Standard Clear Greenhouse Film, 6mil

Item No. GF-6MC
Free Shipping See Details Guaranteed lowest delivered price! Guaranteed to last no less than 4 years – even in high UV environments - this superior film will provide the protection you need for your plants and peace of mind. However, please note that product should not come into contact with PVC
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Guaranteed lowest delivered price!

Guaranteed to last no less than 4 years – even in high UV environments - this superior film will provide the protection you need for your plants and peace of mind. However, please note that product should not come into contact with PVC piping as this will degrade the product and void the warranty. If using with pvc, please use our batten tape or white felt in between.

Please note - Many of the Plastic Film sizes offered will be folded for delivery and shipped on rolls of up to 8' in length.

  • 6 mil thick
  • Superior Strength and Toughness
  • Higher Light Transmission
  • Guaranteed Longer Life -- 4 years
  • Tear Strength up to 164% higher
  • Puncture Force up to 12% higher
  • 91% light transmission per layer
  • Advanced UV up to 33% longer life

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Important Note: Depending on the environment, Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) based materials including any type of PVC pipe, PVC wire or PVC tape, etc. may react with greenhouse polymer films and cause wear. In such cases Chlorine generated from the degradation of PVC and the residual chlorine inside PVC may attack and destroy the Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer in the greenhouse polymer film. This may cause the film to prematurely degrade and will void the warranty. If using with pvc, please use our white felt in between.

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Reviews (322)
  • Lasted 8yrs in Central TX
    It definitely started ripping in spots after about 7yrs, but with greenhouse film repair tape I was able to continue to limp along for a while longer :)
  • Was holding up good till...
    After one year I am ordering again. They s may we got baseball size hail that wrecked everything and punch holes in my greenhouse film. Was doing great till that storm.
  • Just installed but seems thick enough that it should have a good life span.
    I was initially surprised (OK, a little disappointed) that it was folded many time to make narrower, but when installing I found that was actually better than being really wide and blowing around on us.
  • It's Working
    Used it for hoop house covers for my 3 raised garden beds. So far it has kept them about 15-18 degrees warmer than outside
  • really clear
    Just started using this product, so I'll check in, in 4 years to say how well it lasts
  • Many thanks. 10 star rating
    Excellent service. Happy with my 6 mil plastic. Thank you for everything
  • 6 mil clear plastic
    no problems with film transit and unpacking and application
  • Cattle Panel Hoop House
    The Standard Clear Greenhouse Film, 6 mil is the perfect option for a cattle panel greenhouse. I also ordered the 40% shade cloth to mitigate the intense summer sun. Very pleased with the product and the service.
  • 6 mil greenhouse film
    Nice thick film, used it on my hothouse. Fast shipping, great product. Will order more when i need it.
  • My experience
    Wonderful company to do business with...!
  • Great Greenhouse Film
    I'd been worrying about where to get good greenhouse film for almost a year, and I appreciate Greenhouse Megastore having it, shipping it quickly, and pleased to have it! Thanks!
  • Great, and tough
    Nice material for my greenhouse. It got poked by dragonfruit thorns quite a bit but no holes yet! Time will tell how it lasts in future seasons but doing good so far. Good light transmission, and gets quite warm in the greenhouse with no heat on in the day if there’s sunlight. On a clear sunny day in winter 60ish degrees out it can be close to 100 inside, which my plants like.
  • Amazing
    I bought this a bit more than 5 years ago. I have a circa 1850 antique cape house in NH with bad windows. Regular plastic from HD would die from UV in one year. This, now 5 years old shows NO sign of degradation. Very impressed.
  • Came with extra
    I ordered the 16x75' and it came with an extra 10' or so of plastic, this is excellent because I thought I would need to patch one end of my greenhouse due to cutting 1-2ft extra for wiggle room. Source and plastic brand seems to vary, but it's always 6mils / strong film.
  • Plastic Sheet
    This is way better than any HomeDepot plastic sheet. Transparency is 10x better. Anyone who buys this sheet already knows this but for the amateurs out there: this is the real deal.
  • Great
    Great Price, prompt shipping, well packaged, quality product. Looks good, installed easily.
  • Greenhouse Cover
    This was more than I expected, it is truly different than the normal Bisquene, The material stretches well and has a stamp stating this side out for the UV protection. My plants immediately started doing well once covered.
  • Green House Plastic
    Excellent quality. Well packaged and in perfect condition upon arrival. It looks like it will stand up to the heat, sun and even North Idaho winters.
  • Health with Herbs
    Hi guys this is the second roll of greenhouse plastic I brought and I am very pleased with the price and service. Thanks again I will be buying more products in the near future. Dave
  • Great! Exactly What I Needed
    Plastic came sooner than I thought which was a big bonus. Good plastic!
  • All most missing marker
    The 16 X 100 plastic has very light this side in marker in specks. Found 2 markings in first 22'. One before and one after put in place.
  • Excellent Product.
    Quality 5Price. 5
  • gh plastick
    much better than the stuff I BOUGHT @ HOME DEPOT. Its only been on for a few days at this point I like it.
  • A great product
    The size and quality of the greenhous plastic was perfect. It is working well.Dr George Tomes
  • Greenhouse grade Polyethylene sheeting
    Having used construction grade polyethylene, the GH Megastore brand was chosen due to clarity, strength and ease of use. My use was inside the greenhouse, an insulating liner for heat/cooling purpose. Light transmission seems satisfactory, much better than construction material. Highly recommend.
  • 6 mil greenhouse film
    This product is exactly what I need. It arrived quickly and was just as described. Service was great.
  • Plastic Greenhouse Cover
    The plastic was ripped along a seam when I took it out of the box. I managed to glue it together and make it work, but I do not recommend this product.
  • All's well
    Polly film no rips or tears, felt dose it's job nicely...
  • Works well for me
    Only time will tell
  • Great under my porch
    Perfect for putting under my 12 x 18 screened porch. I used it as a vapor barrier. The outside edge and a few feet under are exposed to a western sun. So having the UV protection is important. Easy install. Flexible but thick enough to have some body to make it easy to work with.
  • I can see the plants!!!!!!
    We bought 6 mil uv protected clear greenhouse plastic to re-do 10 covered raised beds we have had for 4 years. Original plastic was white. This time we chose clear and it is so wonderful to see the plants through the sides of the beds now! Only giving a 4 because we are just finishing up replacing the film and don't know yet how long it is going to work, or if it is going to get filmy because we use emitters inside each bed and the plastic gets sprayed when we water. I do love seeing the plants growing inside the new see through walls though.
  • Good product
    Works exactly as intended.
  • Works well
    Great durability in the product. It has endured 2 severe windstorms in the first 3 months up. Only issue was trying to figure out how it was folded, such a large piece to be messing with that.
  • WOW !
    Bought this for a hobby greenhouse after using regular plastic from the home center, and all I can say is WOW. The thickness is great, but the light transmission is incredible. I couldn't detect any difference at all walking into the greenhouse from outside. Can't wait to see the results !!! HIGHLY recommended.
  • greenhouse plastic
    The plastic got damaged during delivery. I called costumer service they were very helpful and friendly. They replaced the plastic, only needed to submit pictures of the damage. It arrived within days undamaged.Good quality greenhouse plastic. Working on putting it on the greenhouse.
  • Pin Hole
    When the final product was rolled up the plastic was creased and created several fine holes. Of course I didn't realize this & noticed during the first hard rain...
  • Greenhouse Plastic
    Love this plastic. I use it for my mini greenhouse for 4 by 8 foot raised beds. I got some last year and loved it. Now I decided to set up another one. Great product!
  • Shell
    This product doesn't appear to be very durable. Time will tell
  • great product
    My greenhouse hasn't withstood any real weather yet, and it will get wind swept in our ocean climate, but it is a great product so far... seems quite strong, and holds together great. No tears or breaks, and my g/h is sure getting warm with it's new plastic skin.
  • Very happy
    Fast shipping and came in good condition. Un-heated hoop houses for giant veggies are holding temps well overnight and plastic is holding up well to repeated use of snap clips.
  • great service
    had to do change address in mid delivery worked well, product in great shape, on time, and working well. thanks
  • Standard Clear Greenhouse Film
    This greenhouse film was shipped to me very quickly. I finally got weather conditions right to install it this past weekend. The film looked and worked great. The day after installation, it sustained wind gusts of nearly 50 mph with no problems. I am very pleased with the product so far. I could probably give a better review in 3 or 4 years after I see how well it holds up, but we are off to a great start.
  • 6mil 40x75 cover
    This is an asome product I would definitely purchase another after my worinty expires ... Megastore your asome thanks
  • products and services
    6 mil plastic has lasted for a long time,still in use with wear and tear. all products: good prices,good service by good people!
  • Distributes light very well!
    6ml is great, yes it is not completely clear but that is a great thing! It is very bright in my greenhouse and condensation beads up and rolls off! Great product!! I've only had it up for a couple of weeks but so far so great!
  • Poly Film
    The roll of poly was exactly as expected, it came right on time and in perfect condition. I am well pleased with the product! :)
  • 6 mil greenhouse film
    The film arrived on time and in good condition with the exception of the first foot or so on the roll, which had a few cuts. These looked as if they were made as it came off the machine to be cut. Would order from this company again.
  • Excellent product
    Ecellent quality and product for back yard hoop house covering against the elements of seasonal weather
  • Great product
    Your products are always as advertised and arrive in a timely manor. Thanks. Very good place to purchase greenhouse supplies.
  • Great Product
    Great service Great Product What can I say? Just Great!
  • UV plastic sheeting
    Just what I needed, works great. fast service
  • purchaser
    Although a bit early to judge, (less than a month) a good product thus far.
  • Quality product
    I ordered this material to cover an existing greenhouse. My order arrived in only a few days and was securely wrapped. Installation was a breeze and I am impressed with the quality so far. I was pleasantly surprised with the clarity of the material.
  • 6m poly greenhouse film
    Great price, quick delivery, but there was a tear on my product going through multiple layers on the corner of the roll.
  • Greenhouse Film
    Used the greenhouse film to solarize raised garden beds. Been on for a couple of months in the Florida sun with temperatures up to 140 degrees under the film. So far, the film has held up well with no problems.
  • good quality
    Perfect for keeping the rain out of my pergola.
  • Great Product
    We have used this for recovering our greenhouse. I have purchased this before and I have to say that this is the longest lasting plastic we have ever used. We are very pleased with the quality and endurance/long lasting quality.
  • Had softball size hole !!
    I had a softball size hole in the middle of my plastic!! Beside the hole was a black plastic plug that looked melted? Idk ? I just taped on another piece over hole !!!
  • Best product to protect!
    This film is the best for protecting your vegetables, especially if the nights can still get cold like they do here in Washington. Lets light filter through very well. I would not be without this product.
  • hot house plastic
    so far so good .fast service . thanks
  • Great Deal on Poly
    The 6 mil poly is tough but easy to work with. So far it has stood up to wind and rain. I will review again in the spring to let people know how it deals with MN winters. Great Deal shipped to my house on Wednesday and order it on Saturday night!!
  • Great Material - Two Questions
    I love this film. I have some of this film still going strong after 8 years in the hot west Texas sun. Questions:Recently, I received a batch of film that is completely clear, verses the milky translucent film i am used to. Is this film defective ?The tranparency is neat HOWEVER it is no substitute for longevity. I need input before i sell to my customers. Also, Can this film be recycled ???These 2 questions withstanding, This film has been amazing and I plan to use much more in the future.
  • Excelent!
    This product is very good! Clear, strong.
  • Very Durable Plastic
    This Plastic is much better than I expected. The thickness is not the best you sell, but what I could afford. With that said, I used it to make a cover over my tomato plants due to a lot of rain and wind here.
  • Greenhouse Plastic
    Arrived in a timely manner. Easy to work with. Will determine how it holds up to the wind, snow, and sun.
  • Tuff Stuff!
    3 years in the Arizona sun and counting!
  • Great Stuff
    Quick Ship. Arrived as advertised. A great improvement for my little greenhouse in the backyard!
  • Great Product
    Perfect fit very tuff made my homemade greenhouse look like a million dollars. Thanks
  • Good stuff
    This is the best film I can find. If my new puppy had not eaten an 8' hole in the greenhouse, the 5 year old film would still be good.
  • Greenhouse plastic
    Very happy with greenhouse covering.
  • Great Film.
    I covered my greenhouse with your standard plastic in 2009 and I am replacing it now in 2016. Great stuff! Love it.
  • Olcamacho
    Build my first greenhouse for my seedings for the upcoming Spring and product was very well crafted and easy to cut to my dimensions
  • Great greenhouse film
    Needed this to replace plastic in shed window frames. Should last much longer than regular hardware store films. Liked the smaller size available and total cost.
  • ILR
    This is really great stuff. I used it to cover our 7x8 greenhouse, and it is SOOO much better than the cheapie best quality stuff you can get at the home improvement stores. It's much heavier, you can see through it a lot better (which no doubt the plants really love), and it has an amazing 4 year warranty. If it even lasts 2 years down here in the Arizona sun, I'll be thrilled. I was changing out the old stuff every six months. Very happy with this purchase!
  • Great item
    Easy to put up and install I'm very pleased will be purchasing again in near future
  • 6 mil plastic
    Have no problem with basic quality of product. Not happy that transparency is significantly poorer than Green-Tek previously purchased
  • Greenhouse covering
    Great product . was worried it would be hard to handle . Turned out to be easy to handle and very forgiving . Had no tears staples hold it well will you work it rinkles cone out as you gently work it . great service from the dealer would buy again .
  • Leaks!
    The good: There was more than 55 feet of materialThe bad: found a half a dozen small tears, so much for being waterproof. Not real happy
  • Great product
    Used this product to wrap my back porch and protect all my large outdoor plants. It was easy to handle and does a great job of keeping the cold out. And we installed it so we could easily remove it in the spring and reuse for several more years
  • So Far So Good
    This polyethylene plastic was about the same price as what Lowes had, yet much better quality. I'm glad I did the research. Lesser plastic sheeting (aforementioned) degrades in a year or less. The sheeting from you guys has a four year guarantee! The key is the polyethylene. Get this stuff. It's better. I'd give a 5, but I've only had it for a month or so. The six mil is nice and strong for a structure-greenhouse- cover. Now, if I could just keep the wind from blowing it off!!
  • First time greenhouse builder
    shipped very fast. product exactly as described...measurements are exact. would order again.
  • Not 'Clear' but Frosted
    Thought I was buying clear plastic sheeting. Upon arrival I discovered it was not so clear. More like frosted glass. Disappointed. Had to by real clear plastic sheeting from ACE Hardware at additional expense.
  • Not clear
    I ordered this to cover my porch windows for the winter here in Pennsylvania. I specifically looked for clear so I was able to see thru it like a window. However it is NOT clear you cannot see thru it at all and it is very opaque. So I am disappointed and could not use it to cover my porch windows.
  • Plastic
    Love the plastic for the hoop house, however packing could have been better. Received roll with several deep cuts through the first few layers. Had to use it anyway, no time to return and get labor to help to put it up were there. Just had to tape and move on!
  • Great Buy!
    Bought this about a month ago, just placed it on my cattle panel greenhouse a week and a half ago. Went up very quickly and I love the nearly clear see through plastic!
  • great green house plastic
    Best Plastic on the market, for our climate. So far this fall we have had freezing temps, and some snow. We are still eating our tomatos, and the plants are still producing green tomatos.
  • Shipping damage
    I am very happy with the quality of the film, received it quickly via UPS. but it was rolled up and bent in half and had worn two holes in it about 1 1/2 where they had dragged it around, during shipping I suppose, I didn't notice it until I unrolled it three weeks later.
  • Greenhouse plastic
    Very prompt service. Well pleased.
  • Great stuff
    Competent customer service and prompt delivery.
  • Greenhouse film
    Very happy with the quality and worked great.
  • Greenhouse plastic
    My order came fast and was exactly what it said it was
  • Greenhouse film
    Product was wrapped, shipped, and received with no problems. Used it for removable windows on our greenhouse. Product is strong, cat climbed up one window and it didn't rip, just tiny claw markes poked through. Very happy with product.
  • Greenhouse plastic
    We just got the greenhouse put up. The plastic works great.This is the second plastic cover that we have bought from you. It does last 4 years. Although it did yellow abit. Thank you for the easy ordering and fast delivery.
  • Nice plastic
    We ordered 2 rolls of the same size. The rolls appeared to be different sizes when delivered but when unrolled were correct...just rolled differently. Plastic is nice and heavy yet clear and is protecting our plants nicely. We are using the plastic with PVC hoops covered with white felt strips.
  • 6 mil film
    the best thing I liked about the film was its pre-cut size, rather than ordering a specific cut size. I ordered a larger one than I needed to have enough leftovers for another project.
  • good plastic
    seems to do its purpose, durable, I like it and would get another one once in need
  • Green house cover
    Product (green house clear plastic ) showed up timely, but was not happy with three holes I found and had to cover with tape.
  • Best Poly Film Out There
    There's no limit to the ways you can use this poly film. Most commonly it would be on a greenhouse structure, but I've used it to kill grass, warm soil, create mini-cold frames, cover windows, etc. It's nice to just have a roll around in case you need it! Very durable and long lasting, it will puncture but it takes a beating to do it.
  • Great Service
    Thanks for sending so quickly and the 6 mil plastic was certainly cut to my order. Thanks.
  • Can't go wrong
    If you want to start with a small greenhouse, that WILL PRODUCE..this is want you need to get. I finally planted something that did not die!
  • 5 star quality!
    I purchased this plastic for my diy greenhouse project a couple of months ago. We are in the middle of a cold spell that has been from 8-18 degrees. I walked into my UNHEATED greenhouse yesterday morning to 78 degrees with it being 18 degrees outside. I can't say enough great things about this plastic!
  • Great product, but buy the next step up if you can
    Having taken a workshop from an extension agent that specialized in season-extending structures, his advice on buying plastics was that you are better off spending the extra money for the reinforced plastic because it will last so much longer. Holes and tears do not increase in size in reinforced plastic, whereas in un-reinforced plastic they travel unhindered. Had I taken the class earlier... Though we did have 50 mph winds and temps in the single digits and though the plastic came undone, it did not tear, so it is durable.
  • Clear Greenhouse plastic
    I bought this plastic to fix a potential disaster. The roof on my aquaponic greenhouse was failing right as winter started. The plastic I bought far exceded my expectations. We installed it and so far (only been a month) it is functioning perfectly and I don't expect it will disapoint me.
  • So far, so good
    Prompt shipping, product arrived as promised. The installation was easy enough. Product only been on the greenhouse a month but appears that it will hold up well.
  • Works great
    Great product, very strong. I had a roof rafter break in a wooden greenhouse and water pooled about 100 gallons. It held up until I drained it and fixed the rafter.
  • Grenhouse plastic sheeting
    Great quality product and easy to install. Only just installed this year, but I am very satisfied so far.
  • Perfect film
    The best plastic film I ever had
  • Good service and product
    Very fast delivery. Great product.
  • Roll Plastic for greenhouse
    Hail damaged my polycarbonate So since we cant come up with big bucks to completely replace the plastic cover will help for now!
  • 6 mil plastic
    The plastic arrived on time, however, the first 3 feet of the 25 foot roll had numerous slits in it where the roll had been cut to length. I had to use packing tape to cover the slits. Most disappointing.
  • Amazingly strong
    I am not sure what I was expecting, being the first time to buy something like that.I was plesantly surprised how strong the film was!It is a great product.
  • 6mil Greenhouse Plastic
    This is the second time I have used this plastic for a greenhouse cover. The first time around the plastic lasted over 2 years and withstood large hail, ice, snow, 100 degree heat etc. I highly recommend!
  • greenhouse plastic
    Just got this so I can'tcomment on durability, but the construction and fit is excellent. I am very pleased.
  • owner
    Great film! strong, very clear!
  • Branding printed all over this sheeting...
    When I purchased this item, I was not informed that the company branding was printed every 2 feet...!! We purchased it as a test as we supply quite a few clients with this type of product, but brand free...!! We won't be purchasing again...!!
  • Greenhouse plastic longevity
    I was very impressed and surprised that this plastic has survived the Arizona sun for over 5 years. There are a couple of small tears on the roof, but the sides are still in great shape.
  • year round hoop house
    The perfect green house film for year round Gardening. I started to build hoop houses for myself 5 years ago ....first used cheap Lowe's plastic ! And this stuff disintegrated into 1Mill pieces in a season. So I looked for better products and I found this site! The 6 mil clear film holds up very nicely and is still good after some winters with snow on top and wind blowing the sheets of off the PVC frame......this is annoying but does not destroy the plastic....I can just build it back up with the clips I made myself as well.Now I make lots of hoop houses and raised bed covers and sell them ! I would recommend it to a friend!
  • simple gardener
    The plastic was better than I expected sent in a sleeve that I can store it in for further use. I have a small green house and the size I ordered fit perfectly. I can again use it as it damaged from age. The temperature holds even on cold days. Very satisfied with purchase.
  • Very happy with this product
    We built our own greenhouse and we purchased this film. We where so satisfied with the quality and we were very glad that the large stamps were on it to mark the inside of the film. It was very easy to manage the cutting and unfolding of the film.
  • 75x20 6mil
    Although SunMaster by FarmTek is visibly more clear (yet advertised same clarity) I am very pleased with this product. This was slightly cheaper and very nice overall
  • 100x32 6mil
    Great product. The plastic is visibly less clear than FarmTek plastic even though both are advertised the same percent clarity. This was slightly cheaper than SunMaster, so still very pleased
  • 7 Mil Poly
    Installed easily over felt tape, hopefully it will hold up to Warrenty.
  • Greenhouse wrap
    I've tried other greenhouse wraps but the sun really does a number on the wrap and unfortunately begins to deteriorate. This wrap I've used once before and will last a good 5 years.
  • Great Product
    Very easy to install. Hope it will last long.
  • Where's the printing?
    It was supposed to have printing on it so I could tell which way faces out.It does not!!
  • Greenhouse Plastic
    I just love the way my greenhouse looks. I also made a hoop house for my tomato plants and the plastic keeps it so warm inside.. After doing much research I found that the Greenhouse Megastore is the best place for price and quality products. I would highly recommend this company to all my friends and even to my UPS driver!! He asked me about what I ordered when he delivered my greenhouse plastic and I told him all about the Greenhouse Megastore and even gave him the info so he could order some plastic and other gardening supplies. Thanks Greenhouse Megastore for making my greenhouse awesome!!!
  • good product
    This plastic film is strong, clear and resists tearing. It is suitable for greenhouse covering. Hopefully it will last for years.
  • Does the job
    I bought this to cover several PVC hoop houses in my garden. the product is really heavy and has done a great job of protecting my peppers and tomatoes and keeping them warm. I have only been using 1 month so cannot speak to the durability. the only downside is I was told that the plastic should not come in contact with PVC so I have wrapped the PVC with cloth which is difficult to manage. When I talked to Greenhouse they suggested painting the PVC. Haven't tried that yet.
  • Time tested plastic film
    I purposely waited over a year to review the 6 mil UV greenhouse film to better experience its durability. I used it to cover the plastic panels on an inexpensive Harbor Freight greenhouse since those panels are prone to deterioration. After well over a year in California's blistering Central Valley sun, the film and panels are holding up admirably. I would definitely use it again.
  • great stuff
    holding up great in wind like it a lot . will buy again.
  • Great Customer Service
    I recently purchased a greenhouse cover for one of my tunnels through the Greenhouse Megastore. When my order arrived at my home, it was damaged during shipping (no fault of the Greenhouse Megastore). I called them to let them know about the damage, and within a few days I received a new poly cover, and UPS picked up the damaged cover for return. I will do more business with the Greenhouse Megastore in the future. It's hard to find a big retailer that backs up promises that they make, but the Greenhouse Megastore does exactly that. I couldn't ask for a better ending to a bad situation that I thought would put me behind with my spring planting schedule. Thank you Aneita from customer service and the Greenhouse Megastore that I'm very happy with my purchase.
  • thin film
    Less cost than other hoop house films, this is our 3rd replacement. Seems thinner as well, 6 mil should be 6 mil but already noticed a hole poked through at the ground level.
  • Good shipping
    Quality of the plastic is very good. Price was great in comparison. Highly recommend. I have found my source.
  • Great Stuff
    I don't know of a better product for a greenhouse. It's great.
  • Clearer than SunSelector or any Ethylene
    By far the most clear low-cost Polyetheline including SunSelector, Warp Bros., etc. Not as clear as vinyl or polycarbonate film of course but you might find they are not necessary, or you might layer this on top of them to increase insulation and double the life of more expensive films by reducing UV exposure. (I am going to order some 3 mil for inner layers in the hope that it is even clearer. The 3 mil is only a 3-year overwintering film but if beneath 2-3 layers of 6 mil the inner layers should greatly outlast the outer layers. But the 3 mil is a different manufacturer so look for my review there after I check if it is more clear or not.)
  • Mrs.
    I first installed the 6 mil standard clear greenhouse film in October of 2008 on a 24' wide x 48' long x 12' high hoop style greenhouse. After almost 5 1/2 years, the film is just starting to crack only where the film was folded from the factory. This film was exposed to several years of drought, 100 + F temperatures, full Texas sun and cats climbing up one side of the greenhouse and down the other. The film did not fail at the puncture marks made by kitty claws. (duct tape works wonders) I ordered the same film again in 2014 and it is still at the same great price!
  • Beware!!!
    I recently purchased a roll of 6 mil Standard Clear Greenhouse Film as a winter cover for my screen porch windows, and what they don't tell you - and don't show anywhere on the website pictures - is that the manufacturer's logo is printed in big green letters right down the middle of the entire roll! Before I ordered online I talked to a live operator for some info and told them my plans - you'd think they would have mentioned it! And then after delivery when I called with my concerns, the operator didn't know anything about the printed logo, had to check with a sales rep to tell me that's just the way it was and there was nothing they could do about it, and then she hung up on me! Very poor customer service, would not do business again with this company -
  • Happy
    Good Quality and delivered quickly.
  • greenhouse film
    Great quality and wonderful delivery time.
  • Green house plastic
    I am still building my green house so I have not used your product yet
  • Works Great
    I find this film to be awesome, received them very fast, I'm in IL. great PRICES, fast shipping and quality items. Viva GreenHouse Megastore!
  • Greenhouse plastic
    I was a little upset with the condition that the plastic was in after I unwrapped it. the plastic had several holes from shipping. I was able to use the damaged areas for the first layer. Also the clarity of the plastic was not as clear as plastic in the past.
  • Exactly what I ordered in a timely manner
    I have been completely satisfied with everything I have ordered from Greenhouse Megastore. Everything has been shipped correctly and in a timely manner.
  • Mr
    Have had this plastic up for a year now, and just did a pre winter inspection of my 10 x 14 hobby greenhouse and in all honesty I must say this plastic looks just the same as the day I installed it well with the exception of a little dust and dirt that washed right off . I live in SE North Carolina. We have blazing hot summers and many summer thunder storms, this has held up just fine. I have no problem believing that this will last the whole warranty and when the time comes to replace the plastic Ill definatly use the same stuff.Is really nice to find something that is what it says it is.
  • home owner
    living in the panhandle of florida, this film easily passes the UV test. I do use shade cloths in the summer. lasted for the whole warranty ! Used repair tape and recycled old film for another project. Great sizes for a fair price.
  • Heavy, as planned for
    We installed this on a frame above raised beds. This 6 mil feels strong and appears that it will protect the winter veggies and conserve the soil beneficials from the (hoped for) large amounts of rain this winter.
  • Consumer
    Good product. Stronger and tougher than I expected. It would have been helpful to find some indication of the orientation of the plastic on the roll. I unrolled it the wrong way and found it awkward to reposition on top of 9 ft PVC hoops.
  • Greenhouse plastic sheeting
    Ideal product at a very competitive price. Durable, resists tears, and lasts for years in direct sunlight. This is my second use of this product.
  • Greenhouse plastic
    Great plastic! I have a small hobby high-tunnel that I call a greenhouse and this plastic worked very well for it. My initial attempt at the high-tunnel was made using white sheet plastic from the hardware store. It worked very well but the UV cracked it in 6 months and then a wind storm popped it open. I installed this plastic and the one thing I really like is that it's clear! You can see outside when you're inside the greenhouse. :)
  • good stuff no complaints
    used this along with furring strips to create some greenhouses. no complaints still strong after 1 year.
  • Hoop House Cover
    Film worked great for our application.
  • owner
    the material is probably good enough but the piece came with some holes in it and the end was not cut square with the length making it a bear to install.
  • Tough Stuff!
    I purchased this 6 mil film to build an office room in my 40' x 60' shop so I could easily have heat and a/c. Used 1 PVC pipes for the frame. Was worried in a number of places where I needed to cut the film at right angles around some beams. Thankfully this stuff is really strong, had no problem at all with any of my cuts tearing when I tightened the film. Great stuff, worth the extra price over what I could get at the big box stores.
  • Jim
    Better that we expected.
  • greenhouse plastic
    Just what I needed & the shipping was extremely fast!!!!
  • Mike
    Super duper ala Peter D Hooper! Great film, let's see how long it lasts
  • Size Matters
    I purchased a 16X25 piece which actually measured quite short. :( When I called, these great folks fixed the problem for me! Offered to recall the order. I opted to buy the next size up (which I should have originally, but didn't see the offering in time!). No use feeding the FedEx guys! Great folks! Great product. Very nice film. It is now out in 35 mph winds this morning doing fine. Thanks!
  • Very good!
    It was my first time building a greenhouse came out pretty good I would recommend buying it, worth the price!
  • Nice.
    Strong film with good light penetrance. Get helping hands while installing. Is what it says it is, does what it says it does.
  • Received smaller size than ordered
    I ordered a 24x25 piece of poly but what I received was a 22x25. It was too small for our greenhouse. Unfortunately we had to use it because we couldn't wait for a replacement to be shipped.
  • Speedy delivery
    It came on time and was well packaged. We have used the greenhouse film on our raised garden bed hoops. This is much better than contractors plastic and we are hoping it will last the 4 years versus a season.
  • Seems like a good product
    Seems durable. I've only had it up a week but it has survived rain and wind already. It is surrounding my patio. It is nice and clear but I wish it did not have the giant green letters all the way across the sheet GreenTEK 10 OCT 12. You could have made it smaller or put it near the edge where I would have the ability to hide it and you could have mentioned or showed it in the product description. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure this will keep the wind an rain off me and all my cats when I am outside so thanks for that.
  • Great speed
    I ordered the 6 mil 12'X55' roll of plastic and it showed up 4 days later!
  • green house
    Quick Delivery, high quality, high end product. exactly what I was looking for and at a perfectly affordable price. Would recommend this to anyone with green house projects in the future.. would purchase again from this seller in a heart beat.. Excellent.. +++++AAAAA
  • John
    Fast Shipping Great Service. Just what we needed to start our little greenhouse
  • Robert
    Came in excellent condition. Using it on a high tunnel and works well so far.
  • greenhouse film
    This is exactly what weneed for the greenhouse.It is tough and durable.
  • 6 mil poly
    I have used this product for 12 years. It never fails to last the 4 years as advertised. Washing it periodically with oxyclean does extend the life of the product.
  • nice quality thick stuff
    good thick heavy duty stuff used on a custom greenhouse.
  • Excellent product
    I've only given it a 4 because it is UV protected and supposed to be good for 4 yrs. Very strong, not too many wrinkles, went on easily. We'll see if it holds up in NM (7,000 ft.) UV!
  • Great Stuff!
    I've placed my second order today after using the film on the greenhouse for a year as a test. I wasn't sure about this produce but it's proved to be great. Much better than I've used in the past - no rips or tears and it's held up to very strong winds. Had I known it was that great, I'd ordered it larger and made a bigger Greenhouse to start with. Now,I need another greenhouse for all the plants! I loved the fast shipping from your company last year. Therefore, I wouldn't think of buying it from anyone else. Thank You for the great product and all your great customer service.
  • Works great
    I just put up a 20x40 high tunnel on a home made frame using this film. It went up easily, compensated for the oddities of the homemade structure and easily took a good tension. Nice tough material, easy to work with. Very happy with choice. it let me get up a high tunnel at a good price.
  • greenhouse film
    product and delivery was great
  • Delivered quick, Good price
    The greenhouse film was delivered quickly and at a good price. After checking the size I found it 3 inches short on the width. Instead of being 20ft wide it was 19'9 which does not seem like much unless you have a 20'x20' greenhouse which I need every inch of plastic to cover. I am hoping to splice in a few inches to make up the difference.
  • 6 mill clear
    I was very excited to receive my cover for my little hoop house! The best thing is it came in a length that I requested and did not have to order more than I needed!!! Saves $$$.
  • good job greenhouse
    quick service and the product is working well so far.
  • 6mil greenhouse plastic
    We're very satisfied with this product. The plastic we had used in the past, from HD, Lowes, etc. has changed in the last year or so and is now very opaque and brittle and didn't even make it through one winter! But this product is much clearer and more supple and is holding up just fine!
  • Clearer Plastic
    I opened the box and cut a small piece off to compare it next to the cheap plastic I bought from the Big Box store. To check it for transparency against the Chinese clear plastic. I just kept adding layers of the plastic that I purchased here until I had 3 layers which equaled the Chinese junk. It is higher but so much clearer. You know the saying: You get what you pay for. I wish I had found this plastic sooner. Thanks.
  • Yup, it's plastic
    Not much to say. It's plastic and light shines thru. It does just what it's supposed to. Shipping was excellent.
  • Patio Green House
    Pucrchase this material for a green house that we made for the patio to 'store' our outdoor plants in during the winter. This film is strong enough for our needs and will easy to cut and install. The delivery was extremely fast and product arrived earlier than I was expecting.
  • greenhouse plastic
    The product was shipped promptly and in the correct length, width and density. The clear 6ml plastic was easy to cut and install. The protected enclosure is working well even after several hard freezes. I am pleased with the purchase.
  • Very good? UV?
    Product was delivered on time and seem to be as specified. I say seems because I bought it for its UV properties. Only time and exposure to sunlight will tell. Otherwise it is as described. However the companies service was very good.
  • Susan
    It looks great now, I will know how well it holds up after a few years. The company was great to work with. My item arrived very promptly.
  • Homestead Hill Farm
    Very fast shipping. Price was good and it was packaged well. This is the first time I've used this plastic, so the jury is out as to how well it will hold up. But my first impressions are that it is as good as the Tufflite I've used for years.
  • A little spring in the Winter
    I bought this hoping to protect my vegetables I planted in the fall from frost. This film is strong and clear and transmit the sunlight very well. Now it is December in Cleveland OH, I still can harvest fresh salad greens from my backyard greenhouse. I am so happy to have this.
  • Very nice film sent fast
    Very nice quality, heavy film. Shipped quickly & met all expectations.
  • clear greenhouse film
    It was just what i needed in the right size with a bit of oversize which I greatly appreciated. thanks for the timely deliver
  • excellent service
    Just wanted to write a small note. My order was delivered very fast and was exactly as I wanted it. Thank you for the efficient service.
  • greenhouse film, 6mil.
    seems very good, easy to work with,see how long it last, just put it up. price was great, got here right away.
  • Clear Greenhouse Film, 6 mil
    This film is strong and very easy to work with. It is so clear that we can see into the greenhouse from across the property. Very good value for the price. Would highly recommend.
  • My Hoop House
    Perfect, thank you!!!
  • quality clear film
    The clear film is a quality product that was easy to install. I have used this product in the past with great success.
  • Stock Clear Greenhouse Film, 6mil
    The greenhouse film went up with no problems and has held up nicely. The film has survived hurricane Sandy's winds here in North Carolina. I think it is a little early to evaluate the over all performance of the film. I have only had it approximately 1 month and it supposed to last for 4 years.
  • Quick
    Was here in 3 days. Just what I wanted,good quality,fast service,whats not to like? The price wasn't bad either.
  • best clear greenhouse film
    it is very good greenhouse film 5mm. I love it.
  • great service
    Great customer service. Wrong product was shipped and their customer service was great. Will order again. Thank You! Great products too.
  • Cear Greenhouse film 6mil
    Received quickly and as ordered. Easy to work with as the dimensions were exact as ordered. thanks
  • Stock clear greenhouse film, 6 mil
    Good quality. Easy to work with.
  • Great product
    This greenhouse plastic seems very strong and was very easy to work with! Just completed a week ago but so far so good!
  • hoop haus plastic
    so far, it seems like pretty good stuff. not too hard to install. (it's our first home-made hoop haus.) price seemed good, crossed fingers on the 4 yr life span.
  • Daryl
    I was very happy. Fast service and the optional sizes you had to choose from was great..I have it on my garden right now,and without it my plants would be frozen or dead, but with it on my tomatoes are still ripening..Thank youDaryl
  • owner
    Product arrived just as oromised and the product was exactly as advertised. We have installed the plastic but will have to wait to determine durability. Atpresent it seems like a very good product. Thanks
  • Owner
    So far so good. Hasn't been in place over a month but seems just fine. A lot tougher than what I'd had before.
  • Ripped / split within 2 weeks
    I don't have much to compare it to. Installed it two weeks ago. Normal winds since then, nothing significant. Went out this morning to find that it had split on a fold and ripped perpendicular to the fold. Will be contacting customer service for warranty information on Monday. Fortunately, it's in the part below the locking channel so if worst comes to worst I can put in a second run of film on top of it for not too much money.
  • Is Green-Tek GT4, not DuraFilm 4
    Timely shipping and a great price! However, specs on the site provided DuraFilm 4 documentation (which is good stuff -had it before), but I received Green-Tek GT4. Researching GT4 looks like it is similar product, but it is not DuraFilm 4. I'm just hoping it performs as well. Bit disappointed product brand was switched.
  • Third Year
    I installed the 6 mil clear on a pyramid shaped wooden greenhouse in April 2010. Living in Colorado Springs with lots of sunshine, I didn't think any low cost film could survive for four years without cracking. My film is doing fine going through this third growing season. In July 2012, hail larger than golf balls struck my greenhouse! Large dents were formed in the plastic, but no punctures or damage to plants. This film is still pliable today. I fully expect this standard clear 6 mil film to last at least four years. This hail storm caused $13,000 damage to my house and broke both my vehicle windshields and decimated my outdoor garden. Only the plants under the film survived.
  • Good stuff
    I use this film on the sides of my self-built greenhouse. I have had this same film for the full 4 year rating and it is still going strong. That is why I ordered more when I expanded my greenhouse this spring.
  • Janice
    Very sturdy. Works well. Needing a quick greenhouse, I used pvc pipe hoops held in place by rebar stuck in the ground. With cool nights and hot days, I hold plastic in place with clamps (plastic spring clamps for wood) and easily unclamp plastic to flip it back during the day so my tomato plants don't cook.
  • Looks good
    This looks like pretty durable plastic. I have no dought of its claim to lasting 4 years. Product came quick hope to put it together in a few weeks for winter greenhousing.
  • none
    Your products is very good. Thank you
  • Held up good in the wind so far
    Has held up better than plastics that cost 4 times as much through Farmtek. Has been super windy and miserably hot but the plastic seems to be of good quality. I will be buying all my greenhouse goods through this site now.
  • Standard clear greenhouse film 6 mil
    good transaction. Very fast shipping. Easy to work with.Just the wife and I to install it and we're in our seventies!
  • Linda
    We've been using the plastic sheeting for 3-4 months now for our garden, and it seems very durable.
  • untitled
    The only issue I had was that there was printing the whole length of the plastice and don't know how to get rid of it.Any suggestions?
  • UV plastic sheeting
    So far so good, exactly what I ordered and arrived promptly. I will know in 4 years if it stands up to the weather.
  • Osburn
    I give it a 4 because it is very rugged and installed on my 20 x 40 greenhouse roof in two days with just two people. It's too soon to know how well it will hold up the the intense UV at 4000 ft. elevation. If it lasts 4 years then I would give it a 5.
  • Greenhouse poly
    I've only had this greenhouse plastic up for a month or so, but so far it is withstanding the high winds we get very nicely.
  • 6 ml greenhouse film
    just put it up 5 14 12. I put it on alone I was impressed how easy it was to handle. so far very satisfied.
  • Great Value!
    Great value for the money. Super quick delivery. We'll see how long the film lasts.
  • owner
    fast delivery, this is the second time i've order plastic from this company. great product.
  • Greenhouse Film
    The product was fantastic. But it took quite a while to get it. The first shipment got lost. Then had to be reshipped. The person my husband talked to was very friendly and helpful. So all ended up good.
  • Standard Clear Greenhouse Film
    works well
  • greenhouse plastic roofing
    I have only had it on my greenhouse for a few months but so far so good. We had a heavy wind,rain with hail and it shood up to it all. See how it does next year it is warrentied for 4 yrs. I would recommend this product. Great price also if you look around
  • Standard Clear Greenhouse Film, 6mil Review
    I would like to say it was a pleasure doings business with greenhousemegastore. They fulfilled my shipment faster than expected and the plastic was sent protected and well packed. Very heavy. Plastic is very clear, better than the old plastic we had and seems to be of good quality. We have had it up now for about a month and with our high winds, it is holding up. Again. Customer service was great. Thanks and I would buy from them again.
  • Greenhouse Plastic
    The film was easy to work with. I put it on a 32 foot greenhouse by myself, seems like very good Quality. I work in the plastic blown film industry and I know what problems can occur. Thank you for a good product.
  • Garden Film
    Installed the film over our large concrete bed to serve as a soil and plant warmer as well as a deer fence. Worked well with the clips and PVC pipe to create a large tunnel.
  • Purchase of Greenhouse Plastic
    Arrived quickly, works well and meets expectations
  • Excellent website
    great product...used the 6 ml plastic to cover a green house...will shop here again when needed.
  • Greenhouse film
    Very pleased so far! We were tired of the hardware store film. This is proving to be far better. We are in the first season with this film so we shall see if the 4 years is in it!!!
  • Byron
    The 4 year Greenhouse Film worked well.
  • so far so good
    Material came well packed and ready to unroll. SO far so good.I wish the protective outer plastic shipping wrap had some kind of pull tab to remove it. Cutting it off without accidentally cutting the greenhouse film was a trick task.
  • So far, so good...
    Using this to cover a self-built 10' x 15' greenhouse (hoop-house style). It's clearer than the 6mil painter's plastic I had that decomposed in the UV light after a year. It's only been up about a month, so I'm yet to see if it lasts as long as it says it does. But the price is exceptional. I'll write a follow-up review in a few years if it doesn't hold up to expectations.
  • 4 Year Greenhouse Film
    Great stuff, Covered my greenhouse with temp's in the low 30's and it was still soft and stretched on perfectly.
  • Plastic Greenhouse Film
    Great product. Lasted 4 years, as advertized. Delivery was prompt. This was my second order---nuff said?
  • Green House Film
    This was my first experience with Greenhouse Megastore. I ordered 4 year greenhouse film and am so far very pleased with the product. It arrived very quickly after I ordered it online. The film is a good, heavy grade which so far has stood up perfectly to several Texas wind storms and the hot Texas sun.
  • excellent product
    Packaging was wonderful, product is great. My greenhouse looks wonderful with this covering.
  • 4 year greenhouse film
    haven't gone through any hard weather or snows as of yet. will write again after some experience
  • Roll up Partition
    Product arrived in a timely fashion. Was exactly what I hoped it would be. Needed to create insulative wall in one third of a three-car garage so that I was heating only the area that I worked in. It had to roll up for adequate ventilation because I use lead solder. It works. I am still alive and warm. Thank you.
  • Good quality
    Shipping was fast. The quality is good so far.Held up to a pretty good wind.
  • Greenhouse Film
    I like the thickness of the film. I'm not sure how much better it works yet, because I haven't received the electric bill for this month yet. It took a VERY long time to get to us, so we had the snap clamps weeks before the film. And of course it showed up when it had already gotten cold. Oh well!
  • Greenhouse plastic
    I am using Greenhouse plastic to winterize my patio plants. I put my plants on a plastic bookshelf and covered it with plastic. Since doing that, we have had below freezing temps and the plants are dong great. Its thick durable plastic and my dogs have left it alone!!!
  • 4 Year Greenhouse Film
    This is a good product. It came on a roll, is much thicker than the regular plastic that you can buy at your local hardware store, and it is much easier to work with too. While using this type of material, my greenhouse feels cooler than the regular plastic but it will last much longer.
  • greenhouse film
    It was so easy to apply and we thought it would be difficult since our greenhouse is homemade.
  • greenhouse film
    This is the second time I have purchesed this product. Very happy frist time. Second time the film was a lot less transparent. This I could live with. The problem is they put ther name all down the middle of film. This in two inch lettering. When looking at film around greenhouse I don't like looking at adverstivement. I want peace in greenhouse not to be bombarded with the outside world. Frist purchest is still fine after 2 years in arizona heat.
  • 4 year Greenhouse Film
    My order was received on time and securely packaged for shipment. The 4 yr. greenhouse film was strong and flexible and covered our small greenhouse without a rip or tear. Thank you.
  • Better than expected
    This is the best I have ever used. The service was prompt and the product was as advertised.
  • fisrt time
    Well its my first time buying industrial greenhouse plastic so far so good just have to see how long it last.
  • Looks good so far
    Just installed the 4year 6mil clear. Material FEELS quality compared with the 6mil poor quality stuff at Home Depot, Jerrys, and Lowes. Installed well, will see if it really is a 4year plastic.
  • 4mil plastic
    Handles high heat from stand up heaters if not aimed at. Wooops. Great stuff highly recommended.
  • COOL
    I think this stuff will work out just fine. It has a LOT of stretch and it's quite clear. Can't wait for winter now!
  • green house plastic
    We recently order some greenhouse plastic and when we opened it the plastic had a big hole in the outer layer of the plastic from damage from shipping. The rest of the plastic was fine and cut to specs.
  • keepercritterlady
    Greenhouse film is great, went through two hailstorms with no damage in first 2 weeks! Seems a very reliable product.
  • 4 year greenhouse film
    This is a real rugged plastic. It withstood a severe winter last year in Maine, as the one we used the year before ripped completely off. Hope it gets us throught another winter. Will let you know.
  • green house covers
    this is great material, I would recommend it highly to anyone needing to make a cover for a temp or perminant green house.
  • seems to be working
    that 4 year film seems to be good stuff.the winds here in the spring can persist for days. it did well surviving that.i think its amazing how tight that film gets at night and earlie morning
  • Greenhouse Film
    Very pleased with how quickly the film arrived. The film has held up through 2 hefty storms so far. My plants are growing nicely! Thanks
  • 4 Year greehouse film
    Film was ship to me very fast, but mesuarment were off and film was wrinkled which i'm sure will shorten life of a film. Will try to buy one more time.
  • Easy to work with
    When it comes to plastic for greenhouse covering, this can't be beat. Very tough, flexible, and easy to install..
  • do it yourselfer
    It was exactly what I needed....however there was a slight damage but it was near the end so no problem..would be nice if a foot or 2 extra just in case of damage during shipping..will see how long it will last.
  • Durable
    My greenhouse has been through several strong storms and the plastic is holding up very well. It also helps to have a well designed greenhouse. I will be building a 2nd greenhouse with this material.
  • Home owner
  • 4-year greenhouse film
    This product was easy to work with and was pretty durable. It did have some small pin holes once we were finished installing it, but hopefully those won't cause any issues. The plants are growing nicely and we're hoping for a good harvest this year. Good product.
  • it is here
    So far so good. It is here. It has been 0 F the last few days, might be next week before i can get back to the greenhouse.
  • Plastic Film
    It was just what I needed.Easy to cut and work with.
  • Review for 4 Year Greenhouse Film
    I purchased this plastic covering for a geodesic dome greenhouse I had built. It has withstood 2 very severe Oklahoma winters without a single tear. We had over 4 feet of snow in 2 weeks this year and it held up remarkably well. Light transmission is excellent!
  • Great Plastic
    Works Great! I have not had any problems out of this product
  • Greenhouse film
    The product is just what I needed.The size,and quality was perfect.I received the film in good condition , and promptly. Thank you,I will be buying from you in the future.
  • zmefrakis
  • lisa mefrakis
    very good
  • zmefrakis
  • works great
    I have a small greenhouse 10x32 it took less than two hours to put this film on pick a day the wind is not blowing.
  • greenhouse film
    we bought it 3 years ago and it is still holding up great. thanks
  • poly film
    Ehe poly film was everything you said it was. we had no trouble at all installing it the way it was folded made it easy.
  • Excellent Product
    Excellent product. We used the film on the outside of our greenhouse previously and were very pleased. Now we added another layer on the inside and it has helped in reducing our heating costs. The film lasts really good also.
  • CEO
    Arrived as advertised
  • Just Right
    So far I am loving this plastic cover for my low hoop houses. It is very strong and you can see through it which is nice. I plan on ordering more!
  • New greenhouse cover
    This is great for all greenhouses, heavy duty and easy to install. I will definitly buy this again.
  • Greenhouse Plastic
    I bought this item and made a greenhouse out of it. It is a very high quality plastic. It has held up very well. I would recommend this item to many.
  • Great Product at a Great Price
    I really like this material. The west Texas sun turns most other plastics to brittle flakes in a few months. This 4 year green house film is just what i need at the price i need. One thing I would like to know is is it recycleable ? That would make it almost perfect. If it is, it needs a recycle code printed on it. Thanks
  • Best Pricing Ever
    I have looked forever to find a winter cover for our commercial greenhouse that was not out of our budget. I was amazed that the price that Greenhouse Mega Store offer was almost 80% less that any other greenhouse provider. I have told everyone about the bottom prices at Greenhouse Mega Store.
  • Excellent greenhouse film
    I have purchased other film from local stores believing that most film were the same. How wrong I was! As soon as I received this film I knew it was much better. I have a 16' x 16' greenhouse and I ordered film large enough to cover it completely with one sheet, something I could not do with local film. In preparing and installing this film, every aspect of it had a remarkable difference from the other film. The appearance, the feel, and the handling are all superior to any other film I've used. It costs a little more than what I can pay for locally, however it's value is much greater for what you get, and the light transmitted through it makes it almost completely transparent providing the functionality of this film excellent as well. I absolutely recommend this product to others.
  • small price for fun
    put this material on my greenhouse 2 yrs ago and it looks like i just put it on. wife and i have produce inside till Christmas and start new plants in Feb. It has paid for itself already and the wife and i enjoy working in the greenhouse.
  • Great Service and pricing.
    I think this is the best. I got the best service and product from here. I would recommend This place to any one. Also the best pricing I have found.
  • so far
    Time will tell how it holds up..I have tried other film and the weather just rotted it I'm hoping this one will keep going. So far I'm very happy with it.
  • GF-6MC
    I shopped around and this was the best price for this type of greenhouse material. Once I received it I was really pleased because it was heavy duty and worth the price and it is up and working great my tomatoes are already growing like crazy. Thank you
  • greenhouse film is top quality!
    I would recommend this product to anybody, any place, anytime, for any application where plastic is feasible. It is good quality material. We have up to 105 mile an hour winds and this takes the beating very well!
  • great greenhouse covering
    First year using product and am very please with it's performance. Used standard plastic before from home centers and they didn't last long with the climate her in New Mexico. Highly recommended.
  • GF-6MC
  • Very Impressed
    Well I wasn't sure what to expect with this covering. However once I opened up the tube and started to unroll this product my mind began to ease. The installation was a breeze! I was counting on at least a few rips or tears during the installation, but no. I applied this covering to a custom built, wood structured green house, and could not be happier with the results!
  • Greenhouse Film
    Film arrived with no problems, ready to install. Pending break in the weather to install.
  • easy do it yourself cover
    This has made it through one full year on a homemade steel frame green house. has survived 30 mph normal Wyoming winds and up to 80+ gusts. we had a hail storm last fall with golf ball+ size hail and only a few holes in the roof. the sides fared very well. the roof has some round stretch marks but will still serve a few more seasons.
    I shopped around to find the best prices. Greenhouse Megastore beat them all. thank you guys for the great deals
  • GF-6MC
    i recently acquired a greenhouse frame and was in need of plastic. nice to know many sizes come pre-cut and easy to use. always helpful if i decide to expand later.
  • 4Year Greenhouse Film
    I built a 20' x 12' greenhouse from scratch about 5 years again and used the 4 Year Greenhouse Film to cover it with. Just recently I had to reorder the 4 Year Film to replace the covering. I would strongly recommend this product as it exceeded its 4 year life, which makes me a very satisfied customer.
  • perfect
    I built my greenhouse from scratch and wanted a quality covering to match my quality frame. I couldn't be happier! looks and works perfect! Highly recommended.
  • greenhouse plastic
    I ordered this greenhouse plastic. Last year I used Husky 6 mil from hardware store, and it tore in less than a season. I am excited that this will last several season. It shipped to me quickly and I am all ready to start my greenhouse up again. Awesome deal.
  • Excellent Item
    After three years of procrastination I finally finished building our 12 ft x 12 ft x 52 ft metal hoop greenhouse. I found the best price for the film at the Greenhouse Megastore and purchased the stock 32ft wide by 55ft long 6 mil film. The product arrived in nine days from the order date exceptionally well packaged for shipping. My wife and I installed the majority of the film one afternoon, finishing the ends the next day. We found the material to be very easy to work with when pulling taught with no stretching or tearing, but also very easily cut when necessary. The film was also true to size . The material purchased was the minimum size we calculated to cover our entire project and when it was finished we had less than 2 sq ft left over. We were also pleased with the quality and color of the film, clear with just the lightest shade of green tint. We finally have the opportunity to extend our vegetable crop growing season in Montana's unpredictable weather seasons..
  • Best Purchase Ever
    My dad and I bought this plastic for our hobby greenhouse, and it was the best quality and and really good price!!
  • Excellent Greenhouse Film
    This greenhouse was perfect for my wood frame greenhouse! My Dad has built me my first greenhouse ( 8' x 10' x 6'). It is our experiment! The 4yr film was easy to work with and is strong enough to withstand the elements and protect my little plants! In addition, the delivery time was perfect! The film arrived early and allowed my Dad to finish my greenhouse by my birthday!
  • decent purchase
    I bought this film to replace the old one on my mother's small green house. While the product is good, it is thinner and less sturdy than the previous one she used. When securing the ends, the film got easier punctured in a few places. The old one seemed better even after seven years of use. Overall, I am happy to have a shelter for a few plants here in Michigan where winters seem to be longer and longer, but I would also like the old style plastic film.
  • Fast Service / Good Quality
    The last crazy hurricane of the season, Ida, came through and wiped out my small greenhouse. I had to cover another frame fast to save some tropicals from a fast moving cold front. This film came through for me. GHMS shipped it fast and I was able to wrap the whole frame with this film and it is holding up surprisingly well.
  • extremely fast service
    I purchased this film, the sizing was great, the price and shipping were good and I received it in a timely manner. Plus the website was easy to use. I would definitely buy from them again.
  • great product
    The film was exactly as described, nicely packaged, and easy to put on the greenhouse. Great service and the best price after much research.
  • Great greenhouse cover
    This is an excellent product. Have had great success using it on my greenhouses.
  • Quality product
    This is the only film to use. Have had it on a homemade back yard greenhouse for over 4 years and have had no problems at all.
  • Wow! I love it!
    I am soooo happy with my purchase! It was pretty easy to work with (that's for a first timer)...and looks great! Just a couple weeks after we put it on our greenhouse we had tornadoes near by and hail the size of golf balls. The plastic withstood it all. There are only stretch marks from some of the hail. The plastic did seem to loosen up a bit, but I blame that on my novice skills. :D
  • Always trying something new
    I am new to this Greenhouse growing. Built my own backyard greenhouse from my own design, from PVC pipe. It's fantastic FUN. I have learned many things the hard way. Like using cheap film and having the suns UV destroy it before the seasons end. It has cost me more then the difference of the Price of the Good stuff to learn a hard lesson. This film id much clearer, stronger, pliable, and yes more resistant to UV deterioration then regular film. Just no comparison.
  • Excellent Covering
    I purchased this film to use as a second layer of covering over a glass/passive solar greenhouse I built in my back yard. It is an excellent greenhouse covering and was much easier to work with than I expected. The price from Greenhouse Megastore was also the cheapest I could find in the' Net. Highly recommended!
  • Great Deal
    This was delivered to our home and that was very helpful. As you know this is 75 lb. of plastic.
  • Glad I bought it
    I wasn't sure whether to buy this product or not, but decided to go ahead with the purchase. I am very glad I made that decision. We had some very extreme temperature changes and ice formed on the outside and this product held the weight. Also, we had no problem with the temperature in the greenhouse.
  • GF-6MC
  • Absolutely the best!
    We live in So. Oregon and have to deal with extremely unpredictable growing conditions. We've tried many products over the years, but none have matched this. It looks good (important because our crops are visible from the house and we've used some pretty ugly stuff), the translucency is great, and it was really easy to work with. We bought the batting and just used staples to attach the film to our wooden framing. My only complaint was having to use FedEx as a shipper. It was pretty spendy.
  • satisfaction 100%
    My order came in 3 business days! I was delighted to see the quality of this Greenhouse Film. It was better than I had hoped for. It is proving easy to work with. I would highly recommend this product. I also found The International Greenhouse Company to be professional and courteous. Thank you
  • Great Quality & Great Price
    This greenhouse film was of excellent quality and it was available in numerous sizes. I was amazed at how fast I received my order. I placed my order over the phone and everyone was very courteous and helpful.
  • Tough
    this plastic rocks like Elton John. It's stout and holds up in the sun
  • Excellent Product
    This is my third purchase of this product. The most impressive aspect is that I usually get almost 6 years out of it in Utah sun. It is very resistant to punctures and is a superb product. In addition I have put hours on the net looking for the best price for greenhouse supplies. Greenhouse Megastore is much much less expensive than any other source that I have found.
    I have not had a chance to install yet but i can tell you from experience with visquine over the last 5 yrs this is going to stand up well at least for a couple years. I farm in a snow belt and we get regular south winds @ 50 -60 mph visquine will hold up for 1-3mo after that it is trashed. Very impressed with the prompt delivery. P.S. FedEx put a small tear at the very end of the plastic no biggy cause that part will be in the base clamp...
  • Great deal
    Very strong, we've had 30 to 40 mile hour winds on a regular basis and I've no problem with the film ripping
  • Good Solution
    My original greenhouse cover only lasted one season because of UV from the sun. I applied this film over the original, using a bead of glue at each end to secure the film to the structure. A little trimming made the greenhouse as good as new! The four-year warranty insures that I won't have to replace the covering soon.
  • very good covering
    I had put a cover on my greenhouse 2 years ago and it did not last long at all. I,m going to see how long that your cover that I brought will last. It was much easier to work with.
  • What a bargain!
    I'm very thankful to have been steered to your online store. The greenhouse film is superb. It has accelerated growth of my small plants noticeably--even with the onset of winter. T Hanks.
  • Great value and easy to handle
    I've had a 20X20 homemade hoop greenhouse for a couple of years now. After suffering with the one season roll plastic I bought at the local hardware store I decided to spring for the real stuff this season. For the first time I inflated my plastic too. For probably half the money I've spent on the cheap stuff the last two seasons I'm now set with a first rate cover for winter. I can't believe the difference in appearance, and the solidarity of my structure. We had a 50 mile an hour storm blow through right after I installed the plastic and all remained in place without a hitch. It is easy to handle and I had it installed in a couple of hours by myself. I checked eBay and several online and local supply companies and the best price by far was here. I was surprised when it arrived at my home so quickly - just in time to beat the cold weather!