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Traditional Series inserts for use with 1020 Trays or 1020 Daisy Trays. Available in a variety of configurations to meet different handling, labeling, and space requirements. Inserts are engineered for easy de-nesting. 10.42" x 20.85" inserts. Each insert fits one 1020 Tray. Specifications # Cells
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Traditional Series inserts for use with 1020 Trays or 1020 Daisy Trays. Available in a variety of configurations to meet different handling, labeling, and space requirements. Inserts are engineered for easy de-nesting. 10.42" x 20.85" inserts.

Each insert fits one 1020 Tray.


#Cells per packPacks per insertTotal cellsDiagramCell Length x Width x DepthMax Dry Volume (cu. in.)Max Liquid Volume (U.S.)
60666362.35" x 1.94" x 2.23"42.421.47 (pt)
8011884.86" x 4.86" x 2.27"45.651.58 (pt)
80448322.40" x 2.40" x 2.23"35.521.23 (pt)
80668482.38" x 1.50" x 2.25"37.681.30 (pt)
1203312361.50" x 3.38" x 2.27"22.2712.34 (fl.oz.)
1204412482.38" x 1.50" x 2.26"23.4813.00 (fl. oz.)
1206612721.50" x 1.50" x 2.23"21.3611.82 (fl. oz.)
1801118183.11" x 3.11" x 2.25"17.709.80 (fl. oz.)
1804418721.55" x 1.55" x 2.27"13.607.54 (fl. oz.)
2401124243.00" x 2.19" x 2.25"12.506.93 (fl. oz.)
3601136361.94" x 2.23" x 2.23"7.234.05 (fl oz.)

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Reviews (140)
  • 806 is a good time for a cup of coffee
    and its the best sized insert for me. as a landscaper i have planted from 896's for 30 years, and they beat larger and smaller sizes. a planting pick is the same width and these plant so fast. it economizes on soil and still provides a good sized plant to go directly in the garden. 806's accept all the plug sizes i use from 36 to 128 and 200's. i have purchased 300 sheets here and they have been planted twice per year for 3 years and are still going. i can count the failures on one hand so far, and thats usually rough handling on my part. they have held up thru brutal california sun.
  • Flimsy Inserts
    Found this product to be very flimsy and easily ripped. Worked best for me by cutting the trays into smaller units prior to using. Does the job (barely) but must handle with care. I would opt to buy a thicker mil product on my next order, especially if I intend to use for more than one season. As far as the seller, no complaints. Great experience. Thank you!
  • Thinner trays
    These trays are somewhat thinner than I am used to. I have a good number of them in use so I will soon know how they work out.
  • use these every year
    We are hobby gardeners, and start our plants from seed. These are easy to fill and handle.
  • Owner
    Not what I used to get they were always 3" deep, not happy at all
  • Great product and price
    Very happy with the quality and quick shipping
  • Great
    Work as intended.
  • Room For Growth
    Chose these in case my soil blocks didn't work. The packs fit nice in heavy duty trays. The cells are fairly light weight, not sure if they will last more than 2 yrs. They are perfect size for starting like 2 peppers per cell.
  • Great product
    Quality inserts. Durable. Great for annuals and vegetable plants.
  • Thin inserts
    I have bought 606 inserts from GHMS for three years and the ones I received this year are the lowest quality that is possible. They are very thin and they stick together so bad they some rip just trying to get them separated. Big quality difference from last year.
  • Great
    No problems at all. Work as they are intended. Quality product.
  • Never in stock
    Good product but never in stock
  • Great
    Great shipping speed. Great product. Function as expected. Great price.
  • Quality downhill
    The traditional tray quality has gone down hill. Super flimsy compared to the ones bought in previous years. The cells broke apart taking it out of the shipping box. With their refund policy, it's not worth it to pay the shipping for the return. Won't buy again
  • CN-INK-606
  • Shallow 6-pack
    These inserts may be good for very shallow rooted plants. I had hoped for something a bit deeper. This may economize on soil but does not promote deep roots.
  • Great size.
    Could not find these in our area. Love using these for my starter plants . Ordered ahead for next years growing season.
  • Just like the nursery
    They worked great. I like the larger cells
  • Nice Product
    Works well, will be used for many growing seasons
  • Great Plant Inserts
    I like the selection available and the durability of these plant inserts.
  • Dissapointed
    The 606 are not deep like I expected. Not useful for what I use them for. Next time I will have to look elsewhere
  • 6 packs and singles
    I was disappointed that these didn't hold ads much soil as the dillion style.
  • Traditional inserts.
    The pack inserts 4 or 6 pack work much better for me. The individual 36 cell were very frusterating. Much harder to work with. Hope next time you have the 606 in stock
  • Inserts work
    This inserts are great, they are easy to fill, easy to break apart and hold up to repeat uses. I like the 18/flat size because they have enough room to grow for a few weeks and are small enough to be able to start growing many plants.
  • Excellent
    We bought the heavy duty trays and they are going to last for several seasons.
  • Great trays
    Originally ordered the 806’s in the fall for spring 21. Started some of my seeds a tad too early plus we had some late freezes so some of my variety of plants became root bound. Also even though I overseeded I still had empty cells which was a waste of space. Decided now to order 1206’s for seeding germination then transplant into 804’s and the slower growing plants into the 806’s. Love the quality of all the trays, inserts and domes. Way better than the big box stores.
  • Does the job
    I've bought nearly all the inserts, the only one I'd complain about is the #3601. Once you separate the individual cells out, it's really hard to lay them flat and snug in the tray. They're so small and have a narrow base so that even if they have a seedling in them they'll slide around and tip over, ends up being more hassle than it's worth. Other inserts work great and fit flush inside the 1020 tray.
  • 6-Packs
    Great product! I used them for all my seed starts this year.
    Received my order in 4 days from time of ordering. Very rigid trays for a great price. Some people's reviews are just pain wrong. These are NOT those super flimsy trays at all.
  • Great trays
    These trays are great.
  • Trat inserts
    well made and the price is right....I will purchase from this seller again...
  • 1206 inserts.
    These are standard inserts that fit perfect in the 1020 trays they sell. Great price.
  • Just what I was searching for
    Very nice inserts, roomy for the Perennials, Annuals and Vege's I am starting inside under LED Lights. Bought 100 hope this is enough:)
  • Not too sturdy
    I was hoping for inserts as durable as the trays I purchased last year. No dice. These inserts are no more durable than what I can buy locally, just cheaper in cost.
  • 804 insert
    Absolutely perfect and Ryan is a5 star plus customer service person. Couldn't have have had a better experience and shipping was very fast and free. Thanks
  • Very Sturdy
    I've purchased twice this spring. Got the Extra Heavy Duty trays which is the mid grade available here. They are super sturdy & the inserts are great quality. Top that off with great pricing & fast shipping. Love this company ❤️
  • Great for Microgreens
    These inserts make small batch micro greens in 1020 trays a cinch. Also have been using them with a loose soilless mix to start seeds for pricking and transplanting
  • Affordable Seed Trays
    Well made trays at a good price. Very good service.
  • na
    4X9 perfect size for starting perennials for my yard. Only thing I didn't like was the ease with which the individual cells separated.
  • Traditional Inserts, 10/pack - #804, 4 cells/pack,
    I use these to start my flowers and vegetables under lights. They are also a good size to root cuttings. Nice quality. I could actually reuse them a second year if I wanted to clean/sterilize them which I don't.
  • Great product, would buy again.
    Great product at a great price.
  • Great product; great price
    I use these to start my heirloom tomatoes; wash them out and reuse the following year. Now and then one tears, but for the most part they hold up very well. I only have to re-order when I don't have enough for my proposed inventory. Thanks for making it possible for us hobby folk to buy in smaller quantities at a great price.
  • Great product!
    Thanks for the fast shipping.
  • Just right
    Just what I was looking for.
  • Durable, Midweight Trays
    The trays are stronger than others I have used and appear to be solid, midweight mesh. I appreciate that the sides are open to allow more air flow around individual cells for better dry down between waterings. one tray was damaged during shipping, but all others are working well.
  • 1204 inserts
    These are rarely found anymore, same with 1203 & 1803. These fill a slot when 18 seedlings (1801) aren't enough room for the amount of seedlings you need, and 32 seedlings (804) or 36 seedlings (606.)Thanks for stocking these, I use sheetpots (1801) and the 2401 gained me 6 seedlings per tray, every 4 trays I gained a whole tray.
  • seed starts
    great little seed starts...I normally start 6-12 seeds of each plant in these and mark them accordingly in a 1020 tray...keeps everything organized which is important for my OCD!!! lol
  • Excellent Service and Product
    First time ordering. The products arrived together and the next day! Easy to install and very pleased with quality.
  • Tray inserts for seed starting
    As a backyard gardener, having these green house quality inserts that fit standard trays makes me feel in control and able to plant way more!
  • love them
    these are great, and a great price
  • Seed starting in 6-packs
    These fit in the trays perfectly and were great for starting seeds. They performed exactly as I expected. They weren't too flimsy, but were pliable enough to get the starts out when transplanting.
  • Good product
    Standard 6 pack. Good weight, sturdy. Should be durable.
  • Great Product/Service
    Great product and service. Fast shipping. Good prices. It's very convenient to be able to buy these in cases.
  • Tradistional inserts #1206
    Perfect for started plants flowers, vegetables etc.Love the deep root area yet compact design
  • Transplant pots
    High quality at a good price. Reuseable.
  • Great product! Great Company!
    I'm a repeat customer & will be in the future. Very fast delivery & great products.
  • love these
    These fit the 2.25 peat pots perfectly. Great for growing seedlings and with the use of the peat pots mates transplanting super easy.
  • Great for plugs!
    These inserts have 18 four packs which makes 72 plants. I order trays of 512 plugs of marigolds every spring. Pop the plugs in these With some potting soil, and into weeks they will be starting to bloom! Perfect size.
  • 1801 Insert Tray
    We like using these trays but during shipping they get stuck together and we can only use about 3/4 of the shipment.
  • great
    Perfect, work great
  • Great service
    Good product for the price. Unbelievable fast shipping.
  • Great Value
    Well worth the price. Just what I was looking for.
  • #1801 Traditional Inserts
    These inserts are ultra thin & flimsy and break apart easily, especially when filled with soil. They probably rate a 5 if used for the purpose they were made for. Unfortunately, my intention was to grow grass plugs and a totally different insert is needed. Hope this helps. p.s. I should have called the company before placing my order.
  • trays
    these trays work great in my home greenhouse
  • Good, but can tear when separating
    These are decent inserts. However, I have had some tear when trying to separate them.
  • Excellent
    My seeds have never sprouted faster.
  • Just what I ordered!
    These are really flimsy but that's what I was wanting. They work perfectly in the 1020 trays and I'll buy more as needed.
  • Like the Size
    I like the size of these cells. They leave plenty of room for root growth and the insert fits perfectly inside the 1020 tray. It is not super strong so will probably not last more than a couple of years.
  • Better than I expected
    Very durable for my seedlings. Fast s&h. Thank you!
  • As expected
    Decent products, good service, prompt delivery
  • Large
    bought these because they say they are standard size. They are too large for my trays that I have been buying and using for years. so much for a standard size. now I am stuck with a bunch of liners that don't fit in the trays.
  • Prompt shipping, great price and product
    Started a greenhouse this year for vegetable plants (tomatoes, peppers, etc). My order was promptly shipped and work great paired with 1020 tray. Will definitely use again in the future.
  • Disappointed in 1801 quality
    Received these and they are difficult to work with. Plastic is very thin and sheets come apart during attempted separation of sheets which is difficult to say the least. Time spent and frustration overcomes any cost savings. Won't order these again.
  • Many inserts were severely stuck together.
    One of the three packages of inserts were severely stuck together, making it impossible to separate in a timely manner.
  • Not much to say
    We have used these for years, and they never cause a problem. The soil that we put in them occasionally ... not so much.
  • Great product for starter plants.
    Good quality. I use them for microgreens. Would recommend this product to anyone.They fit in a 10 x 20 tray. Easy to separate. Just be careful and you will have no problems.
  • None
    Cost effective growing containers
  • fast shipping
    Fast shipping, tomato plants ready sooner than expected.
  • 72 cell insert
    Always had good luck starting my seeds in these inserts for over 20 years.
  • Frustrating
    Trying to de-nest these trays is as much fun as gum in your hair. The individual pots are ok, but nearly impossible to separate a single sheet in one piece. The perforation is just too easy to tear apart.
  • Treat them nicely
    Treat these with care and you can get 3 or 4 years out of them.
  • 36 cell inserts
    I have gotten 36 cell inserts in the past from another company and they were a nightmare to separate. The first 10 of these off the stack were similar but they got a lot better, so this is my best experience. Still frustrating though.
  • just what I needed
    These worked great, very consistent manufacturing but they really do need the trays for extra support when filled. Overall a great product. I will definitely shop here again.
  • Very nice quality
    I'm very happy with these. They are nice and sturdy and wide and deep enough for their purpose. Great job!
  • all the goods and nothing but the goods
    Great prices, great product, and rapid shipping what more could you ask for.
  • Great Product
    Another great product and great price! I shopped around and was very pleased with the great price I couldn't find anywhere else!
  • Great products
    Great company, always get what you want. I will always use the company. Great job folks.
  • Terrible Quality, cheap.
    If there would've been a 0 I would've marked it. These are terribly cheap, and so thin that they do not stay together at all. Can't even separate them from each other. Can tell they're made in China. All they do is rip.
  • Good Quality
    We have been using these inserts for the last two years for our annual garden club sale, good pricing and good quality.
  • Traditional Inserts
    Very good quality.
  • Gardner
    Individual sheets are very hard to separate.
  • Disappointed
    We couldn't separate the sheets of cells without separating each pot. Very disappointing.
  • pleased
    Quick shipping, and product is exactly as described.
  • trays/inserts
    These trays are very durable. Both the trays and inserts are made very sturdy. Highly recommend this product. Shipped promptly and arrived in excellent condition. Would not hesitate to recommend this company!
  • Just perfect!
    Durable enough to handle, but separates at the perforations easily enough to not need a lot of tugging and pulling.
  • Great Buy
    Great Buy, perfect for starting plants!
  • Starter trays
    Easy to use and reuse hold up well
  • Good Product
    I've used the 1026 style inserts from different sources for over 20 years. So far I feel these are turning out to be the best. I reuse them for each season and that will tell the whole story. So far, I am very pleased with these inserts.
  • 6 cell packs
    Exactly what I needed to start my seeds. Arrived quickly.
  • Good size
    These were the perfect size for my project --- a little bigger than standard. The perforation is good on these --- the cells hang together quite well, but it's not too hard to rip one off either.
  • Wonderful inserts
    I ordered the 100/case - #606, 6 /pack, 6 packs/insert.They worked out very well. I really like that they were a little bigger than the usual 6 pk. I would definitely keep ordering supplies I need from here. The products are great and so is the customer service/shipping.
  • #606 inserts
    The inserts met my expectations exactly, shipping was prompt, it took 4 days from order to delivery. My complaint is the 100 sets are pressed together too tightly. I can not separate them without the 6 cell componants coming apart. My expectation was to separate the 36 cell insert and place it in a 1020 tray in one piece.
  • Shire Song/ owner
    I was amazed and so pleased at the quick delivery (even though I selected standard) and am very pleased with the trays and inserts. You are my go to provider now!
  • Love you guys!!!!!
    Great quality and extreamly fast shipping.First class treatment
  • Traditional Inserts
    The Master Gardeners of St. Lucie cty.Florida have two plant sales per year. These inserts were exactly what we needed for our fall sale. They were priced right and arrived in good condition in just a few days. we will be ordering more products in the future.
  • perfect size
    I'm an avid amateur seed starter and like the extra room these provide. Thick plastic that withstands direct sun well. Pamper your seedlings in these inserts.
  • Four Packs
    I ordered a hobby pack of these four packs and was very pleased. When I ordered the whole case the inserts where a little flimsy. Don't get wrong they will definetly get the job done, I just liked the first ones better. Will definitely order again.
  • Traditional Inserts
    I love the inserts and so do our customers, making it very convenient for them to purchase just what they need. thanks for a GREAT product
  • Traditional Inserts
    The 6 packs that we ordered for offering small plants to our customers in the Spring, and it makes it so easy for transplanting in the field too. These are fabulous, We will definetly order these again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 1203 cell packs
    i am impressed with the cell packs. after reading some of the reviews, i was afraid that the plastic would be thin and flimsy like some cell packs that i've seen before that rip and tear easily. I am happy to report that they are sturdy and well made. they will easily last several years of reuse.
  • Gardening Sue
    Coupled with the 1020 solid trays, this made a perfect seeding set. I used the Wonder Soil brick for medium and boy did everything work well! I think every seed I planted germinated. Though they can be reused, the price is good enough that if I lose a few (give some away) I won't feel bad. The size is bigger than some other trays I had and seems to be perfect for starter seedlings. Lots of root room. The fact that you water through one cell save lots of time and give all cells consistent watering. Great product. I am suggesting these to all my gardening friends.
  • Traditional Inserts
    Good Quality
  • Way Better Than Other Brands
    I was very pleased when I opened the box and saw these. They are sturdy and attractive, much better than the other brands I have bought in the past. Very pleased,and will definetly order again.
  • Traditional Inserts
    Great bargain. We've got 800 peppers and tomato seedlings planted in our GMS cold frame we bought 2 years ago. We love GMS.
  • Inserts
    I love the inserts. They are so much better than the peat pots I was using! Will be buying them again.
  • 18-pak insert
    To me this is the most useful insert. Although it is on the light-weight side. It needs to be supported when the medium is wet. I think I can re-use them a few times, and they'll serve their purpose for my uses (individual hobby gardener) -- Very fast shipment!
  • Super Pots
    Your inserts are wonderful! So easy to use and just the right size. My tomaotes and peppers are very happy in their temporary home. These are so much better than the peat pots I was using-the moisture level is much easier to regulate and maintain. Will definately be buying them again.
  • Very Useful
    These flats were very useful for tomato and petunia plants
  • Good Price
    This is the best price around. They may not hold up for multiple use, but at this price I was pleased.
  • Excellent Inserts!
    These are nice inserts and are the perfect size for our business to grow and sell plants! Good price on them too!
  • Great product at a good price
    We were starting some plants for our local food co-op and were in need of some 6 packs. These fit the bill exactly. Good quality and a wide selection of sizes are available. They came in just a few days, and have worked out wonderfully. Thanks
  • Must have for the greenhouse gardener
    We plant our vegetables each season from seeds. We love these inserts. We are able to purchase different sizes for different plants. It is easy to transport and saves space.
  • Delivered as Ordered!
    Arrived as ordered! Fits perfectly into standard plastic trays.
  • Just What I Was Looking For
    Purchased both the 1204 and 806 inserts! Just what I was looking for and the best price I could find! I received my order in only a couple days. Will definitely order again! Thank you!
  • Great value
    I use 100's of these inserts every year for my CSA business and they work very good for me. I can reuse most of them 1 or 2 more years before they break down. The plants develop a strong root system and transplant easily. You won't be disappointed if you purchase them.
  • great inserts
    these inserts work great with the 1020 flats. they are a great buy and are the perfect size for growing vegetables and bedding plants i have also used them to start cutting. great product. wow!
  • CN-IKN
  • Fantastic buy!
    I bought the 806 inserts. I figured if they work for professional greenhouses, they will work for me, and they do! They are just the right size for the roots to develop and grow strong healthy plants.
  • Very pleased
    I've ordered products from other companies and have waited weeks. These were here in a matter of days and I have already planted 26 of the 100 I bought. Highly recommended.
  • cn-ikn review
    I'm very pleased with this selection. I always tried to mix and match old cell packs from previous years for my personal use. So naturally each of my trays were non-uniform, and at best, loose fitting when carrying. These really fit the bill; Inexpensive, lightweight and durable. They should survive several years of use.
  • Useful for seedlings
    These inserts were useful to grow on bedding plants. A few of the inserts split when I used them which made me question the quality of the product - the plastic should be a bit stronger and then the quality would be better overall. Value is OK for the product, but Greenhouse Megastore's shipping charges are quite high. Overall, a useful product, but still some room for improvement.
  • worth the money
    Just got my flats, and cells, I can't wait to get my hands dirty. The cell packs are going to make my life so easy, no more saving plastic containers.
  • CN-IKN
  • Good Product & Good Price
    I was very pleased with this product. The quality was great in comparison to the price. Excellent company to order from (very courteous and very prompt in getting your order to you).
  • Good value, good service
    I grow about 300 dozen bedding plants every spring for my church's women's group plant sale. I had run out of cell packs and was using a variety of odds and ends to see me through this past spring. I could not find a local supplier for bulk cell packs so I Googled the product and came up with your web site. The parcels arrived today and I am extremely pleased to have them for use in the spring. They arrived on time and undamaged.
  • Great Value
    Great product- the 100 count package is at a better price than other online sellers. Only gripe would be that when they arrived a lot of the flat sheets became separated at the perforations.
  • Just what it says
    I ordered this product after reviewing many sites on the web. This was exactly what I was looking for. I ordered this product and one other and they are what they say they are. Fast Shipping too! I was definitely satisfied, and I'm gonna order again soon.
    1. Totally lightweight, feels almost like a heavy grade of paper, but no, it's plastic, including drain holes, and fits perfectly into the optional tray which I also purchased. 2. The inserts are perforated at the edges allowing for easy management of your seedlings, or, if you simply want 1, 2, or 3, cut them off from the molded product with a scissor. 3. I also opted for the clear plastic domes, which force the moist potting soil (I only use Ultimate Potting Soil) to produce enough natural heat and moisture for the seeds to germinate. 4. My supply closet is loaded with these INSERTS, and I also opted for a larger size, 4 inch including molded tray. 5. Wherever you are located, whether indoors or outdoors, there's a plant waiting to be born.....the seeds are in your hands. Add them to this insert, proper potting soil, place on your window sill and experience a family oriented explosion of LIFE.