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The Boxer Brown Fabric Pots are the most durable Root Pouch products yet. With strong, breathable fabric made from recycled water bottles and featuring an industrial lockstitch technique with finished seams, the synthetic blend of PET materials in the Boxer Brown pouches will stay tough season
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The Boxer Brown Fabric Pots are the most durable Root Pouch products yet. With strong, breathable fabric made from recycled water bottles and featuring an industrial lockstitch technique with finished seams, the synthetic blend of PET materials in the Boxer Brown pouches will stay tough season after season.

Another advantage over other fabric bags is that Root Pouch Fabric Pots do not air-prune. Instead, roots will prune by entrapment; making it the best choice for in-ground and pot-in planting. Roots are not encouraged to penetrate the Root Pouch fabric as with other air pruning containers but rather the root tips are trapped creating dense, lateral fibrous roots to grow within the container.

Root Pouch plant pots can be used to grow plants of any size and type, and are also ideal for transporting plants because they are lightweight and durable. Potted plants and trees will enjoy healthy growth while above-ground. The Root Pouch plant pot can be used successfully in many different climate and soil conditions, from desert sand to clay.

  • Boosts plant growth and yields
  • Washable and reusable
  • Fabric allows roots to breath
  • Prevents roots from circling
  • Pots are washable and last for multiple seasons
  • Keeps plants warmer in winter & cooler in summer
  • UV resistant – BPA free – Non-degradable
  • Perfect for mother plants and specimens trees
  • Can be used with drip systems, overheads & hydroponic flood trays
  • Sizes 5 Gallon and up have handles (do not carry when full)

What makes Root Pouch plant pots a more sustainable gardening option?

Root Pouch plant pots used reclaimed plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills. Using recycled plastic requires no new plastic to be made, which saves on petroleum and uses no fossil fuels.

What makes Root Pouch plant pots a better choice for healthier plants?

Root Pouch plant pots are more breathable and water-efficient, encouraging a more fibrous, dense root structure and preventing roots from circling. They also provide superior insulation, protecting plants against winter cold and summer heat.

What are Root Pouch plant pots made of?

Root Pouch plant pots are made of PET (polythehylene terephthalate) derived from plastic bottles. This material is melted back to its original sterile liquid state then spun into fibers that are mixed with recycled cotton fibers, which degrade harmlessly over time. The resulting geotextile is available in four versions, each with a different degradation schedule—from six months to six years.


Trade SizeHandlesLiter SizeDimensions
1 GallonWithout handles3.86" W x 7 1/2" H
2 GallonWithout handles88 1/2" W x 8 1/2" H
3 GallonWithout handles1210" W x 8 1/2" H
5 GallonWith handles1611" W x 10 1/4" H
7 GallonWith handles3014" W x 11 3/4" H
10 GallonWith handles3916" W x 12" H
15 GallonWith handles5617" W x 15" H
20 GallonWith handles7819 7/8" W x 15 7/8" H
25 GallonWith handles9521" W x 16.5" H
30 GallonWith handles11324" W x 16.5" H
35 GallonWith handles12723 1/2" W x 17 7/8" H
45 GallonWith handles17027" W x 18" H
65 GallonWithout handles24632" W x 18" H
100 GallonWithout handles37838" W x 20" H
150 GallonWithout handles56745" W x 22" H
200 GallonWithout handles75750" W x 24" H
250 GallonWithout handles94655" W x 24" H
300 GallonWithout handles113560" W x 24" H
400 GallonWithout handles151470" W x 24" H
500 GallonWithout handles189280" W x 24" H
600 GallonWithout handles227190" W x 24" H

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Farm to Table Root Pouch Sizing Guide

Colorado State University compared black plastic nursery pots to Root Pouch and Smart Pot Fabric Pots in a Field Nursery environment. See Study ResultsPDF File

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Reviews (105)
  • My Peppers Are Thriving With These
    It might be a coincidence or maybe its just that these pots are awesome. My pepper plants are thriving in these root pots compared to the regular fabric pots I bought someplace else. Same soil, all 7 gallon and same fertilizer. Side by side, the plants in the root pots are at least a foot taller and many more peppers on the plant. I highly recommend these and I will be certainly purchasing more.
  • Hands down better than plastic
    Beautiful, trendy, very durable and sturdy. I only have to water once every three days as opposed to a plastic pot which I have to water 1-2 times per day. Love these, and so do my customers. Very worth it!
  • Very disappointed
    I tried these bags this spring and I have had problems with roots penetrating the bag and growing down into the soil. They are only reusable if you don’t have to cut them open to remove the root ball like I did. They do provide good air flow and are light weight with sturdy handles, but given the cost and the failure to entrap roots, I will not buy these again.
    Very strong - 1st year very good - using for our raised garden applications
  • Root Pouch Great Price
    I was really glad to find these large Root Pouches at such a great price. Have used Root Pouches before but Greenhouse Megastore had the very best price by far.
  • root pouch
  • 15 gallon root bags
    Just replacing the ones that I had for probably 6-7 years. They work well. Tomatoes, summer squash, carrots, green beans. wildflowers. They work well, year after year.
  • California
    These bags have work out very nicely. They are easy to move around as needed and hold up to heavy use.
  • Better Yields
    I switched to Root Pouch from in-ground growing for my backyard vegetable garden. I have higher yields, use less water, & can change plants when seasons change quickly & easily.
  • Should Have Done This Years Ago
    I started growing my vegetable garden in Root Pouch on a whim. I now have higher yields, use less water, & can better change plants out as needed.
  • Attractive and Convenient
    These have worked out great so far this season. It's my first year using grow bags and so far I've been very pleased. Most of the plants I have in them are thriving, and it's been nice to have something mobile to push around during inclement weather or when I've placed something in a spot that isn't getting the right amount of sunshine.
  • a new way to plant
    the Root Pouch is working very well. I ordered 10 gallon and 30 gallon pouches. I would use a larger than 10 gallon for Tomato plants and used the 30 for squash and eggplant. They will tend to dry out in the heat so watering is essential. Another tip is to fill the pouch with your soil then plant. They are reusable and take up little space. For planting herbs, make sure they are getting sun and not too low into the pouch. I highly recommend them.
  • Smaller than advertised (perhaps)
    It's not clear that the 3 g. pouches are the claimed size. The dimensions are listed as 10" in diameter and 8.5" high. That's the equivalent of 10.9 liters, not 12 liters. However, the base of the bags measures between 8.75" and 9.25". Split the difference and you end up with a bag that's roughly 9 liters rather than 12, or 25% smaller. Probably a more accurate measure is the inner circumference: 29.5" implies a diameter of approximately 9.4" and a volume of 9.7 liters, or 19.4% less than advertised. I'm using the pouches primarily to grow lettuce but also plan on trying beets, turnips, and blunt-nosed carrots. I thought about opting for the 5 g. pouches because they're 1.75" taller, but I figured I would try the 3 g. first and see how it goes. Honestly, I'm not certain the difference in size matters all that much. Lettuce will still be sown thickly and then thinned as baby greens. Same with beets.
  • Sturdiest grow bags
    Pricier than some others, but definitely worth it in terms of longevity. These can be placed right up next to each other to create artificial 'rows' which retain water longer. If you have a tiny growing space, these are a must-have.
  • Kiddie Pool Gardening
    These work fabulous if you are using the "Kiddie Pool" gardening method because the plants will draw water when they need it. Using a large plastic kiddie pool, I drill about 6 holes around the bottom edge (about 1 1/2" to 2" from the bottom of the pool) then place bags and fill open areas around the bags with gravel to prevent mosquito infestation. Easy feeding with liquid fertilizer...just pour into gravel around plants and they will pull what they need and fertilizer isn't wasted in run off. Be ready for everything to grow larger than normal because the plants don't get stressed from lack of water. These bags are like huge wicks for the roots so expect some algae to grow on the outside of the bags but even so the bags hold up for several years. Also can raise these pools by placing on shipping flats. I use 3 - 4 flats high for bush beans and such. Its so nice not to have to bend over to harvest beans!
  • Disappointing
    I wanted to love these and fully expected to, but I don't. First off I purchased the 5 gallon size, which are not 5 gallon by a long shot. More like 3, I would guess. When first planted they were alright, but as summer heated up they dried out more and more quickly (which is to be expected). The problem was that when I tried to water, the water just poured out the sides! Very little stayed in the pot. This was true even when the soil was not completely dry - just the edges. So the only way to give these pots a good soaking was to place them in a tub of water for several hours, and this had to be done every other day. It was then I was glad they were actually smaller than a true 5 gallon size. What a pain! I would never buy these again. I"m trying them this year with nasturtiums - a plant that doesn't mind being dry as a bone. If they don't do well; these pots will be in the trash.
  • The Brown ones go the distance
    I have used both the brown and blue root pouches. I use them for my winter plantings such as for pineapples or winter tomato. I have stopped using the grey ones as at the southernmost tip of Texas they just do not have the durability of the brown versions. I have over 5 years experience with these root pouches and the only negative I can offer is that if they are in contact with the ground vs concrete tough roots can penetrate them if there is moisture trapped under them. For most applications my negative is not a consideration.
  • Good water permeability
    We are happy with the 20-gal pots, they are roomy and big enough for mature trees. Water seeped right through the tiny little pores in walls which proves that air permeability is also great. Hope the root catchment works as advertised and the trees grow happy in those. They also look very cute and aesthetically pleasing and seem sturdy.
  • Happy Ed
    I love these bags! Perfect for tomatoes, beans, squash,
  • Excellent product
    Well-made, durable, perfect for growing plants. I chose 2 sizes and have basil growing in one and tomato plants in the larger size.I love that boxer root pouches allow me to move my plants about the yard. I am using metal wire supporting frames for the tomatoes and these fit perfectly into the root pouch, to train and support the tomato plants. I recommend this product without reservation.
  • I recommend
    Using as an alternative method of growing my garden, as I have hard clay soil. My plants grow very rapid and strong in the root pouches, and I only need to water weekly. I am very pleased. I have already made second purchase.
  • Great!
    Well made bags. Lightweight. My tomatoes and peppers did wat better that the ground ones. I have 5 gallon bags (20) and 15 gallon bags(10). I think they should last at least a few (3-5) years based on the fact that I only emptied a few of the small ones last fall and kept the rest outside full of soil, and they came out of zone 6 Michigan winter without any problems. Great roots in the bags I emptied. For the price, great investment. Some bags had green (algae?) in the outside bottom.
  • so versatile
    I have ordered these four times now. They do not take up space in the shed when not in use. They are strong and easy to move. They are attractive in our garden. I can place plants on uneven surfaces without leveling. the plant roots are happy. We get healthier plants than with other methods of container gardening.
  • Fantastic
    I have been using these for several years now. I grow tomatoes in them every spring and they grow beautifully..if I could add a photo of this years crop I would. Loads of fruit on after 5 weeks on the pots.
  • Bought more, again.
    These work great and are durable. I have now switched entire greenhouse over .
  • the only grow bags to use
    the best grow bags by far
  • Brown fabric pots
    I love the grey fabric pots but I know I will love these even more. My plants do so well in these pots. I have made several orders in the past and so very happy with this product.
  • Great root pouches
    I have more than 80 of these (various sizes). They are a good price compared to other vendors and are holding up well. Much better than trying to grow in Florida sand.
  • Very pleased
    Quick delivery and working exactly as expected.Results so far are looking great
  • excellent pot
    These fabric pots are great. They allow the roots to breath and water to drain. Customer service is outstanding.
  • Root Pouches
    I love my root pouches! I got 7 for the inside of my home and 1 for outside. I can see how easy these are to move and water.I would like to request to create these pouches for hanging baskets that are wide at the top and smaller dimension at the bottom like those straw things you get a lowes which would give a wider area for plants to grow. The gentleman I talked with before ordering was very helpful & patient since this is a new adventure for me.Thanks & I will be ordering more when I move .
  • Brown Grow bags - 100 gal
    I purchased 18 Brown Fabric Grow bags in the 100 gallon size. These are, by far, the best bags I have purchased. Great fabric weight, they don't collapse when filling them with soil, and stitching is consistent and well done. Much much better that the black ones being sold everywhere else.
  • 20 gallon root bags, brown
    Got these Root bags, Root pouches, found them to be great do far. Best handles I've used. Love the brown color. Delivery was prompt, packaging good. Overall, couldn't ask for more.Curious to see how many seasons they last... I had expect quite a few.
  • I'm impressed
    Very nice...Great value and seem to be very durable
  • Great Idea!
    Originally bought for 3 root bound rodys bought. Flowers started dying and when I took the plant out of pot, I was sickened. Can't believe Grange, or any store would sell a root bound plant. Fortunately, found Greenhouse Megastore and their root pots have handles! Bought medium size pot to use for smart pot raised bed. Oh, these work so GREAT!! I'm able to companion plant; hook up the drip irrigation and have as many as I want! My veggies have been growing 3 weeks and already need a bigger Root Pot! I'm sure the replant will be just as easy as planting originally! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
  • root pouch fabric pot - 100 gallon
    I have put this container in my garden. I have cucumbers and some flowers in it. Everything is growing and happy in it. It holds its shape, it is well put together, all the seams are sturdy. I'm sure I will order again . Thank you
  • So far so good
    We are growing 4 seed potatoes per bag for fingerlings. Will keep you posted on their progress.
  • Grow Pots
    I bought the brown 10g and gray 7g grow pots. The products are very durable, handles work great. Much better than regular plastic pots. Excess water will seep through pouch.
  • 2 gallon grow bag size
    I used a different site to buy this company's 2 gallon grow bag, a site that did not have the measurements noted. I assumed that a two gallon grow bag would equate in size to about two gallons of milk. I figured that would be enough to use in my rain gutter garden system to grow tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, peppers, etc.Boy, was I WRONG. The pots I received, which were of great quality, were FAR TOO SMALL to grow vegetables. You need a minimum of 5 gallons. I feel like I was misled. What am I going to do with $69 (with shipping) worth of far too small grow bags? Why isn't a 2 gallon grow bag the equivalent of 2 gallons of milk? Watch out for this trick.
  • Over Winter Pepper Plants
    I bought this size to hold my over-wintered pepper plants. I'm very pleased with the quality, they should work just fine for several years.
  • Owner
    Could be taller should last long time good price thumbs up will order again
  • Grow bags
    Great heavy duty grow bags, I prefer white, super quality
  • Mr.
    I used this size to grow my Egg plant and the plants did very well.
  • Mr.
    This was the best size for a single tomato Plant
  • large fabric planter
    Bought these because the next size down was out of stock when I ordered. HUGE planters! I transplanted my Moringa trees (one per planter) with some lemongrass. All the plants took well to their new homes. The fabric feels very sturdy/well constructed. Bought the style with handles. I had purchased some of the smaller size planters a year old - stood up well to Florida sun, and being dragged, lifted, pushed, pull etc in and out of green house for winter, back out again, and still holding up well. I did have one of the smaller planters (one year old) lose a handle when I tried to move it full of soil and plants by only one of the handles - my mistake. I really like these planters. It is a great way to grow plants if your soil isn't up to par. The 35 gal on up is a nice way to do your companion planting in the same planter. Very happy with my purchase!
  • Homeowner
    So far, the products is living up to it reputation.
  • Great for Wicking Beds!
    We are using these in our wicking bed systems and for growing potatoes. We have some that are a year old in various sizes and just purchased these to expand our system. They hold up well and easy to clean when you are ready to plant something new! Highly recommend!
  • sturdy pots
    Great pots at decent price. I took off one star because the color of the fabric faded after one year.
  • 3 gallon root bags
    3 gallon root bags are no where close to the same size as 3 gallon bucket. needed 600. bought 10 pack to test. Will not be ordering any more.
  • Boxer Brown Grow Bags are Top Notch!
    Thank you. Fast shipping, great product, and seem super durable. Boxer Brown root pouches are said to be the toughest. Time will tell. A+ Thank you.
  • Great products...great service
    Product was great and when something didn't arrive that was ordered, customer service was very friendly and got it right out to me! I will definatly order again!
  • Pleasantly Surprised
    I wanted to expand my garden without adding more raised beds so I tried the grow bags. The plants are doing good. I like the fact that I can move them around. The seeded bags are still sprouting when the raised beds have come up, so maybe better for plants. I chose to not have the bags touch the dirt. I opted for weed block then a shade cloth base so it looks neat. I have photos if there is a way to attach.
  • Durable fabric
    I have been using the brown root pouches for 3 years now. They work fairly well. My biggest complaints are that they dry quickly on top, but stay wet near the bottom. Often algae will form and it is not that attractive. You can use hydrogen peroxide or other products to clean. Besides that I love them for root growth and plant health. I will be using root pouches from now on. Cosmetic issues aside these are good products. After 3 years they still are holding up and should make 5 or 6 years before they need to be replaced.
  • Brown root pouch bags
    These root pouch bags are really nice. They fit perfectly in some pans that I buy locally. I find the price is right for them and they work great. The reason for the rating of 4 out of 5 is because I never give anything a perfect score.
  • More Bag For The Buck
    This is a great bag for the money. Much better quality for less $$ than any bag offered at my local shop.This three gallon is a great intermediate holding bag. It also works well for the limited space gardener. Word to the wise.... the bigger the bag the bigger the harvest. Bigger roots equal bigger fruits....
  • More Bag For The Buck
    These are the best quality bag I have seen.The price is better than my local shop charges for the cheap bags. The fabric is very tough and the stitching is well done. You can easily pick up a full bag with one handle and not worry about damage to the bag. The can be machine washed between grows if you need to.Keep up the good work and I keep recommending you new customers.
  • Mr
    Product was as advertised. Handles seem strong enough to pull up on a tree and not break. Seems like it will last a long time.
  • 45 gallon root pouch
    used grow bags for planting garlics. well made, heavy duty material
  • 25g root Bags
    Strong enough handles to move when full with wet dirt.
  • Awesome products
    I purchased root pouches from this company and am very pleased with them. My plants are growing like crazy and they are easy to move with the handles.
  • stinky
    I am glad to find your biodegradable containers. They're much better than the normal black plastic containers which are difficult to handle and either get misshapen if they are thin and hard to handle if they are thick rigid. Either one does not have a good, large handle lip to carry. Yours carry very easily. There is enough plastic in the World already, so yours are a good welcome solution to the plastic problem. I am glad I bought 12 bundles of 10 bags each and will come back for more.
  • Root Pouches
    I was pleased with the service and am in process of using the root pouches which appear to be functioning well.
  • Great product!
    I bought Root Pouch, Boxer Brown Fabric Pot, Longest Lifespan - 200 gallon, 100 gallon and 65 gallon.Very happy with my purchase :) I would recommend this to anyone
  • Works well
    Plants grow very well with fabric pots.
  • Will buy again!
    Excellent product. These bags help keeping the humidity inside it. Plants need less watering. I highly recommend them!
  • so far so good
    we love them so far. we'll see how well they last
  • Thin and fragile
    As thin as smart pots. Not worth it at all. Will rip after one year.
  • Love these bags
    I have only been using these root pouches for 6 months, but I love them. I bought the 10 gal for veggies, and the 5 gal for tropical hibiscus. My hibiscus look great.I think the 10 gal are too small for tomatoes. By pruning the roots, the plants are also self pruned. The plants were much smaller, and so was the quantity. I am not unhappy with the outcome, but I think bigger pots will do better.
  • Brown Fabric Root Pouch
    My tomatoes and cucumber plants are growing well in the root pouches. I bought them as I live in the woods, so I need to move these veggie plants to where they'll receive sun throughout most of the day. The handles make moving thesepots easy. So far I'm pleased with them and will see how well they've worked by the end of the season.
  • Just Wonderful
    There aren't a lot of ways to pre-grow the landscaping while we rent and look for our own that don't involve the property we're only renting. These root pouches are growing my fruit trees, bulbs and others. My sister's winter protections and my neighbor's as well. The price is almost as good as the product! 'Pretty genius, as my son-in-law says!
  • Review of Grow Bags
    I find the bags easy to move around, and I am instructing my students to purchase the bags as an alternative to growing in the ground.
  • Our plants couldn't be more pleased!
    I've said goodbye to container growing! I transplanted some of the grow bags plants and saw first hand the network of tiny roots afforded by the bags!
  • root brown bags
    Using about 50 of these for potatoe growing and they really work! Bought the larger size and my potatoes are growing like crazy in these bags. Good price and good quality handles for my potatoe farming needs.
  • I like!
    I have only had these fabric pots a couple of weeks and the only thing I can say at this point is they are very well made. I am very happy with them.
  • Boxer Brown Fabric Pots
    I would have gladly picked the 5 but my most recent order seemed to take a long time to get here--especially since I live in a state with GM warehouse.The pots however absolutely deserve a 5--the long lasting ones that I got are wonderfully sturdy and have great handles. I am a little curious about the pots that are intended to be planted in the ground. I would think that the recycled pop bottle plastic would take a very long time to break down...
  • Great Pots
    I love using fabric pots. They have the advantages of other pots (fewer weeds, portability, less stooping down). Plus, you don't have to worry about over-watering because the drainage is excellent, and (even better) the plants never get root-bound. These Boxer Brown Root Pouches are supposed to have a long lifespan, which is also great. These pots are high-quality and durable, with strong stitching. The cloth is thick and strong, but still drains well. These are also a great price compared to other fabric pots.
  • Root Pouches in the Garden
    I really like using the bags in my hybrid grow system. They work great. They are transportable, aesthetically pleasing. They seem a little small for their stated size but I guess the sizing is accurate. No problems so far. Would and have purchased again for garden use.
  • boxer brown root pouch
    An amazing product. I've got peppers, greens and herbs growing in them in our greenhouse. They are holding up nicely and have been through the washer one time already with no quality issues. Will be buying more of these for winter crops.
  • Decent Product
    These root pouches are very decent. I'm using them to grow on my patio this year they look very nice I like the 5 gallon and 15 Gallon pouches the best though we ordered 1 gallon pouches. So far so good.
  • Root pouch bags
    We are moving, and I wanted to take my rose bushes with us. These bags have been great to use not only because they have handles that make them easy to move around, but because I do not have to replant the roses when I plant them in our new garden. I can plant the rose in the bag and over time it will decompose. It is great that these bags are made from plastic bottles and so through the recycle of the bottles we are afforded another product that is environmentally beneficial. Excellent work to the people who thought up this idea. Thank you.
  • Love, Love, Love These! Highly recommended.
    I rarely write reviews, and I rarely find a product that impresses me as much as these pots have. This is my first time using root pouches. I had never even heard of them until recently. My tomato and herb plants had become root bound, spindly, and were turning brown in their plastic containers. I'm not exaggerating when I say that within 48-hours of transplanting the plants into these root pouches, they have become lush, spread out, and within a few days, are growing like crazy. I wish I could show you the before and after photos. I've told several friends about them and will definitely be buying more, for myself and to give away as gifts. They are convenient, easy to use, easy to fill, easy to carry and easy to arrange. They look good, and the price is great. You can't go wrong. I give them my highest recommendation. Thank you!
  • time to grow!
    These fabric pots are the best addition to the garden, porch, patio and deck. These bags have brought me to a new level of production and quality. The discovery of these has changed my propagation plans and I have so much more room in the garden that I can raise those crops that take a lot of space and I have a new vegetables and herbs that I could never think of growing in the short season in Vermont.
  • Growing raspberries
    These are nicely made pots. I am experimenting with raspberries. I had some I dug out of the ground and put in plastic pots, and they survived a very long harsh winter. I re-potted them in April into the cloth pots, put them in a high tunnel to jump start them growing while it was still cold outside. It's mid-May and they're leafed out and about to blossom, and I have set them outside. I used a combination of the Wondersoil bricks and peat, and will fertilize later in the season with composted manure. I predict good things because the plants look very happy.
  • Very happy
    I had good luck growing potatoes last year in 2 black grow bags I had on hand, so I decided to stock up on 20 of these. I used a mixture of peat, coir, organic potting mix and composted chicken manure and used leftover potatoes from last season that were sitting in the fridge. It's nice to have handles, since I started them inside in a high tunnel greenhouse, and then moved them outside.
  • Root Pouch Boxer Brown Fabric Pot is Outstanding!
    This year I decided to plant container gardens and purchased three different brands of fabric pots. The Root Pouch is by far my favorite (and they were the least expensive). The quality seems to be better than the other two brands. I've planted tomatoes, pineapple ground cherries and hot peppers. All my plants are doing very well. I highly recommend the Root Pouch for other gardeners.
  • Beyond Amazing!
    These pots are the absolute best! They are extremely durable and so much better than the plastic pots I used to buy. This is the first year I've used them, but the plants roots LOVED them and when I was finished they were easy to rinse out and fold up for use next year. The price here is unbelievable. Local stores want $3+ for each gallon pot and they are the cheap ones that last less than 1 year unlike these high quality ones that last 5+.
  • Great Bags
    I used the grey bags last year and they performed very well in the desert climate. So, this year I ordered the larger, longer-lasting bags. I plan to buy more. I grow tomatoes to sell at farmers markets.
  • Best bags I've found
    Love these bags. They are thicker than any others I've purchased, hold their shape well and don't look like they're made of plastic. Though darker, the color and texture is sort of reminiscent of burlap. Tomatoes, peppers, snap beans, eggplant and melons all doing spectacularly well.
  • Looks great and got here quickly!
    I wasn't sure what I would get, but I decided to take the chance and order one...based on mine, what you will get when you order this:1. Relatively fast delivery2. A paper tag that you definitely SHOULD remove before using (because most of us live in areas with fungus gnats that can and will bring mold to anything and everything capable of molding).3. A plant pot that is definitely breathable, a little thicker than the really good reusable fabric grocery bags from the grocery store (which don't make particularly good plant pots) and will hold a nice shape even with dirt and a large, prickly tree in it.4. They are cheaper than anywhere else I could find.A side note: 30 gallons is probably going to be hard to find a 'plant saucer' for - BUT they also have a square plant tray here for less than you'd pay in addition to the cost of the pot for less than you will pay for a plastic plant pot of similar size.
  • Fabulous pots-NOT mold
    Despite Jason's background in mold, the growth on these pots is MOSS. Very common when using soil for planting. It's caused by the micro organisms in most soil and is actually beneficial....since soil is alive. I've been gardening for 35+ yrs. for pleasure and for a business. Even though bags may be thin in does no affect their performance. I've used both the grey and brown...the black are thin and good as pot liners only.
  • quality not there
    Purchased 7 gal pots that were supposed to be the best quality.Stitching was poor. There was no uniform thickness, you could read a newspaper through some areas.No response from store from my email.Cheap for a reason. Gardeners beware.
  • Great product!
    We are a nonprofit who planned a tree giveaway in downtown Raleigh. These pouches were perfect - they looked great and were easily transportable. They shipped quickly and were exactly what we expected. Would buy again!
  • like the pots
    great price, great product
  • Responce TO Mega's Response Re:Mold on Root Pouc
    My response to Megastores response to MOLD ON POUCHES:I appreciate your response to my review about the mold that is growing on the outside of the root pouches I purchased, but I felt the need to clarify and respond. Ironically I've worked in the mold remediation industry for over 10 years and am quite familiar with what mold looks like....and the mold growing on the outside of the pouch is mold 100%. It started on what was left of the paper tag after I ripped off what I could. There was still some paper tag stuck inside the sewing seam that can't be removed from the stitching of the pouch. Once that paper got wet from watering, the mold started to grow on the paper then spread to 1/3 of the pouch (inside and out). It's not moss...its brown colored mold! I cleaned every pot by spraying each mold colony with H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) on the mold colonies and it did take care of it initially....but a week later it returned. Again, the pouch quality and price are excellent .....not sure what to do about the mold at this point?MY CONSUMER ADVICE: STOP USING PAPER TAGS AND THE MOLD WONT START IN THE FIRST PLACE. P.S. I Love Greenhouse megastore! they've been great to order from and have the best prices on the web:)
  • Good Price, good quality...bad mold
    I'm really on the fence with these root pouches. They're made of good quality materials, they are cheap, but I'm getting significant patches of mold and fungus around the outside of half of my pots (50 out of 100). They're spaced out with 3-4 between them so there's lots of air movement around them. I've been growing for years so it's not like i'm overwatering or something. I want to like these pots but I'm not sure what to think considering all the mold?! I may have to throw them all out
  • Love these so far!
    I really love these so far! Easy to move around, the plants took off growing right away. Love the idea of aeration to the roots, and hoping they are better for the plants over the winter.
  • Boxer Brown Fabric Pot
    I like the bags, much easier to move around, however, when watering it did not spread evenly, found a lot of dry spots after plenty of water, seems it goes out the sides quicker than not. To rectify this, I lined them w/bubble wrap around the sides, this made a HUGE difference.
  • ?
    I love these. My trees are thriving and I will be getting more.
  • Gallon Root Pouches are great for tomatoes
    My tomato, pepper, and egplant seedlings grew nicely in the one-gallon root pouches. The pouches are very thick and durable. The root structures of the plants looked great with lots of short roots. There were no real long roots winding around the pot. These are such high quality and low cost that I stopped making my own out of landscape cloth. The one negative is plants are a bit hard to get out of the fabric pots.
  • work fine for my purposes
    I was planning on fabricating some hanging fabric containers to make up a strawberry wall, when I saw the brown fabric pot description. Perfect, plus I did not have to start doing any sewing. My original intent was to tie off the pots by their handles. The item description was somewhat ambiguous in this regard, I found (1 gal pots have no handles). But the seams are nice and strong. Folding them over the wire frame (concrete reinforcing, very rigid), and clipping with a strong paper clip, worked just fine. The berries are growing happily. These pots are supposed to last years; time will tell.
  • Root Pouch-Boxer Brown
    Great product with exceptional prices compared to the competition! Excellent costumer service and reliable, quick shipping. Would definitely shop here again and again!
  • Good for the price
    I really like these pots I ordered the 10 Gallon and they work great. My only issue with them is I think the sewing job could be better. I have other types of fabric pots and you can tell that they are sewn much better. But I have yet to have a problem because of that yet so good product so far.
  • Mr
    So impressed with the quality of these grow bags, we ordered the larger size as well.
  • Awesome pots
    My plants took off in these things. They are half the price of almost any other fabric pot, last longer, and work incredibly well. I plan to do an entire vegetable garden in larger Root Pounces this summer.