Square Pot Carrying Trays

Item No. CN-TRK
50 Count - Used in conjunction with Kord Square Pots, Cowpots, Coir Square Pots, or Jumbo Senior Square Pots, these rigid, non-cracking, reusable, injection-molded polypropylene carrying trays offer convenience and durability. Trays also feature drainage holes. Not intended for use with our Clear
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50 Count - Used in conjunction with Kord Square Pots, Cowpots, Coir Square Pots, or Jumbo Senior Square Pots, these rigid, non-cracking, reusable, injection-molded polypropylene carrying trays offer convenience and durability.

Trays also feature drainage holes.

Not intended for use with our Clear Humidity Domes.


TrayHoldsQuantityColorDensityDimensions in InchesHolds Containers
Length Outside
TRK 283003" Pot28GreenStandard20-3/4122-1/43" Square Injection Molded Pot, 3" Cowpot, 3-1/4" Coir Square Pot
TRK 183503.5" Pot18BlackStandard20-1/210-1/22-1/43.5" Square Injection Molded Pot, 3-7/8" Coir Square Pot
TRK 154004" Pot15BlackStandard20-1/412-1/424" Square Injection Molded Pot, 4" Coex 1 Qt Square Pot, 4" Cowpot
TRK 154504.5" Pot15BlackStandard21-1/412-3/424.5" Square Injection Molded Pot, 4.25" Coir Square Pot
CTS 685" Pot8BlackStandard19-3/49-7/83-3/45" Square Injection Molded Pot
LTL Freight Type GROUND
Standard Drop Shipment Code DROP SHIP
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Available for Drop Shipment No
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Reviews (58)
  • perfect tray
    perfect tray for the cow pots.
  • Carrying Trays
    Excellent Product!! They fit perfectly, once a person buys the right size the first time!;)
  • Carrying trays
    This is quality. It works well for my use. Makes my job easier.
  • Sturdy trays
    I needed these trays for delivering herbs in 4” pots from our farm to a local buyer and these are perfect. Pots fit snugly and were easy to transport in these trays.
  • Great product
    Solid product, good price, thankyou
  • square pot carrying trays
    sturdy, durable and perfect for my uses.
  • Perfect fit
    They fit my coex pots perfectly, and although the trays are not very heavy, I’ve got to use both hands to pick up a full tray anyway, so they’ll be well supported. Makes handling those bigger pots much easier.
  • Good transaction
    Prompt shipping with great packaging. Delivered just as ordered.
  • Plant Trays
    These square pot carrying trays are sturdy enough to probably get several uses out of them. Rating a 4 because they could be a bit thicker but good value overall.
  • great trays
    Trays were exactly what I was looking for and shipping was fast.
  • 4.5 inch caring trays
    These trays are much lighter weight than other trays I have purchased. They bend when picked up with watered pots. Edges have broken on several of the tray after short usage.
  • Be careful
    Be careful and read closely. These only fit CERTAIN 5.5 pots. I was so hopeful these would help us in transporting but would not fit the 3 types of pots we have. My fault for not reading the fine print but it does say fits 5.5 pots.
  • Square Pot Carrying Trays - holds (18) 3.5
    love the carrying trays... the 3.5 inch pots I ordered seem a little tight... other than that, they tray is well made..
  • 4.5
    Decent strength, accept the 4.5 sheet pots perfectly. Made moving larger plants around the greenhouse easy.
  • Solid carrying tray
    I am using this tray with the 3.5inx3in square pots also from GHMS. They are fairly well constructed, which is why I docked a star - I was hoping that I could carry a tray full of soil (and watered) easily with 1 hand but I don't think that it could handle that. Even still, this is a very good tray for a very good price. One tip is to use one of the black trays (for seed starting) underneath the tray to give it more strength, it fits perfectly and you can even use the clear dome lid when using to start seeds. Don't let the 4star fool you, this product is well worth the purchase.
  • Great trays
    I bought these trays for use with the Belden 5.25 x 6.5 pots, and they fit ok if I squeeze them in. They are definitely secured in the tray. It is has holes in the bottom, so if you plan to bottom water, you will need a 1020 tray
  • Cow pot trays
    The trays are thicker than most any I have used. They fit the cow pots perfectly. They also have plenty of drainage slots in the bottom to prevent flooding.
  • Better When Doubled - 4
    These trays were purchased to use with 4 Cowpots. The pots fit well in the trays. The trays are not quite substantial enough to support these pots when freshly watered. They seem especially fragile if picked up by the rim around the edges. I have found them to be more user friendly if you double them. Otherwise you will have to slip your hands under them to get adequate support and they'll still flex a good bit - enough for the pots to rock and fall out. Perhaps a little thicker, stiffer material and a deeper rim around the edges would help.
  • caring trays, 3.5 inch pots
    good quality, will buy them again, speedy order handling. very satisfied
  • (none)
    The quality of the pots and trays I ordered are just fine, but I was surprised that the trays that reportedly hold 5.5-inch square pots have cavities that are too small for pots that are 5 3/8 square?
  • Good product
    Fit pots perfectly with good drainage.Strong enough to lift when full of recently watered plants.
  • Square Pot Carrying Trays - holds (15) 4
    These trays work perfectly with the 4 Coir pots. They are sturdy and have drainage slots. Will buy again.
  • Does not hold 4
    I ordered these trays because they were advertised as being the trays to hold the green 4 square pots I ordered. The pots are slightly too large at the bottom to fit comfortably in the tray, and are tapered to be larger at the top, so they lean in the tray. I am absolutely not impressed with these, and am looking for a new supplier for both pots and trays in order to get some that fit together.
  • Good Basic Tray
    Good basic tray for square pots. I wish it was slightly thicker for durability but with care it should last a few seasons.
  • Pot carriers
    These 18 pot carriers were advertised for 3.5 in. pots. The pots did not fit well, crowding each other out at the top. They are perfect for 3.25 in. pots, but not really useable for 3.5 in. pots. Try it, you'll see what I mean.
  • not recommended
    The pots are very crowded in this tray and barely fit when full. Flimsy. Not recommended. The trays offered last year were excellent.
  • Garden Girl
    These accommodated the cow pots just fine for planting seeds. However they are a bit flimsy - when fully loaded with damp pots you need to use two hands to carry or you risk breaking the tray...wish they were a bit sturdier.
  • Great organizers!
    These pot trays are great!
  • Great Product
    The carry trays are well made and hold the 3 1/2 inch pots perfectly.
  • Durable, but questionable fit
    I bought these trays to fit the Square Injection Molded Pots (5-3/8) and while I must compliment the quality feel of the product, the pots fit too tightly and a bit uncomfortably in the trays. A tray filled with pots bows out as the pots push against each other. The trays aren't egregious, though, and for the right pots, it might be a wonderful product.
  • Must have for serious growers
    If you grow a lot of plants, especially taller plants like tomatoes, then these trays are a great product. The pots fit very snugly into the compartments and never tip over. The trays are also very durable and should last a long time if taken care of properly. Great product.
  • Has holes
    Again the has holes should be more pronounced in the description. These do fit the 1020 trays though so you don't drip water and fertilizer on your carpet. A bit flimsy, but not to pricey either. Should last 2-3 years if carefull
  • Great product
    I use these to hold my Cow Pots and they work great, very durable.
  • Trays
    I was not aware that there would be drainage holes in the trays. So, I inserted the tray in a very large plastic bag and formed the pot places. Now it is blocked from leaking both on the inside, and under the tray. The trays could be stronger.
  • Raymond's Produce
    These square pot carrying trays are very sturdy heavy duty.
  • 3 inch carrying tray and pots
    Trays are strong and the 3 inch pots fit perfect!! Will be able to use for many seasons.
  • Awesome Trays
    These trays are sturdy and amazing! Delivery was prompt and quality was excellent! Will order again from here.
  • dunk70
    They work great. Highly reccomended
  • Not sturdy enough
    We needed good carrying trays for lots of plants. Unfortunately these were not sturdy enough to carry 8 loaded pots. We had to restrict to 4 or 5 or the trays would crack. They were also not easy to carry as the edges are sharp.
  • Carrying Tray for cow pots
    Item(s) in perfect condition and right on time as scheduled. I very pleased with the product as they are lightweight and perfect for portability. Thank you. I'll order from you again.
  • Strong and secure
    I purchased enough of these trays to hold 800 of the 3.5 pots. I expected the flimsy plastic of other orders. This is NOT the case with these trays. The pots fit well and I am able to handle the trays full of potted plants with very little flexing. Highly recommend!
  • Square Pot Carrying Tray
    Great carrying tray for Kord Pots. This is my second order
  • gardener
    Hold my cowpots!
  • Delighted
    great size and excellent quality
  • Kord Carrying Tray
    This is my second order and works great!
  • JJ
    lightweight yet sturdy enough to reuse
    Product too thin, warped or broke when filled with plants.
  • Thank You Greenhouse Megastore!
    I am very happy with the trays and the containers I ordered. I ordered the incorrect tray for the pots by accident. They noticed it and called me to verify what I ordered and before shipping. That is customer service! Thanks a million!
  • Kord 4 inch Tray
    Nice tray for price. Kord 4 inch pots fit perfectly in tray.
  • Satisfactory trays
    These trays are designed for the kord pots which I am rather fond of. The trays are a little more disappointing because they are a bit flimsy. You have to be careful when transporting full trays to support them evenly from underneath, but other than that they work well.
  • Easy trays
    Just what I needed for transplanting new seedlings.
  • Colleen
    Great product, but not exactly what I was looking for...my fault, but is working out well anyway.
  • Kord Trays 3
    Probably best used with Kord pots rather than Landmark, as the 3 Landmark pot rests 3/4above the bottom of the tray. That's a good thing in terms of air pruning roots, but weakens the tray once the pots are filled and makes the full tray difficult to carry. I'm wondering if I should be using some type of tray caddy with this tray.
  • Farmer
    the trays hold up well even under full capacity.
  • Kord Carrying Trays
    LOVE these trays! They work great and are useful for many things!
  • Great in combination with the Kord square pots
    Trays add stability to the square pots that I ordered. Make moving plants easier. Plastic is heavy enough to be reusable for quite a long time.
  • A good quality product!
    I was skeptical at first but when product arrived I was impressed. It was everything promised and even more. Wish I had found this site earlier before I had invested in other brands. Very good quality.
  • Great Value and Easy to Use
    These trays, in conjunction with the Kord square pots, make growing easy! I love these for re-potting started plants before selling in the spring. The trays are sturdy and can be washed and reused many times over, yet they are economical enough to send along with the potted plants when a customer buys a full tray. Great products!!!