad was easy to set up and use. I've got it plugged in through a thermostat control, to 75 deg. It struggles to reach the thermostat limit if the ambient temperature is less than about 60 deg. I wish that it had a little more power - though without a thermostat you might cook your seedlings.
  • Work great!
    These mats increased the germination time of pepper seeds immensely! I was amazed also about the germination of all the seeds.
  • Good price and fast service
    We haven't actually used the heating mat yet, so cannot review how it works yet. However, it looks good and the price was more reasonable than the only other place i had found it. The order arrived really fast (during Christmas rush) and in fine condition. Please feel free to contact me again in a few weeks to comment on the product.
  • 20x20 seedling propagation mat
    I have no complaints about this product. It fits 2 x 1020 seed flats perfectly and distributes heat evenly. I use them in a hydroponics room I had built but don't use except for the lighting to germinate my seeds. I would recommend this product to a friend. I only gave it 4 out of 5 stars only because I never give a perfect score.
  • heat Pad for Propagation of Plants
    works great - helps plants to germinate and grow quickly.
  • Seedling mat
    Best money we ever spent for st arting seeds!
  • Propagation Mat
    This works - we have had several nights below freezing and the plants we have on the mat are growing fast!
  • Fantastic Job
    Great heat source for my pepper and tomato seeds. They came up much faster than expected. If you have limited heat to start your seeds, try this mat, it work very, very well.
  • Mary
    Great product, worked perfectly. Set it up with a thermostat temp controller and got great results on germination. Best price and speedy shipping. This was my first purchase, I will be a repeat customer.
  • Good, but Watch the Temp
    These are nice little mats. I actually used one to keep the chicken's water defrosted during the winter. It worked all except just a couple really cold days. For plants it's a little more difficult unless you have a thermostat to regulate the temp. The mat will pretty consistently raise soil temp 20F above ambient temp, so it's really best used in a cool basement early in the season.
  • Working good
    researched these matts for a while. So far so good. long term will be the question. Thanks Megastore.
  • Poor At Best
    If you use this mat in your house with the temps never going below 70, you will be fine. In a greenhouse it won't maintain germination temp at night. You will need a dome or something to hold the heat in. Just buy a better mat and you will be happier. That's what I did!
  • works well
    The mat uses very little power and is sturdy and water resistant. easy to use and does exactly what it says - warms up soil and makes germinating faster.
  • Great size heat mat
    Have used smaller mats in the past and was happy to find this large to save the tangle of 4 cords. Have used this brand in the past and the price at Greenhouse Megastore made this large mat quite reasonable
  • seed starting mat
    I love these mats. This is one of the best ways to get seed to start. They maintain a warm soil temp to ensure a good germination rate thus saving time and money in the long run. You can't go wrong using one of these heating mats.
  • Love my hot pad
    Quality product that works fine.
  • Products needed asap!
    When ya gotta have it! Greenhouse Megastore has it!
  • Good Product
    This mat is perfect size for my trays and works great for starting my tomatoes indoors.
  • seed heat mat and thermostate
    I purchased the items to make kombucha. They kept the brew at the desired 80 degrees and the kombucha turned out great!
  • Excellent product
    Our seedlings this year were not doing as well as usual. ..maybe because the winter was colder. We dont keep our house very warm...about 65 during the winter...and we have a designated section of dining room for starting our seedlings and sweet potato. We start approximately 80 heirloom tomato plants alongside about 40 mixed pepper plants, and once we got this mat..we moved 4 trays to it for 24 hours...then switched to 4 other trays for the next 24 hours...and kept going. Within 2 weeks all the plants were thriving!! Best year (so far) for growing our heirlooms and we can begin sharing plants in about another 2 weeks. We unplugged it if we left the house for an extended period of time. ..for safety reasons only...but did NOT have any problems whatsoever. We would definitely recommend this product to family,friends..general public.
  • Good for seed starting
    Working well to start seedlings in combination with the thermostat. Very little smell when in operation. Time will tell how well the mat holds up. (The mat it's replacing is over 20 years old, and has a very strong smell.) As has been mentioned, placing the mat over insulation helps to direct the heat. (Using rigid foam insulation.)
  • temperature ?
    Should the mats get so hot that the probe for the controller, registers 110 degrees in the trays. I was under the assumption they would only increase temp by 20 degree. greenhouse did get up to 90 degrees prior to exhaust fans being turned on.
  • Heat mat review
    works great for seed starting on sometimes hard to get germinated seeds, like some Hot Pepper seeds. Only complaint, and it isn't a complaint, really, is that the soil dries out faster due to the heat, but that's easily taken care of.
  • durable, great value
    Most durable mat I've seen, priced right too! I use this in a commercial settings.
  • generally good stuff
    The heat mat is a bit disappointing. It was advertised to provide heat for 2 flats. I bought 2 of their flats but I guess they are bigger because I can't get both completely on the mat, only about 2/3 of each. The thermostat seems to do pretty well, the reading stays between 67-70F, the setting is 70F. The thermostat was very easy to program. The 2 enclosed flats that I bought are great. All in all, the 'stuff' is good and looks to last several years. The price I paid was reasonable and the standard shipping was fast. I won't hesitate to buy more from them and to recommend them to friends.
  • Seedling Heat Mat
    Great product. I keep my seedling in a back room that is very cool in the Winter (55 degrees). This mat has the soil a 73 degrees throughout the night. AWESOME!!!
  • Good Purchase
    I've started plants from seed many times, but first time using seed propagation mats. They are perfect for keeping the soil just warm enough to aid in seed starting. I ordered 2 and will be getting more. I highly recommend!
  • seedling mat
    It works as described / intended
  • Got me thru the winter!
    Love these! This winter has been the longest of my life, & the seedling propagation mat helped me start my garden early! I'll be buying more.
  • Other uses
    I use the mat to keep new born and young puppies warm. I but it under a thin blanket. It keeps them happy when mama dog is on a break!
  • Seed Propagation mat
    Works great. Sprouts came up in no time.
  • Seedling Propagation Mat
    I love these things! An absolute must for starting healthy seeds. I have had several types of seeds germinate in only two days. Also hot peppers, which can take several weeks have sprouted in 5-6 days. A real time saver, and they help produce much healthier happier starter plants!
  • Heat mat
    Decently made used for 3 mos in AZ winter. Gets warm enough for here but might be a bit light for an eastern winter.
  • Great Item
    This mat is great. Speeds up germination by days, had next day germination in some cases. Only thing I found is damping off can affect tender seedlings while using it. Using vermiculite as a top coat over planted seeds has prevented this from happening again.
  • Okay I guess
    Good deal. The only issue is that the heat mat curls, making it difficult for 4 flats to fit because the ends curl up.
  • Good heat mat
    We like these mats. They have worked reliably for several seasons. Compared to the more professional ones, they are simple to use and hold up just as well. We're now using 6 of them in our nursery / market garden to get spring vegetable starts going.
  • Great Mats
    Have been using these for years in my outdoor lean-to greenhouse. They are very rugged. The first one I bought several years ago is still in use. I not only start my seeds with them I also use them as a heat source at night in February and March to raise my tomato seedlings.
  • The seeds are up!
    I have used the seed propogation mat for a couple of years. The seeds, even some old ones I had doubts about, came up in no time at all! I don't have much space in my apartment, but for a few weeks in early spring, the mats take a spot on my table and the results are well worth the aggravation of having to eat on the sofa. Am interested in microgreens and I know the mats will be an invaluable help with them. Excellent product!!
  • Nice
    These work very well. In fact, they can work too well. With plant lights they can make the area too hot, so I have the lights on for daytime and the heaters on during the night. Seems to be working out okay so far.
  • Seedling mats
    Used regular heating pads before. These seedling mats made a huge difference in my seedlings this year. All of the plant cells have plants in them and are very healthy. Last year I had 80% success rate.
  • A Must Have!
    After seed starting for years without using a heat mat, I decided to give it a shot a use a propagation mat. Not only did my seedlings germinate much more quickly, but seeds I have limited success with (some herb seeds and flowers) had much higher germination rates.The only downside is figuring out what I'm going to do with all these seedlings:-)
  • Propagation Mat
    This mat does exactly what it is advertised to do. So far my seed germanation rate is better and faster than without the mat. It would be nice if the mat was available in a longer length. Over all I am very happy with my purchase.
  • patriciar
    I had a small mat which did not work this year, so I decided to replace it with this one. It works great and I really like the large size.
  • Works great
    I bought the mat, 2' grow light, 72 unit greenhouse and timer. The seed popped in half the time stated on the pakage.
  • Heat Mat works great
    Mat is a nice size and fits four 1020 trays easily. It is a nice addition to my seed propagation.
  • seed propogation mat
    Ihave purchased this product from you before and was very pleased with it and also with the prompt sevice.
  • Seedling heat mat
    This is the second seedling heat mat I've purchased, and Greenhouse Megastore was by far the least expensive place to find it! Spent more at Amazon for the first one. This really helps seeds get a good quick start. Reliable heat, although I do put a towel between the mat and my seeding kits as I think it get's a little bit too hot and dries out the soil too quick. Love this mat!
  • Propagation Mat
    The mat works like advertised. I added the thermostat to keep it at 68 degrees. It is working perfectly.I wish it had plugs that you could piggy back another mat to it.
  • Heat Mat
    Works Great this is my second purchase of a heat mat. I just needed a larger mat. I use with a thermostat to regulate temp. Must have to start seeds
  • Heated Gro Mats
    These mats are good. I get faster seed germination with them. Service is good as well.
  • Aaron
    This is a fairly expensive item for what it is. No thermostat or switch, just a mat that warms up a bit by plugging it in. Considering heating blankets with timers and temp controls start at around the same price, I'm not very impressed. There must be a huge mark-up somewhere in the supply chain. We'll see if it does the job.
  • good hobby heat mat
    does a good job and at a good price
  • Seedling mat
    This product is just what I needed. My greenhouse is cold so I put a heat shield under my mat and I have 3 wooden boxes sitting on my 20x20 mat and a clear plastic dome over all 3 boxes. I can easily take dome off and unplug the mat if too warm during the day.
  • Exceptional product and service!
    I Received heat-mat ahead of scheduled delivery date and put it to the test immediately. This product has far exceeded my expectations. Even in 20 and 30 degree room temperature the mini-greenhouse temp dropped only slightly below 60 degrees. NowI can look forward to some early seedlings.
  • Great for a home garden
    The mats appear well made and durable. They have been a big help in getting my pepper seedlings to germinate but are a bit small. I can barely get two of my seed trays (26x18) on them.
  • good heat mat for hobby growers
    This brand heat mat is sold at a better price here than through many other sources. Using the heat mat promotes much quicker and more uniform germination than not using one. I also suggest using a control thermostat in conjunction. Some seed (such as begonias) require a very narrow temperature range for good germination and growth.
  • Works Great!
    Couldn't have asked for more prompts service. Product arrived ahead of schedule. I put it to the test immediately and it has far exceeded my expectations. Using a mini-greenhouse seed flat heat mat keeps temperature perfect for quick germination. Thank you for a quality product and prompt delivery! Merry Christmas!
  • Plant Propagation Mats......
    I hate to have to tell y'all this, but I am not impressed with the plant propagation mats. This was my first experience to be buying one of those things. Next time, I'll know what to look for and what to avoid. 17 watts is just not enough power. It kept the mat warm, but that was all. Even after covering the containers, the soil temperature did not increase. We are being blessed with warm temperatures and clear blue skies these days. So it isn't as if the mats were challenged by fierce weather. It's shirt sleeve weather all day, inside or out. To get enough heat to warm the soil, I placed the plant pots on a cookie sheet. The cookie sheet sits on an inverted plastic soft drink container case. It's about half as deep as a milk carton. There are two drop lights with ordinary incandescent bulbs under the plastic case. The heat warms the soil and now my tomato plants are beginning to sprout. I can't even give them to the thrift store, as they're not worth having. Whoever bought them would be as disappointed as I was. I wish y'all had them back and I had my money back.
  • Seed Starting Mat
    Love my seed starting mat. Had a small one, but this larger one I can do 4 full flats at a time. Greenhouse Megastore has the size and the price that I wanted. Also service was outstanding. Marlene Lynch/Master Gardener Harford Co, MD
  • Get the 48x20 size instead
    I've purchased many of these small individual mats and they are slightly undersized for a 1020 tray because the edges of the mat dont heat up. It seems to be on alot longer too because of its size. What is better and cheaper in the long run is the 48x20 mat which your 1020s will not ever overhang. Thus plenty of warmth all around, plus it runs alot less, meaning it isn't having trouble warming the flat.The 48x20 might seem like more money, but if you are going to use more than one small mat, it is worth it. Keep in mind, each mat needs to be plugged in, that's bothersome when you have multiples.The quality is great, they'll last for ever.
  • Seedling Heating Mats
    My order arrived in less than a week. The price was the lowest I could find. Great service!
  • Three bears heat mat
    These mats are like the three bears..not too hot, not too cold...just right. Even if you pay only half attention, they will not cook your seedlings.
  • Great Product
    Works exactly as described - is waterproof, reliable and maintenance-free. Great product!
  • heat mat
    Heat mat is awesome...seeds came up in 3 days vs. weeks without.Shipping was quick...would definitely order from again.
  • Does the job!
    Quickly shipped and immediately tried out this heat propagation mat. I had 4 full flats of covered trays on it and my seeds germinated within 2-3 days. The packets said it would take a week. Wow! This mat really does the trick!
  • Works Well
    Does a good job in conjunction with the thermostat but wonder why it doesn't come with the thermostat attached or part of a kit. The grow light I purchased from you should have had a timer attached to it as well to make it function properly.
  • Excellent
    Great Product and lowest price on interent..Planted seeds on Thursday 2-2-2012 with the mat set to 78 and yesterday have little guys coming thru..Wonderful product..
  • Colleen
    The most awesome product from an awesome supplier for any greenhouse hobby enthusiast! I just love your site and products.Delivery is rapid to say the least!
  • Good so far
    So far working well, started some lettice seedlings and growing some spruce seedlings. Good product, I bought 2 seedling heat mats last year and was happy with them too.
  • Seedling Propagation Mat
    I am using the propagation mat under my tropical bonsais to provide bottom heat in the winter. The mat works great with a previously purchased thermostat (I monitor it with a thermometer). I would recommend it for seed starting (I currently have 2 others by this mfr.) and all work as expected. A thermostat is pretty much a must for even temperatures.
  • Heating mat
    This is the first mat I've ever used in my greenhouse and I really like it. It does what it says it's supposed to. My seedlings came up quicker and I'm very happy with this company; I really like their products and prices are reasonable.
  • Warm bottoms
    I beleive this heat matt is a part of the reason I get 100% results rooting cuttings.A must have tool for serious propogation results.
  • Seedling Mat has more uses then just seedling
    eventhough I feel this mat is priced a little high I am rating it on performance. I bought my first one a year ago and it has been plugged in and running ever since with no problems. I use it to keep my kombucha tea at a constant temp of 80 degrees by wraping my tea crock with the mat. it works perfect. I recently bought another because I was given a smaller dog and I use the 2nd matt under her crate to keep the floor at a constant warm temp. she loves it because as we all know the floor is much cooler then the lap. one thing though, make sure that the cord is situated so that your sweet little pooch can not get at it an chew.
  • Excellent
    One of the best on the market. Have used the red one before but they, though more expensive, are not to me as good.To keep temp where you want it get a controller, they are woth an extra 26 bucks.
  • Warmth does the trick
    I am using this mat with my amaryllis bulbs for the first time. It fits easy on a small table and has greatly improved the the time they are taking to show buds. I also plan to use with seedlings in the spring.
  • like it
    i really like it. i am enjoying it. thanks
  • Seedling Progagation Mats
    Exactly what we wanted. Price was excellent. Couldn't be happier with your company or service. Thank you!!!
  • pleased
    I received the heating mat and placed it on the growing table I made for it and put it to work. I was real pleased at the quality of the product. It heats my domed germinating tray very nicely.
  • Seedling Propagation Mat
    As an amateur gardinger in the north, anyting I can do to get plants up from seed quickly is good. I had terrific results and seedlings emerged quickly using the Seedling Propogation Mat.
  • Heating Mat
    I'm having seeds germinating in 2 or 3 days.....I love it!
  • Seedling Propogation Mat
    Love it! Increased germination to 99% within 7 days.
  • Lv2Lrn
    Great product. Great price. Plants came up super fast. Great percentage of seeds germinated. Certainly would recommend.
  • Excellent Product
    Great product at a super price. May need to set on top of foam insulation, if really cold, to prevent heat drain to substrate.
  • Love this Mat
    Love this Mat, my plants were up in a couple of days. Would not want to be without it. Also the delivery time was super.Every gardener needs to have this.
  • Seedling Mat
    This unit is performing great. It exceeds my expectations.
  • Propagation Mat
    The mat I received did not ever heat up whether it was plugged directly in or through the thermostatand the thermostat never roseabove 65F. I shipped it back and a new one is being shipped to me.
  • Grow Mat
    The mat seems ok, but I should have bought the commercial mat becasue I also have one of those and the quality seems to be higher.
  • Seedling Proagation Mat
    Was just what I needed for seeding warmth as well as keeping tropical and semi's roots' warm. Using plastic tents to keep the heat & humidity in. My only regret was I did not order the 2- flat unit the first time, but now I have plenty of (warm) space for my plants & propagations. Service was fine and reasonably quick.
  • Seedling Propagation Mat
    Great item!! My seeds are popping up like crazy!! Thanks for such a great product.Lorraine Haye
  • You want this mat
    I bought two mats, put them on a countertop in my basement with T12 florescent lights one foot above. Working very well.
  • Seedling Propagation Mat
    Great seedling mat. Works just as described.
  • Heat Mat
    It works great. Some seeds came up in 2 days. Have to experiment. Price was the best one out there.
  • slamissy
    With this mat and florescent grow light system my seeds came up in 2 days! Love it.
  • 90% germination rate with these heat mats!
    Excellent price, excellent product! I used this mat for starting tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse, and I had almost a 90% germination rate with these mats vs. not using mats!
  • Awesome
    So happy with my mat. I have it on my bay window at night, keeps my plants warm. Will order again.
  • Good buy
    Works very good wish i had two.
  • Great equalizer..
    Planted a half flat of Giant Zinnia and in 3 days they all sprouted. Mat does have hot spots and elevates one end of the flat slightly. No big deal..I bought 2 of them. It operates as advertised. Great shipping.
  • Seedling Propagation Mat
    Very easy to set up and well worth the money invested.I will be getting a couple of more.
  • As good as 17 watts could be
    Received the 2 mats and they are performing well as advertised.
  • Hobby gardener
    I had never used a propagation mat before, but it is amazing how fast the seeds sprout. I have 4 trays sitting on it and in just a few days the first ones started sprouting. Very impressive.
  • seedling propagation mat
    Seeds planted the same day in flats that wouldn't fit on the propagation mat are yet to sprout. The flats on the propagation mat are up and growing! Love this heat mat. Wish I had more of them!
  • Plug and Play
    Works just as advertised. Just plug it in and forget it.
  • Seedling Heat Mat
    I love this mat! It's the perfect size, with the perfect temperature. It heats up very fast and keeps the temperature even during very cold nights. Shipping was very fast, too. Thanks for a great product
  • A Must Have
    If you are going to be serious about growing your own food then you need to have a heat mat. This one is inexpensive and works like a charm. Put it together with some grow lights and you have a great shot at success.
  • Great Heating Mats
    Greenhouse megastore is the best for all your growing supplies. The prices are the best and shipping the quickest. These heating mats give enough bottom heating that plants love. Highly recommend to all.
  • Propagation Mat
    A must for jumpstarting the germination of your seeds! Great product at a great price.
  • Yankee28
    Great service, I had the mats in 3 days, works great and will buy more soon, thank you
  • Works great as expected
    I have only had it a few days but it is keping the soil definately warmer than the other plants in the room. Wish it was a little wider though, I would have given it five stars.
  • Nursery owner
    Very nice.
  • Great site and great product
    My seedling propagation mat arrived quickly and worked like a charm!
  • Perfect product
    I am amazed at your fast service!!! My order was processed Monday and I got it on Wednesday. It's a perfect fit for my plant stand and the four flats I already have started on it. I am very happy with this. Now I can start my seeds when ever I want.!!!!I'm SO excited. Thank-you for the wonderful speed in which you sent my order. Your prices are the best I've found. I WILL be ordering again soon.
  • Perfect!
    For starting seedlings that require higher temperatures for sprouting, this just can't be beat. It is Super too for tomato seedlings that are vigorous and healthy. I find it a great tool in conjunction with the soil block method!
  • Working well
    We're using this mat within a cold frame under some flats to propagate wild mountain muscadines. The mat is flexible, so the ends roll up where the mat is longer than the cold frame (this is a good thing). We're off grid and the mat uses little enough power that we can run it.
  • Love it as much as my cats do
    This has been one of the best investments I've made. In the past I started a few plants in the window, but there's only so much room. These I was able to stick on a table out in the garage with a few grow lights and voila, success. Now if I could just get the cats to quit laying on the emerging plants on the mats, life would be good.
  • worth the money
    Liked how the mat kept my seedlings sprouting in a greenhouse where it still freezes at night in May!
  • Seeds like them, cuttings LOVE them
    I am ever exploring plant propagation, as many techniques as I can read about. These mats fit nicely in my mini steel frame greenhouse (leisure ways 4 tier) they perfectly fit on the shelves, and I can strap a grow light on the brace and the mat is SO COOL!! Prices are great, believe me I have shopped around. FAST SHIPPING! My NEWEST LOVE!!
  • Best Purchase Ever
    This is the best mat ever!! This is the first time that we started them with a mat, The plants are the best ever. Nice and green and Huge!
  • Reliable product
    I always start my seeds with these reliable mats. They were sent quickly and the price was the best around.
  • 48x20 seedling heat mat
    I recently purchased the 48x20 seedling heat mat. I planted my seeds and was ready to wait for 7-14 days for them to grown and was pleasantly surprised to find seedlings in just 4 days!
  • Just what I needed
    I bought one Seedling Heat Mat to keep my 3' X 6' X 2' bench greenhouse warmer than the greenhouse for fat plants. It did it's job well so I bought 2 more to expand the bench greenhouse for next winter. Very good service from this company!!!
  • These are really nice!!!
    I will never again try to start seeds in January without these mats. I'm having great success. This will be one of our best seasons yet because of these mats. No mechanical or electrical problems. They work as promised. I bought two to test this year. I will buy 10 more next season.
  • Highly Recommended
    I have a year round green house and these help out a lot getting the plants started. I just received my third one in the mail. I'd recomend these to anyone who is looking at getting their plants started
  • Great Mats
    Ordered these mats, they came quickly, were exactly what we wanted, and were less expensive than we had seen at other places.
  • PR-HMH
  • Couldn't Believe How Well It Worked!
    I heard so much about heat mats so I finally broke down and bought a couple. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that all the hype is true. My seeds germinated almost a week ahead of my others ones. Amazing!
  • Great For Starting Seeds
    This is my 3rd heat mat and I'm sure I'll buy more. It speeds up my germination by at least a week and increases my germination rate greatly. As always , service from IGC was great.
    I started off ordering 2 of the seedling propagation mats. They're so accurate at keeping the temperatures consistent in the seed flats. I then ordered 2 more and find myself back a third time and am ordering 2 additional mats. Highly recommend this product. It has helped me keep the heater down in the greenhouse and yet my seed flats stay a consistent temp.
  • very easy
    this product was very easy to use even for a beginner like my self
  • What a Difference A Mat Makes
    I purchased this mat last year and for the first time ever had success starting my veggies and flowers from seed. It was so great I recently sent one to a friend who is raving about it too. I just planted Morning Glory seeds at 10a.m. this past Monday and 24hrs. later they were popping up. It really makes a difference. Be sure to get the one that fits 2 flats because you're gonna love it.
  • Terrific Handy Helper
    I'm so glad to have made this purchase. As soon as it arrived I planted seeds and they have begun germinating at the earliest expected date. Great way to get started early and amazing way to save, starting from seed rather than expensive flats!!
  • Magic Results
    I started with one last year but had to buy 5 more of the doubles (I like the size so I can easily rearrange them). I've gotten seeds to germinate in less then half the time & have even gotten tissue cultures to root in a matter of a week and a half. It lists various settings on it to get you started. For harder to start plants you need the thermostat but for your average ones this is enough. I've left them on 27/7 for months at a time without any problems. I now keep some of my more fussy plants on them during the winter instead of turning up my thermostat so it's saved me much more in fuel & success rate then it's cost me in electricity. I've been using the first mat for one reason or another almost nonstop without any problems. The longer I have them the harder it is for me to remember life prior to having them.
  • Gentle, Warm Heat
    The mat provides consistent, gentle, warm heat to our seedlings. We went with the larger 48 X 20 size and are glad we did. We have an indoor greenhouse that always feels a little too chilly. The mat keeps the seedlings warm - we've even moved the mature plants on the extra space, and they're doing better too. I did some checking, and this is the best price on the web.
  • Very useful product
    These mats are exactly what we have been looking for. We started out with 2 but now we are planning on getting more. They are very helpful in getting your seeds started.