Root Pouch, Grey Fabric Pot

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Root Pouch is the only fabric pot company that offers natural fiber blended fabric. Natural fiber blends are specifically designed for optimal water absorption and temperature control. These natural fibers create a superior in-ground growing bag. The natural fibers will draw water toward the pot
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Root Pouch is the only fabric pot company that offers natural fiber blended fabric. Natural fiber blends are specifically designed for optimal water absorption and temperature control. These natural fibers create a superior in-ground growing bag. The natural fibers will draw water toward the pot from the surrounding soil.

Another advantage to the Natural Fiber blended, 3-4 year semi-degradable pouches over other fabric bags is that Root Pouch Pots do not air-prune. Rather, plant roots with prune by entrapment, making them the best choice for in-ground and pot-in planting. Whether you plan on using the pouches for in-ground or above ground growing, Root Pouch Fabric Pots will offer the most advanced root pruning technology available.

  • These grey pots are a 250g/m2, natural fiber blend
  • Ideal for in-ground and above ground use
  • Fabric allows roots to breath
  • Creates dense, fibrous roots
  • Pots are washable and last for multiple seasons
  • Keeps plants warmer in winter & cooler in summer
  • Semi-degradable, 3-4 year fabric
  • BPA free and UV resistan
  • Can be used with drip systems, overheads & hydroponic flood trays
  • Sizes 5 Gallon and up have handles (do not carry when full)

What makes Root Pouch plant pots a more sustainable gardening option?

Root Pouch plant pots used reclaimed plastic bottles that would otherwise be sent to our landfills. This not only recycled old plastic, it prevents the need for new plastic to be created, which saves petroleum and fossil fuels from being used.

What makes Root Pouch plant pots a better choice for healthier plants?

Root Pouch plant pots are more breathable and water-efficient, encouraging a more fibrous, dense root structure and preventing roots from circling. They also provide superior insulation, protecting plants against winter cold and summer heat.

What are Root Pouch plant pots made of?

Root Pouch plant pots are made of PETE (polyethylene terephthalate) derived from plastic bottles. This material is melted back to its original sterile liquid state then spun into fibers that are mixed with recycled cotton fibers, which degrade harmlessly over time. The resulting geotextile is available in four versions, each with a different degradation schedule—from six months to six years.


Trade SizeHandlesLiter SizeDimensions
1 GallonWithout handles3.86" W x 7 1/2" H
2 GallonWithout handles88 1/2" W x 8 1/2" H
3 GallonWithout handles1210" W x 8 1/2" H
5 GallonWith handles1611" W x 10 1/4" H
7 GallonWith handles3014" W x 11 3/4" H
10 GallonWith handles3916" W x 12" H
15 GallonWith handles5617" W x 15" H

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Farm to Table Root Pouch Sizing Guide

Colorado State University compared black plastic nursery pots to Root Pouch and Smart Pot Fabric Pots in a Field Nursery environment. See Study ResultsPDF File

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Reviews (169)
  • root pouch the best
    i like these much better than smart pots or other knock off brands- i did a cycle with 4different fabric pots root pouches outperformed them all
  • 7 gallon root pouch
    So much better than plastic pots. Roots don't circle outside of the pots. Helps with soil drying.
  • Grey Fabric Pot
    Working out well. Plants growing better than in plastic pots. Neighbors have asked about them because they like how they look. Very pleased with purchase.
  • Pot Pooree
    Very disappointed in the fabric pots. The size was 5 gallons and apparently they are measured differently than I thought because these pots look to me like they hold about 2 gallons. They're not useless but I now have 100 fabric pots that are nowhere as big as I needed. Had I known this I would have ordered a much larger size. I guess education can be expensive. Lesson learned.
  • Time will tell
    I've brought both gray and brown pouches to try out. I have been very happy so far with the brown ones but not sure about the gray ones, there thinner in materials and i know somewhere down the line I will use them in some other application and they well be great but at this time I've been using the brown ones for now. I like what I've seen so far and will be buying more in the future thanks
  • Brenda
    My tomatoes love them.
  • I love Root Pouch
    I’m growing trees, shrubs and some perennials in root pouch for resale. They’re so much easier to dig out of ground and the roots are much healthier. At age 62, I need easier wherever I can find it. Root Pouch is the best quality grow bag I have found. BTW, GreenHouse Megastore really delivers. They are second to none.
  • Great Root Pouch
    Loves the pouch, it’s hold water a little longer.
  • Tiny
    These are not 5 lb bags. They are 1 on bags. 1.5 at most. I like the fabric and look but very dissatisfied with the misleading size
  • Amy
    Love these root pouches in grey. Better than any other plant container I’ve bought. They work just as described. Thanks
  • So Convenient
    Love the fabric pots. Just need to monitor and water a little more do to greater evaporation.
  • Root Pouch, Grey Fabric Pot
    This is a really good product, strong material and the price is really affordable .
  • Root pouch
    Transplanted small plants in 1 quart pouches and they are doing well. Love your products and sincere services. Thanks
  • Long lasting and tougher than expected.
    Planted gallon sized blueberry plants into 15gal pouches in spring 2012. They grew and fruited quicker than the expected 2 years. Moved 5 times since and now one bag has begun to finally tear above the soil line. Handles remain intact but unable to use as the bushes and roots became quite heavy. Over all an excellent design in portability, color and strength against the varying FL panhandle’s climate. Will reorder for other fruits such as navel oranges and other citrus plants. Great with making your own supersoil and tomatoes as the pouches are reusable after a hose off and line dry outdoors.
    I love these growing bags. easy to move around. The gophers can't eat my plants. I can reuse them.
  • susana
    I like pouch it is light and easy to move around if you want to change them around, the gray color is perfect.
  • well made
    Very sturdy and well made. I have terrible soil and a harsh climate. I use them to let things get a head start and then plant the bag directly in the ground.
  • Grow Bags
    They arrived promptly. They appear to be very good quality and well-made. Unable to attest to their longevity as this is my first season with them. But pleased so far !
  • We love this product!
    We first purchased 4 years ago. These bags were affordable and biodegradable so we d codes to give them a try. I have purchased the gallon, five gallon, seven gallon and 10 gallon. We used our first set for 4 years every spring and summer! The gallon are great for herbs, the larger we put tomatoes in and have never had bigger plants! Highly recommend and will continue to purchase.
  • Grow bags
    We used both white and these grey bags this year. Really like the grey bags the best.
  • Electric Club Car Golf Cart
  • Great Product
    I planted Tomatoes, squash in my the pouches, they great.
  • So far so good
    Easy, attractive. Being able to move the planted bags in and out as the weather requires is a life saver Too cold, too wet, bring your plantings inside as you need to
  • root pots are great
    These root pots are everything I expected. It will take the growing season to discover how good or not they are, but I am giving them a good test.
  • Where have these been all my life?
    First time using various sizes of root pouches and the results are impressive! I started tomato plants from seeds and transplanted some in to the ground and some into the room punche I started tomato plants from seeds and transplanted some Directly into the ground and some into the root pouches. The growth in the pouches is almost doubled in size compared to those planted directly in the ground. My next garden will be completely done with the pouches and raised beds.
  • Great product!
    This is a really great fabric planter. It is beautiful and sturdy. The most awesome raised bed idea! The Green House Mega Store has great deals and shipped my order quickly.
  • Got it right!
    My initial order was 5 items short of a 50 item bulk order. Upon contacting customer service, the issue was addressed immediately. The products were top notch and the service was too.Appreciate the effort in getting it right!
  • Owner
    Great product, takes up little space when empty, plant roots do not curl up, but breathe. Need different sizes as for small trees: 10 to 12 tall by 5 or 6 wide.
  • Awesome
    My bags look so good in my yard thank you guys
  • excellent product
    just as advertised. sturdy and practical. handles sewn on well.
  • Great for potatoes
    I love these bags for growing fingerling potatoes. The potatoes are easy to harvest, and the yields have been super, with wall-to-wall potatoes filling the bottom half of the bags. We've been able to reuse the bags after laundering them.
  • plantung bags
    these grow bags are of excellent quality. i believe they will have no problems with multi years usage, as advertised.
  • Very Impressed
    These root pouches are amazing! So sturdy and easy to handle. We are using them to temporarily house the fruit trees for our orchard. I'm sure they will be reused many times! Thanks for a great product!
  • Great product!
    I have ordered these a few times. Love this product! My plants and root system are very healthy being in these pots. So easy to move with the handles!
  • Pouches are great
    Using to restore some patio containers that have lost their bottoms (so as liners). Don't know yet how the plants will like them.
  • works great
    far better than plastic pots
  • 1 gallon Grow bags
    Such great quality grow bags that I ordered the 20 gallon bags. Easy to carry, wash and reuse. Highly recommend them and I will buy again.
  • I'm impressed
    Very easy to set up. Can't beat the price
  • 5 gal root pouch
    Easy to use seem strong and durable. Gray color keeps soil cooler. I set filled pouches on plant trays to keep bottom of pouch off ground and help contain water.
  • bought these to deter voles
    bought these because have had a problem with voles destroying my tomatoes
  • Great Product & Value
    Made as well as Smart Pots etc and at a much more economical price. The only negative is that they are smaller than other 3gal fabric pots. If you are used to a 3gal Smart Pot, buy RP's 5gal pot.
  • Great buy
    Great quality, good price, I am using these fabric pots to plant annuals, I am putting the pots right into the ground. Living with sand and very little soil these provide an excellent growing environment.
  • A great new addition to the garden...
    I found these locally for 8x the price they are here....didn't realize they were the same ones, and was VERY happy with the largest size. I'm using them to grow dahlias and veggies in and they are SUCH an amazing value....will definitely buy again and again.
  • 7 gallon grey root bags
    Bags arrived quickly. I used them to plant apple root stock so I can hold them for a year before transplanting.they hold 2 cubic feet of soil compost mixed with composted maple leaves and wood chips.
  • Great product
    I planted my tomato and bean seedlings in the root pouch. I've kept them on a deck for the last several weeks. The plants are growing so fast. The soil stays moist and with the pouches being breathable, I'm not worried about over watering or storms. The handles have made it a lot easier to transport too -- I didn't fill completely because the plants are going to be transplanted into gardens.
  • Good bags
    The root bags seem to be working quite well. Carrots, beans, lettuce, radish, spinich and I just planted two tomatoes in 10 gallon bags. Good bags and a great deal.
  • Root Pouches for Growing
    I grow Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Bell Peppers in these grow pouches. They allow the roots to breathe and they keep roots cooler in hot weather, and warmer in cold weather. Now, IF they will really hold up for 3-4 seasons of Use, THEN I will be satisfied and continue to use these ROOT POUCHES.
  • great pots
    Seem sturdy and have adequate room for roots
  • 7 and 10 gallon root bags
    the bags are working fantastic in my Green house. Very happy.
  • Very strong
    These are very sturdy and will most certainly last a long time. Purched these to keep palm trees in until development next door is done and we can put them in the ground. Not crazy about the color but no biggie. Great value. Glad I took a chance.
  • Bag it
    Excellent quality & durability.We bought a bare root white peach tree and held it over until warmer weather to plant.We are very pleased with our purchase
  • Eco Pots for School Students
    This product worked very well for my classroom gardening project. I will order again
  • great grow bags
    I love these 7 gallon grow bags. I use these in my kiddy pool garden they hold up very well. They are great quality bags. I live in Florida and the others I used only lasted 1 season, the sun ate them up.
  • Great for the prices
    Great fabric bags for the price very duarable and very good quality
  • Best pots at best price
    My plants absolutely love these pots! I have to water more frequently, and found that saucers work well in conjunction with cloth pots. When I'm done harvesting I just soak them in a rain barrel and start the process again. Megastore has mega savings on these, will buy again!
  • Strong Bags
    These bags are very well made , sturdy. seams strong. I'm using them in my greenhouse for the first time. I'll update at the end of this season. Shipping was fast, customer service excellent. Best price around. Will be using this company for other garden needs.
  • Goody, goody, a pot that lasts!
    Extremely useful pots! Easy to use, drain freely, look great in the nursery! Also, very reasonably priced! I do not have long-term experience yet, but will keep you posted.
  • pond owner
    these root pouches allow the plants to set evenly on the uneven bottom of our pond. plants no longer fall over at slightest breeze as in hard plastic pots. great product! love 'em!!
  • Fabric pots
    Prompt shipping. Sturdy looking bags the size I had expected. They have not been used yet, but I look forward to trying them out this season.
  • Very nice
    I actually haven't had a chance to see the final results. However, based on the reviews that I have seen and heard these are the smartest pots. The thing that I like the most is that the pot can breathe on all sides. No room for much error. The pot will hold moisture and release it when need. I did not pay very much for these fabric pots and I can use them again after a grow.
  • gardener-formerly a farmer
    I have been using pouches like this for several years now and they are THE BEST. You can't beat International Greenhouse for service. Delivery was within a couple of days.
  • My favorite pots
    I love these pots. I have ordered several times and I love how they allow the plants to drain and are easy to move with the handles on them. I am replacing all my pots with these.
  • Root Pouch review
    Have not had the product very long. It appears to be well made. Had one that came unsewn a bit but considering the weight am not surprised. Will need more time to see how they all hold up.
  • Root Pouches Are Awsome
    Ordered 20 .. will be ordering More.. Changing my plants to these pouches this winters !!!
  • Grow bags
    Great grow bags, plants love them, eliminates overwatering, roots grow massive, great prices and quality
  • Grow bag
    Great grow bags, plants love them, great prices and quality
  • Cloth pots
    I have ordered these pots 3 times in different sizes. By spring I will transplant all of my plants into these root pouches. They make moving them very easy with the handles and when you water they drain really well. I love this place for ordering items. They ship fast and the products are priced excellent.
  • awsome
    Pots are pretty sturdy so far so good! Awesome company definitely will be ordering again. Soon!
  • Love this!
    Love these...great price and awesome product. Getting ready to order more in different sizes. Was a bit skeptical, but when I got them, I loved them so much. Very durable. Next spring all my plants will be in these.
  • Perfect
    Exactly what I wanted.
  • Awesome Grow Bag
    These are exactly what I hoped for when ordering. My plants have been in them for over a month and are very happy. They are roomy, have very good drainage and easy to move.
  • Planter pouches work well
    These planters are working quite well for my needs. I have used all 150 of them. Am very happy with quality of product.
  • Love these pots!
    I like the light color and the fact they are made from recycled plastic!
  • 7 gallon root pouch
    Very well constructed! They're PERFECT for potting up water lilies in a pond! No holes at the bottom for the dirt to sift out of, large surface area for lily tubers to grow, and if you fold the sturdy handles down, you can make them any height you want!
  • Not a gimick
    I now have over 30 of the five and seven gallon sizes of the Brown and Greys sitting in my driveway. Very please. Thought these were another gimmick but I was totally wrong. I set up a cheap drip system with timer to keep them watered due to driveway exposure and health issues and, again, couldn't be more pleased with the results. Also very nice as a holding pot when moving and taking plants with you. Easy to carry and water until you decide to plant. Just punch a few holes in them and drop them in the hole. Just remember to water until established just like any other plant,
  • Root Pouches in rainy and hot Texas
    I purchased the 10 gallon, 7 gallon, and 1 gallon grow bags. I use them for my container garden and the bags have worked great. In spring 2015 we had massive rains, my plants were in plastic pots got waterlogged and blight.I switched to the pouches and in Spring 2016, massive rains again, no blight all plants look super healthy due to the great drainage. I highly recommend this product and I will purchase more soon. These bags work really well for me in hot Texas weather with drip irrigation.
  • convenient pots
    These grey felt like pots are great. They drain well. When carrying the box with 50 pots in it I could easily do it. It I was buying them to move a lot I would get the one with handles.I could do it easily
  • Grow bags review
    Totally disappointed in the size as they are not 5 gallons but about 3. The stitching is horrible.
  • owner
    really nice built bags
  • Much smaller
    These are much smaller than you would think. I bought the three gallon and I thought it seemed small. I placed a one gallon milk container inside and it had an inch around it on the outside. I would presume I received the wrong piece but there is a sewn in label specifying it's size.
  • 3-Gal Grow Bags
    Excellent product . .set yourself up for success with these grow bags!
  • Well made fabric pot
    Just received my pots and very impressed with the quality and workmanship. I ordered the bundle of 5 (20) gallon pots. Will use for my tomatoes and cucumbers this growing season.
  • Good product and Service
    This was my first order, but the website was easy to maneuver,and the prices good. The order came quickly and was good value. I will be back for my extensive list of planting needs. Reliable vendor with good products.
  • grow bags
    very well made, won't know about the longevity, but for the price we're pleased.
  • in response to your iinquiry
    as described, and what was most impressive is the non overcharges of shipping
  • Root Pouch
    I had a challenge finding an insert for some giant pots that I have. These 7 gallon root pouches, with handles were perfect! They are thick well-made and I believe they will last longer than stated. I will definitely order again!
  • Perfect product
    Rarely have we ever found a product that was as outstanding as this. The quality is superb for our purpose which is to dig up/store azaleas while a stone planter is being built for them. They conveniently have large handles which make them easily moved from place to place. Though the fabric is heavy duty, it allows the plants to drain after watering. We only used 6 of the 10 bags received the the other 4 take up almost no space for storage. I can't quite see planting the entire bags when we replant the azaleas but we do plan to reuse them for other plants as needed. We love the convenience of these bags.
  • Root Pouch with handles
    The quality is awesome and so easy to work with. Cannot judge the durability in 4-5 years as my use is temporary with this product. I'm using the product to start my personal plant nursery for our new home under construction for 2016.
  • Practical and sturdy
    Big enough to begin a perennial and I am looking forward to being able to plant it in the garden without disturbing the roots.
  • fabric grow bags perfect
    I'm very happy with these light weight, move anywhere, anytime, grow bags. Just wish they lasted longer.
  • root pouches
    Not enough time to tell how good the product is but so far it works just fine. Service was quick and accurate.
  • Urban Farmer
    Bought bags to increase growing space. First time using bags, they seem to be working out just fine.
  • Nice little containers
    Trying to save elements of an old garden during construction. These came in really handy to save the smalls. Good value.
  • Great product
    In an effort to keep costs down during construction of a new garden, we had to move and store plants for an extended period of time. These containers are great.
  • Recycled Grow Bags
    Quality well made bags.I like recycled content and biodegradable. Usability 4 to 5 years. Handled variety is easy to move. My 5 gal. size is great for larger veggies like brocolli, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, etc.I use disposable diapers for water retention with a layer of stone or foam popcorn. Actual final results are unknown at this time since it is early growing season.
  • Root Pouches
    Great product and durability,,, very happy
  • Great Workability
    I've only had them in service for a few weeks so I can't comment on longevity, but they are super easy to work with, and so far are holding up when completely full of saturated compost. They have a great height to width ratio that helps offer taller plants some stability while still growing out a good root network. I used them to pot up 4 gallon nursery stock trees so I can keep them in containers for another year.
  • gardener
    Really like the product except the handles were not strong enough to lift when full of dirt and tore off.
  • Great Grow Bags!
    I bought the 5 and 15 gallon bags and was more than happy after receiving them. Some said they're thin and I thought that at first but after putting soil in and planting my tomato's etc. I found them to be much stronger and very easily moved around to get the best sunlight. I'm going to order again soon, I now need 3 gallon bags. I'm happy with the bags and the fast shipping (and great prices)
  • Good for a few seasons.
    I bought 10 pack of these bags for tomatoes and other various vegetables. These grow bags are not nearly as thick and durable as more expensive styles/brands but the price was great. Example...I filled one bag with potting mix and upon the initial move to a different location, one of the handles ripped off. On another, the wire on a tomato cage pierced through the side of the material with little effort. If you baby them, I think you could get two or three seasons out of a bag. So, if you have a lot to plant and need quantity at a good price, these are perfect. That is what I needed, so am satisfied.
  • Good so far
    I am pleased with the bags so far. The plants seem to be growing good. I have peppers and beans in them. Harvest will tell!
  • Great Pots
    I got my pots and filled them soil and have to say they very strong and the brown looks great plan on buying another pack of 10 you can't bet the price!!!!!!!!
  • Great product my pepper plants love them!
    Great product my pepper plants love them!
  • Not as big as it should be
    These 5 gallon root pouches are about the same size as my 3 gallon nursery pots (which are really about 2.5G). I double checked the label in case they sent me the wrong one, but it does same 5 gallon on the item. I still have a use for these, but they are no way near the size of a 5 gallon nursery pot (which is really 3.7G).
  • Great
    Every plant I put in these Root Pouches grow Big Wonderful Root systems, and do very Well!!!
  • Garden trays
    These all purpose trays are excellent for the price.They are sturdy and light. They hold soil and water well against spillage. I will sure order again from your company!
  • Love These
    I've bought these a few times now and love them. They're pretty cheap for the portability they offer and do last quite a while. My plants never get root bound and seem to grow well in these.
  • Great for potatoes
    Used these for potatoes, worked really well. Even the kids could manage them
  • Death note for plastic pots
    These are high quality bags for growing all kinds of plants. Unlike plastic pots, these bags breathe, and allow for the roots to trim themselves by growing through the bag. this prevents circling of the roots at the bottom. This is the new wave of growing now, this is revolutionizing growing as the bags can be planted directly in the soil. take the advice of the Tomato man, time to switch out of the dark ages of plastic pots.
  • owner
    We use this size bag, one gallon and 20 gallon and all hold up fantastic, use after use with no mold or fungus and the roots are strong and don't wrap around pot
  • Great Roots!
    I use these root pouches to grow on 1 year rose transplants. No worries with root spiraling! Because I do not have to shave off curving roots, these plants take off quickly when transplanted.
  • pots
    The best product to use when planting gives the root system room, no circling roots, gives the trees & shrubs a great start.
  • Fabric Pots
    good deal on fab pots. I use them once then toss into the yard waste bin. eco-friendly style. Off the rockwool and plastic for now. We'll see how she goes. thanks GH-megastore!! Keep it Rockin!!!
  • Costumer
    very happy I use them to grow my tomatoes they are fantastic
  • Awesome containers
    These pouches are the best containers I have ever used for gardening. I used them for flowers, peppers and tomatoes. All the plants grew well and the bags seemed to breathe well. I had the ones with handles and they moved easily. It is end of summer and they are not showing any signs of deterioration yet. My only regret is not having ordered more. I will be buying more for next season for my use and as gifts. I have received many compliments on them. Gave some away and they turned around and bought some more.
  • Nursery pots
    Great containers. Up potted some green tea seedlings into these.
  • Wonderful!
    Terrific product at a sensational price. These seem to be of the same quality as similar planters I've purchase elsewhere for substantially more. Shipping was prompt. I'm altogether happy with this purchase. We'll see how the pots hold up over time.
  • Root Pouch 3-4 Year
    I've used 2, 3, 5, and 7 gallon root pouches for transplanting perennials, hostas and ferns to a new house. These are fabulous containers for that purpose, much better than plastic pots as they are flexible and easier to carry. The plants, after undergoing a little transplant shock, have adapted well to the pouches. Would recommend and use this product again.
  • Patio Gardening Perfection
    I love these unique heavily constructed planting bags. I usually use clay and other materials, but on a hot deck the plants dried out every day. These bags hold moisture and my plants look healthy and are thriving. Sewed on handles make them easy to transport when full of dirt. Tremendous purchase.
  • Great!.
    Just as expected, great durable fabric pots. Love the handles and especially the price. Color is really great too!
  • Root Pouch
    The Root Pouch is a great product, I have bought several sizes, I love them and will be purchasing more
  • Great quality and price
    If you have never tried fabric pots don't wait any longer. plants are all about the roots. I am a legal, permitted medical marijuana grower and with these pots you get a superior product.
  • Sturdy Bags/Great Price
    Just potted up my tomato seedlings in 7 gal. grey Root Pouches and so far I'm extremely impressed with the sturdiness and quality of these fabric pots. The price was much better than other fabric pots I've purchased in the past.
  • Absolutely love these bags!
    Wow! I am so impressed with these bags! An unacceptable problem happened with my garden this year! I searched for the answer and found your web site. They seem to be well made. I have only had them for a few weeks but so far are durable. I am using them in addition to a partial garden I already have. They are perfect for vegetables that like cooler shaded areas because you can pick it up and move it to the shade or to the sun.
  • Great product
    Makes plants fuller and healthier......
  • My veggies are loving them
    Planted my tomato and zucchini seedings in these fabric pots (15 gal.)-- the plants came to life and are loving their new homes!
  • 5 gallon grey grow bags
    This product has changed my garden! I love these bags! I get great drainage and constant air flow to my roots. This is the best planter I could have asked for with the summer coming up. I will get rid of my fungus gnat problem in a few weeks all due to these grow bags!!!! Best customer service around, quick easy shipping and great products!!! They will be stocking my garden supply cupboard from now on!!!
  • Well worth the price
    Your plants will thank you for pitching the cheap plastic pots. Mine did have some random strings hanging off of them and of course the (in)famous paper tag (of doom)...nothing a pair of scissors and hands couldn't take care of in short order. I actually found I didn't really need the handles for the 5 gallon pots that I got - they get in the way a bit with my plant situation, but I can see the benefits for somebody with shorter arms or a pricklier plant.
  • Good product, good price
    These grow bags came in and I immediately took one out and potted one of my plants in it. It looks great, it gets better breathability than a ceramic pot and it is LIGHT enough weight that the container is not heavier than the dirt it holds.I'm not sure where the batch of really thin ones I've seen people talking about came from...but the one I got was definitely a good quality pot.
  • Good X Good = GOOD
    Shopping experience at Greenhouse Megastore was GOOD . I just planted out this week 6 indeterminate tomatoes in the grey 15 gallon root pouches . They look GOOD , are well made , are easy to move around with the handles , and have me excited about some GOOD tomatoes . I hope that this growing experience is better than last year's in SWC's. GOOD product , GOOD service , and GOOD pricing .
  • Imperial Gallons are smaller!
    I am pleased with all of my products, shipping, and customer service. Great products, even with paying shipping costs, order was less expensive than others with free shipping. Best deal!
  • Crazy good product at a crazy good price
    I've purchased upwards of 100 of these Root Pouches in sizes from 1 to 15 gallons. Trees go in the 15s, veggies in 7s, small plants in 3s and seedlings in 1s. Compared to plastic pots, Root Pouches are cheaper and better -- zero root circling, soil stays at an even temp and better oxygen exchange with the roots. Also, Root Pouch bags are on another level than the other popular brand of fabric garden bags sold. I own both and the Root Pouch gray has thicker material that stays standing even if the bag is only half full. Also, the handles are much stronger and don't flop over onto the plants, even on a 15 gal bag with a big tree in it. Other brands I feel like the handles are going to rip. Also, the gray color is pretty nice and modern, better than the generic black. I do wish they did even more exotic colors and patterns -- I'd pay extra for stripes or plaid. Also, Greenhouse Megastore's prices are insanely good. $1.31 for a 5 gal and $3.60 for a 15 gal when buying in batches of 10? Crazy, I was spending $10+/bag when these bags first hit the market. I also looked at the more expensive Boxer Brown -- but I don't really see a reason to step it up, unless I want a size bigger than 15. I have the 4-5 year black Root Pouches purchased from a retail store and they are thicker, though not to an extent that I think I'm missing something with the gray variety. Only nitpicks? The sewing isn't perfect, if you look closely you'll see this isn't garment quality and some handles are different thicknesses. But, hey, it's a garden bag, from a distance they all look the same and they all work perfectly so far. And they should get rid of the sewn in tags which are annoying to remove and sometimes rip the stitching -- are they really cheaper and easier than using a tag gun? Otherwise, top notch.
  • 5 gallon root bags
    This is a very well made rootbag marked 5 gallon, The real size is not much bigger than 3 gallon. If I had known this I would have ordered 7 gallon. Otherwise good product & good service.
  • Great product!
    You're prices are the best on Root Pouches. I've tried other fabric pots, and Root Pouches are the best. My plants grow big and healthy and fast, and they do great outdoors over the winters.
  • delivery
    Just planted yesterday. Delivery was within a week. Extremely fast.
  • These are great!
    These bags work very well. They are a lot less expensive than other bags and seem to be very well made. This company accidentally sent me 15 gallon bags, and after speaking with a nice lady on the phone she sent me the right ones and told me I could keep the others and not have to send them back. Great customer service!
  • dissapointed
    major difference between 5 gallon root pouch and a standard 5 gallon bucket.
  • best deal
    Best deal going for this product. I will be buying more.
  • Price is where it's at in commercial operations!
    I've always loved fabric pots! They let the roots breath, control the temperature in the root zone, and best of all they air prune the roots to prevent root boundness! I have used several brands throughout my career and the quality on these ones are on par with any other ones I've tried in the past, the only difference being that these ones are about 90% cheaper than any other brand I've found in any grow store in my area! I would definitely recommend these root pouches to anyone seriously into gardening!
  • Great Choice!
    These pouches are very well made! Much better than moreexpensive brands out there.... save your money and buy these! Thank you Greenhouse Megastore!!!!
  • Wonderful
    so nice to order and I am very happy with the service
  • Root Pouch
    These cloth pots are the best way to go.
  • Wonderful Biodegradable Pots!
    These pots are perfect for my peony tubers. They are a great size and shape, and in the spring, I can just plant the whole pot. Terrific value, terrific product.
  • Seem Good Initially
    I just potted up my first bunch of plants into 1- and 3-gallon Root Pouches. They seem like they will hold up well. I do not have any information on performance yet. Greenhouse Megastore shipped my order very, very quickly.
  • root pouches
    Arrived fast and in good order
  • Work great above ground...
    These pots seem to be working very well for me, and the price is great! But as others have noted, the material is tougher than other cloth pots, and I am wondering how well they work when planted. In other words, how well can the plants' roots penetrate? I guess I will find out after the growing season, unless someone already knows?
  • Root Pouches
    I have only used one so far as a tester. I moved one of my overwintered habanero plants from its pot into one of the root pouches, and so far so good! My plant is already LOADED with fresh peppers! Looking forward to getting everything else planted out!
  • Impressed with the quality!
    Love these Root Pouch bags! They are heavier than I thought they would be and seem to maintain the rustic look even after watering. We had 66 mph winds after I potted tulips and the pots didn't move. The tulips tipped over but the pots were fine. I ordered the 1 gallon size and came back to order the 2 gallon size and all are sold out. Will be back for more.
  • Great Bags
    Compared to planting seeds in the ground this was way better. Bags stand up straight right out of the box. No weeding, faster growth rate, and healthy stronger plants in less than a month after planting in these bags. Great product will order again!
  • Flowers
    I bought these root pouch planters to create a border along my patio because I have such a bad vole problem that I can't plant flowers directly into the ground. So far, they are performing nicely. If they last 3 seasons I'll be more than satisfied. I don't like collecting ceramic or clay flower pots so these are a great alternative.
  • These are great and look nice!
    I love the look and having handles are great. They stand up by themself good! I just love them!!!
  • Backyard Gardening
    Product stood up by itself and filled up great for early spring gardening!
  • Buy the next size up from what you want!!!!
    I ordered 4x the 5-gallon 10-pack of root pouches. When they arrived, I had only 3 packs labeled 5-gallon and one 25 pack of pouches labeled 3-gallons. Upon further inspection, the 3-gallon pots were actually 2 gallon pots and the ones labled 5 gallons are only 4 gallons. When I complained about this they sent me 1 more pack of the 4-gallon pots labeled 5 gallons. And they informed me oh and btw.... our 5 gallon pots are not true five gallon pots... see website for specs..... obviously this is a total outrage. I recommend either not oredering at all, or make sure to order 1 or 2 sizes larger in order to receive the size you actually want....... derp
  • excited to see harvest!
    I bought these on the recommendation of my sister in law after my previous multi-year plastic webbed bags disintegrated after one year (from a different company.) These appear to be much sturdier. I have vegetables in them now and since the season is just starting, we'll see how they turn out. So far, so good. They are the perfect size to move around, not too heavy when watered, but roomy enough for the vegetables. The size (7 gallon) is perfect.
  • Possibly Sent Wrong Ones?
    I ordered a 10 pack of the 5 gallon grow bags. I like the quality of these but they are only about 1/2 the size of my 5 gallon buckets. I placed a gallon jug in it and imagine that MAYBE content equal to 2 more gallons would fit in this bag. Maybe they shipped me the 3 gallon bags instead?
  • Good size Root Pouch for Dwarf Trees
    Good sturdy air-prune container. But why buy this version when the Black and Brown versions last so much longer?
  • Great Product and Idea
    I have moved these bags with everything from sweet peas, carrots, green beans, blueberries, etc. to either move away from the rain coming off the roof or to give these organics the path of the sun. They are better than having plastic pots. So far they seem very sturdy even when soil is thoroughly wet and carrying them by their handles. Great product.
  • Smaller than expected
    The 5 gallon bags are smaller than I was expecting but the quality is good. Much better than those black grow bags you can buy at the gardening stores. Size wise, I might be able to grow cherry tomatoes or grow some baby reds. I am still going to try and grow tomatoes, cucumbers, squash out of these. I have a feeling they will grow fine but will definitely need some support as they grow.
  • root pouches
    The root pouch's are made of a thicker cloth that smart pots, therefore they are sturdier than smart pots, the side stay up straight and dont flop around like smart pots, basically if your going in the direction of cloth pots forget smart pots there are better brands at better prices such as the root pouch. only improvement id like to see it handles on the pots.
  • Arleen
    I use these for our edible garden at my daughters school. They've worked well. I prefer the sizes smaller than 20 gallon because easier to move. Also the really big sizes some times rip if you have to move them because the soil gets so heavy.
  • kathleen
    the root pouches are wonderful. We have baby trees planted in them until we move to our future home.
  • Root Pouch Review
    Shipping & communication a 10. Bag is doing great, very satisfied!
  • Svetlana
    Me and my boyfriend went to this neighborhood cookout, where someone brought 30 or so tomato plants that were left over from a local garden. A lot of people took few plants each. I took 6, planted all of them into 5gal Root Pouch (1 plant per pouch). Now one month later my plants are doing MUCH better than those that other people took. I think they need a little more watering, than plants in plastic pots, but I think it's nice that there is such good drainage. I am very happy with my purchase, and will buy more pouches in the future. Also I think it's great that the distribution center is in the next state, and I receive my orders on the following day! Fastest shipping EVER!
  • Root Pouches
    I purchased the root pouches about 3 months ago and used them to root cuttings. It appears to me that it is easier maintain a consistent soil moisture with root pouches than clay or plastic containers which is important for avoiding rotting cuttings rather than rooting cuttings. As for the root pruning abilities of the root pouches, I will have to check back in a year or so but so far a satisfied customer.
  • New product
    Very unique product, I used these to transfer some rose bushes that didn't have a strong rooting system, hopefully they will work since it allows the base to absorb water,but not get soaked. I will keep you informed as to the progress.
  • awesome pouches
    I love the fact that these bags are biodegradable, provides circulation for the roots for healthy growth and development, and that they have handles. I purchased the 7 gallon pouches and have used them when repotting trees for containers that are much larger than the root ball that way the pouches gave the roots enough room to grow out and acting as a separator so i can plant other plants without roots intertwining into each other.I've used these pouches to plant herbs and tomato plants together. Being that the bags are too tall, i've folded down the sides. The diameter is perfect to plant with tomatoes and companion herbs like basil, chives, marigolds, and nasturtiums.And I've recently placed an order for 5 gallons with handles to use for the other tomato plants, and 3 gallons for mini rose plants.
  • Root Pouch For the Win!!!
    Amazing pouches! Extremely versatile (I have some flat on the ground, some with grommets hanging, and some nailed to a tree with vines). I purchased the 3 gallon pouches and love everything about them, except I would love to see this size with handles as well.
  • Linda
    So far, these root pouches are amazing... I got the 10 gallon ones for my tomatoes and pepper plants and they are doing great. They hold an amazing amount of dirt and water and my plants had absolutely no 'shock' in transplanting. They look wonderful, too! I created a rock garden and have 7 of these 10 gallon pouches sitting there... sure beats trying to dig in the concrete of TN clay! The pots arrived very quickly and are made of very sturdy material... I believe they will last the 3 - 5 years stated in the advertisement. I have told several friends about them and the excitement is growing!!
  • Sturdy Bag
    Very pleased with this bag. Looks like it will do it's job for years to come.