Plastic Plant Labels

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Our plain, white plastic plant labels are produced from high impact recycled styrene which makes these labels easy to write on. 4-1/2" x 1" Square Edge (100/per bundle or 1000/per case) 5" x 5/8" Rounded Edge (100/per bundle or 1000/per case) 6" x 5/8" Rounded Edge (100/per bundle or 1000/per case)
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Our plain, white plastic plant labels are produced from high impact recycled styrene which makes these labels easy to write on.

  • 4-1/2" x 1" Square Edge (100/per bundle or 1000/per case)
  • 5" x 5/8" Rounded Edge (100/per bundle or 1000/per case)
  • 6" x 5/8" Rounded Edge (100/per bundle or 1000/per case)
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Reviews (212)
  • Plastic plant labels
    Expected them to be a thicker gauge. I push it into the soil; and they bends. Height and width are good ; but to thin.
  • Study Plant Labels at Great Price
    Ordered these sturdy plant labels recently and I am very pleased. Sturdy, tall and a great price!
  • Please state that 4.5 in labels must be pulled apart.
    The company was easy to deal with and shipping was fast BUT the 4.5 in labels come on a roll amd must be pulled apart. I would not have purchased them had I known that, please put in product description. As silly as it aounds its just another thing I have to do and I need all 1000 labels on the roll that I now need to rip apart. 🙁
  • Works great
    Easy to write on and tough durable product
  • work great
    I print labels for these and use them to label the plants I sell in my wholesale nursery
  • Works
    Works as expected.
  • Plant labels
    Good product for the the price.
  • Plant labels
  • nice size
    Works great with a sharpie marker
  • flimsy labels
    Didn’t realize the square label would come in a roll. Very flimsy. Some break when I try to separate them. Good size though. Just wish they were stronger like the other labels and already came separated and smooth.
  • economical and useful
    marker and pencil wear well on these tags
  • Excellent Labels 4x1 size
    Got the full roll, easy to use, and pretty spacious, each label fits full plant name. Easy to write on. Great product
  • Wider labels in a roll
    I like the width of the labels for hand writing plant names. I did not prefer them on a roll.
  • Good quality for the price
    Not flimsy, good size writing surface. Would purchase again
  • roll tags
    seems like the rolls of tags want to split where it is not perforated to separate tags ,received 3 rolls of a 1000 and they all seem to do the same thing
  • Do not tear. Fold-unfold instead
    I wish the labels would come with instructions for those who don’t understand that, just like paper, when there is perforation, it does not mean you would rip it apart. Instead, fold it first, then fold back and they will separate readily.
  • Good stuff
    The fact that they come ins a roll is a major bonus. I print Avery labels and then lay packaging tape across the entire width of 15 labels, on both sides. Then I burnish down the tape before I cut then. When it’s time to separate, I can easily fold and unfold and they separate easily. I have done 1,000 of them without absolutely no loss of labels.
  • Sturdy labels
    Good sturdy labels, I'd buy them again.
  • Labels
    You labels are good and does the job adequately but it would be great if they were more firm. Do you have 8” labels that are thicker and more sturdy?
  • It's me again
    This is a review for the 6 inch wide + 5/8 inch tall labels. They are da bomb. Thick enough to go through soil with no effort but soft enough to bend under a short humidity dome, semi-glossy, and are individually separated. Do not get the 4.5 inch labels, those stink (see other review). I do not recommend using any green sharpie on these labels, it quickly fades in the sun.
  • Ugg I should have listened
    Like another user I got the 1 inch wide + 4.5 inch tall labels. I got the 100 pack bundle. It thought they would be similar to the the 6 inch tall + 5/8 inch tall labels, which I had previously purchased and was very pleased with. Anyway, the 4.5in labels are thin, easily tear incorrectly, come on a large roll connected together so you have to individually tear apart all 100 labels. I lost about 12 trying to get them apart. I thought they would come looking like the labels you see attached to chain hardware store plants but these labels are a mockery. Stick with the 6 incher and 5 incher labels instead my dudes.
  • Worst Labels Ever
    I purchased the 1” wide by 4.5 - 1000 case. They are absolutely horrible! Do not buy these. They are extremely thin. They come all on a roll and you have to break them apart yourself. They do not break apart easily. They tear extremely easy because they are so cheap and thinly made. Worst labels ever!
  • Plant labels
    Durable, good quality
  • Just the thing!
    A great product from a great company - Fast Shipping, too!
  • Great Deal !
    Best deal I could find! Very satisfied !
  • 4.5
    Perfect for 3.5 pots. Large enough space for writing, strong enough for pushing into soil mixes, very good price. Use a marker made specifically for plant stakes (UV resistant), Sharpie fades quickly.
  • Plastic Plant Labels
    Very cheap and flimsy. Would not buy again.
  • Plastic Labels
    Excellent product for the price; works well for labeling plants.
  • Purchasing Manager
    Excellent product for the price; makes great labels for plants.
  • Great Product
    We use these to tag some 1500 plants every year for a charity sale. They are durable, have enough space to write on, and look professional. When I worked in the horticulture field we used these same tags in greenhouses. Very good value for the cost.
  • Teacher
    Excellent item. The labels are large enough for 3rd graders to write their plant information and easy to insert into the 6-cell planters.
  • perfect size labels
    These are just right for the pots I ordered and have enough room to be pushed down into the pot for security but enough on top to read what it is.
  • Perfect size for our products
    I love these plant product labels !!! Not too long and not too wide... There is enough room to write the botanical name and the common name of our plants. Strong material and with the pens you sell to write on them they are just what we needed in our greenhouse. Excellent product as we just ordered another 2000 to get us through to next year...
  • Plant labels
    Fast shipping! Labels were not as rigid as I thought they might be but they have served my purpose.
  • 6 inch plant labels
    Great Labels-sturdy and long enough to fit the whole plant name. We have been using these to label our sale plants for the last 6 years!
  • flatlander
    very nice pots
  • Good plant labels.
    Good labels, good price.
  • Cost-effective
    Easy to use. Pencil markings remain legible for two or more years. Can get brittle in full sun or after a couple of hard winters but quick and easy to replace. Also re-usable - wash off, rub out and back to work!
  • Great for the price
    These work, and are a great price. However I must confess that I cut them in half and cut them down to fit in a low domed planting system. I would buy these again.
  • Label plastic
    Pencil works well. Nice size to write on and place in the pot.
  • Buyer
    Works as intended, durable and aren't flimsy
  • Quality labels
    These labels are perfect for labeling plant names for sale. Lots of room to write and not to flimsy. Definitely a good buy.
  • Not thick enough
    Although the shape is great, the label is too thin to insert easily into soil. Also, they come on a roll so you have to separate them one from another. I definitely would not buy them again. Now if they were cut individually from thicker plastic, they would be perfect.
  • plastic labels
    This product is great for using with plant starts and seedlings; can't beat the price!
  • Plastic Labels
    These are simple plastic labels for routine use. They are little thin for ensuring use, but low price and a bargain in quantity.. Recommend them.
  • Plastic Plant Labels - 4-1/2
    I like the length of the labels a little different than I expected.
  • markers
    great plant markers good value
  • 41/2 plastic plant lables 1000
    Love them they are great for what I needed them for. Thank You Joyce C. Holland
  • Good Labels
    sturdy and easy to write on with a Sharpie
  • Six-Inch Plastic Plant Tags
    I am pleased with the quality and especially the cost of these plant tags. The give me enough room to label hybrid plants and take pencil entries very easily.
  • I love it, but there could be improvements
    I wish there was more quality control. One batch I got last year they were too narrow and the labels didn't fit, they were too big. This year the first batch was great, the second batch were not cut down the middle and thus one side the part for the label was long, and the other, was short and the label hung over the end. But, for the price, and what I need, this will always be my source.
  • Jay
    When I first received these plant tags, I thought they looked flimsy and wouldn't hold up to a hot Florida growing season. Was I ever wrong! These tags are great, last from season to season, and are easy to write on to keep new seedlings identified.
  • Should work for pots
    The labels are the right size for attaching my detailed Avery labels for plant sales. Like others mentioned, a little flimsy for garden use, but in my sandy soil they work okay to mark specific plants as to color, height, or move this one. Not sturdy enough for permanent labeling. It was unclear from the description that I would receive these on a roll to tear apart.
  • Perfect little tags
    Lightweight but strong and nice surface for easy writing.
  • Perfect!
    Perfect size & easy to write on. Use these to mark plants that I am selling at the farmer's market.
  • Pot Stakes
    The pot stakes are not as heavy as I expected, but they worked fine.
  • awesome
    I looked around, and found the cost of this item can be crazy high! The price for the amount of labels you get is well worth it
  • Plastic Plant Labels
    As described.
  • love these
    I love that they are on a roll and you take off what you need. I reuse them every year!
  • Perfect Size Labels
    These labels are the perfect size. Wide enough to write on and deep enough to not come out.
  • Plastic plant labels
    Perfect for labeling seedlings that look alike! Much better than cutting up Clorox bottles! Good price too.
    I was tired of trying to make homemade plant labels so I broke down and ordered these. They're just great and no danger of running out. Very easy to write on and just the right size. Good Buy.
  • I always need plant label
    They were thinner than I expected but they all do the same thing and serve the same purpose.
  • Nice labels!
    I prefer these labels instead of the wooden ones. Easier to write on with the marker you sell. I cut off about 1/2 to use in the covered trays.
  • Plastic plant labels -5
    What can be said. They are 20% longer than 4, plenty of space to write with a permanent marker, keeps plant identities clear.
  • Brittle, breakable
    We've used thousands of these labels from GHMS, with good results. I don't know if our last order of 3000 was old or damaged, or if this is a new batch. We hand print our labels and when tearing them apart if we are not VERY careful the pointed end breaks off from the larger square end. For every strip of 24 we seem to break 2 or 3.
  • Great value
    I use hundreds of labels each year and always purchase them from Greenhouse Megastore. They are great in the greenhouse or out in the gardens. You can't beat the value and the quality of the product.
  • Will buy again!
    Excellent product. I highly recommend them!
  • Labels , pots, trays
    Works great for my needs in greenhouse. Happy that I could fine the products I need through your store. Durability is important to me.
  • Good plant tags, good price
    These were just what I wanted to label plants I propagate from seed. I thought they would be on sheets, but they came separated -- even better.
  • Changed raw material
    Useable but now one side is slick whereas both sides were a matte finish which accepts pencil better
  • Great Price
    Not sure how they'll hold up outside, but suspect better than the hard plastic tags that come in a nursery potted plant.Worked great for me.
  • Plant Tags
    I used the tags with mailing address labels for plants for a plant sale. They are almost the perfect size. Could make quite a few all at once.
  • Gets the Job Done
    These labels do what you need them to and no more. They're cheap and easy to write on. A little flimsy and you'll need to make sure you use a good marker or pen or the writing will wear off when you water.
  • Plastic plant labels
    We've ordered the plastic plant labels from the Megastore for several years and we are very satisfied with the ease of use in marking the labels and the pricing of the labels.
  • Great labels!
    I use these labels for all my plants. They are easy to write on without being too large and TZ tape sticks well to them.
  • perfect tags
    We purchased these to write our own tags for varieties of seedlings we grow and sell, yet not in quantities enough to quantify purchasing printed ones. love the size, acceptance of magic marking and ease of separation.
  • Plant label stakes
    Good value and work well
  • They work well
    These 6 labels work nicely.If you write using pencil they can be erased and reused.
  • mr.
    excellent product, just what I wanted and thought it would be.
  • Best Ever!
    By the the most ECONOMICAL tags out there for the money. If you want the more heavy duty ones, these are not those. They are a bit thin, but still do the job. But if you grow in bulk, these go a long long way. I sell starter plants on the side and grow about 1500 -2000 plants a year and only use these tags. I cut the length of the tag in half, and double the amount. They are perfect for what I do.Great product, Great Price : )
  • Worth the price
    My first impression was that these tags are pretty pricey, but after using them for a few years and seeing how well they hold up in the sun, I decided they are worth the money and reordered them again. The best marker to use on this type of tag is a plain old pencil, which will not fade or wash off..
  • Just right for my purposes
    I purchased these labels for use with my starter plants and they work perfect. Very flexible...which is what I wanted. The label has a shinny side and a dull side which allows some options when using different writing utensils.
  • Can't beat the price and quantity!
    I can't believe I used to buy those little packets of maybe a dozen plastic labels at discount stores for about the same price, maybe more, than I'm paying here for 100 labels! And these are bigger, with more room to write details on either side, in pencil or magic marker.They were a little thinner and more flexible than I expected, but really it's not a problem. In fact, the stiffer labels I've bought in the past would get brittle and snap after a few years, useless after they've broken into pieces. These reminded me of the consistency of a bleach bottle's plastic, tho more flexible. And as I said, the size is ideal for writing a lot more than the name of the plant. I'm a home gardener, so like to note the date I bought a houseplant or maybe where I bought an annual for outside, just so I can note at the end of the year which did better. I bought the 4 1/2 inch long size, which are perfect for me. Love this company! If you have an issue or concern, just email them for immediate reply!
  • Plant tags
    The product was received quickly and was of excellent quality. I will order more in the future
  • Plant Labels
    Arrived well-packed and on time. Labels are sturdy and good quality for the price. I'm moving and am using the labels to mark those I've divided to take with me.
  • Best for the Buck
    These labels are exactly what I needed, and are exactly as advertised. I use a number 2 pencil for plant labels, so the matte finish on one side of these is perfect. Don't know yet how they'll come through the winter, but so far I'm very pleased with them.
  • 6
    These labels are just what I needed for my many rhododendron seedlings when I first plant them outdoors.I had purchased some from another vendor online previously, but yours were thicker, and thus better quality, and cheaper!John Delano
  • Johnny
    This is a very good size of label for those of you who like a little more room to write. I would prefer a slightly stiffer, more sturdy label but these are typical for the price range. We use the to keep track of our strains and breeding projects. In a world where all your plants look the same, labels are the absolute must.
  • Good Value
    They are a good value for the price.
  • Plastic Plant Labels - 5
    Super Product - Long enough to allow for a lot of information to be recorded and are very resonably priced.
  • plastic plant labels
    You can use them more than once I am satisfied with my purchase.
  • Great product
    I love these. They are the only labels I use for my pepper plant business. Whatever doesn't sell pot and labels are reused for the next year. I have some that are at least 3 yrs old and they are still in good-as-new shape. I love them, so does my partner.
  • good quality
    shipping prompt and product as advertised
  • Lables
    Excellent quality & easy to use. Came in 6 days.
  • plant tags
    Works great wide enough to write on easy
  • Plant labels
    Very good tag at a reasonable price
  • Plant Labels
    Good price and easy to use product.
  • Plant Tags
    I am very pleased with the plant tags... instead of writing on them I bought Computer labels that fit. Now I just Print as many labels as I need and put them on the tags. Very nice looking and so far the ink is not running or fading.
  • Good Enough
    These don't get wet, my writing doesn't melt off, they cost so little, and I think I love 'em!
  • Great helpers
    These plant labels are just right for marking different varieties of plants and easily written on with a sharpie. Very pleased!
  • Raymond's Produce
    These labels are soft plastic not hard plastic and come in a roll. If you are looking for something for 1 season these will work.
  • great product
    I like that these labels are in a roll. I don't have to worry about them scaturing every where.
  • Plastic Plant Labels - 4-1/2
    Delivery time was excellent. These are the greatest tags ever. You can write on them front and back with a pencil and erase. We even accidently ran one through the washer and dryer cycle of laundry and it came out like new with the pencil writing still on it. Thank you for great service and products.
  • Nothing Sent to Review
    I was offered the plastic plant labels when I ordered another product. I received the product but not the plastic labels. Maybe they were on back order and could not be sent with the other products but it has been almost a month now.
  • Plant labels
    Had a gardening party and purchased these because they were most cost effective. Turned out the 4.5 labels perfect for our needs. Just the right amount of room for writing our plant info on and they are flexible so they fit nicely with the 1020 trays & the clear humidity dome. Make sure to bend perforations where the labels join before separating as we did tear through a few labels. But with a pack of 100 at such a great price no tears were shed.
  • 5 inch tabs
    The tabs are strong, I ordered the 5 after use the 4 would be a better choice for me. Either way the buyer should find the product practical.
  • Good enough
    These stakes tear easily but if you take care they could be suitable for your needs.
  • So handy
    I love these little things. So very handy for keeping track of what's planted where. Very useful!
  • Plant Labels
    Good price on plant labels. Will help lend a professional touch to my small nursery products!
  • 4-1/2
    These are great for small grow operations like ours. I grow about 10,000 flowers & give away to friends who can't afford them. Cheap to buy, easy to write on or I can put on a printed label. Also easy for kids to write on! Very cost effective!!
  • plant markers
    Boy this sure beats buying those small packages at other stores, these are great and the price is right plus they are easy to take apart. I would recommend Greenhouse megastore to and will keep buying from them, Margie.
  • good quality, low price
    good quality plastic plant labels. MUCH cheaper than the competition, but just as good. I'll be back.
  • plastic plant labels
    these were very thin. I ripped a few as I took them apart very carefully. I expected them to be double in width/strength.
  • Great label
    These are a nice medium weight label. They keep there shape when moving them around from pot to pot,
  • Excellent deal
    Just what we were looking for. Great transaction. Thank you.
  • Plastic Plant Labels
    I used the 5 plastic plant labels. They are durable,a good value and easy to write on with pencil which makes them reusable and mistake proof.
  • Plastic plant markers
    Just what i needed.
  • Plant Sale Fundraiser
    just what we needed. delivered promptly.
  • Claudia
    easy to write on, good, sturdy plastic, already separated. A very good value.
  • I'm happy with them
    This is my second order of these plant markers. They are just the right size, and so far have proven to be nice and sturdy. I use the garden marker pen to write on them and they hold the ink nicely.
  • labels
    I won't waste the money these were crap
  • Patricia
    Easy to use. Will definitely order again.
  • Does the Job
    Perfect for labeling potted plants. Fairly thin so not sure how well it will stand up outdoors but it econimically does the job for labeling potted plants before they are transplanted outside.
  • Plastic Plant Labels
    This was exactly what I was looking for and the cost was great too.Thanks Bill
  • Arrived as described
    These labels are great. I will continue to buy them.
  • 6
    I've used these labels for about a month now. I wrote on them with a carpenter's pencil. So far so good. No fading. Nice size. I would recommend these labels.
  • Great
    Heavy duty, great service
  • Works well.
    Garden markers are perfect for marking my plants. They are very sturdy and easy to write on with garden marker pen. I use them to mark my seed pots, then transfer them over when I plant the seedlings in the ground. After several months in the ground they are still good as new.
  • Exceptional Quality and Price
    The plastic plant markers were of great quality and price. I had searched the web and nearly everyone charged an extraordinary amount for a few markers.
  • very good labels
    very good plant labels to mark what your plants are
  • Brooks
    Something was wrong with the plastic which made it very difficult to write on. This issue varied from tag to tag.
  • Nice deal
    These are a great deal and look nice in the pots.
  • oklahoma gardener
    woohooo! no more guessing what I wrote on popsicle sticks or trying to remember what I planted where. Wrote on them w/ a pencil. Shared half with my sister. She is happy too!
  • Plant Sticks
    I ordered these plant sticks twice. The first ones I received were pretty good..durable. The second order was a different material. They were flimsier thinner. They both work for what I needed them for and the price can't be beat. I am just not sure why there was a difference in the material the sticks were made of.
  • Good plant label, good price, works great!
    Plant labels work well for anyone that has a small to medium size nursery. Homeowners will love them. Good price and fast shipping!
  • Plastic Plant Labels - 6
    I used these labels for all my new plants. I have planted so many flowers this last year that I needed a way to identify each one. I tried other ways that did not work as well as this plastic label. The labels are very easy to use. All you need is a permanent marker and the name of the plant. It is a quick and easy way to keep up with the plants you have.
  • plastic plant labels 4 1/2
    product as advertized. good quality. excellant service. great comunication.
  • Great
    Exactly what I needed!
  • My favorite labels
    These are my favorite labels for use both in the garden and for plant sales. Nice weight, not too flimsy.
  • Roll of Plastic Plant Labels
    Perfect Just what I needed
  • Just ordered these again
    Nice tags. Good width and surface to be easy to write on.
  • I have used these for years
    I have a small nursery and go through alot of these. They fit my labels perfectly and hold up well over time.
  • JJ
    These are just right in size for my uses with plug trays with domes and 4 pots and were 1/2 the price of other companies I saw.
  • Great product
    Love the plastic plant labels, they are the perfect size for Avery 5160 label. Only negative is that sometimes they tear if you aren't careful when pulling them apart, but it's minor. Price is great, product is great.
  • Fantastic!
    Whatever you need for the greenhouse can be probably found at Greenhouse Megastore at the right price! I was pleasantly surprised, and they are my first stop when ordering supplies now! Thanks!
    Good price and great service!
  • Simple plant tags at a great price
    Simple. Clean. Effective. Economical.
  • Just the thing!
    These labels were just what I needed and the value was too good to pass up. They're durable and easy to write on.
  • Plast Plant Labels
    Received exactaly what I ordered. Just the right length for what I needed them for.
  • Plant labels
    Great price
  • tags
    The tags I received work well for me.
  • Thank You Greenhouse Megastore!
    I am very happy with the labels, trays and the containers I ordered. I ordered the incorrect tray for the pots by accident. They noticed it and called me to verify what I ordered and before shipping. That is customer service! Thanks a million!
  • Lee
    These 6 inch plant labels provide lots of room for writing in your plant's name, botanical or otherwise. They also stand tall in the container for easier viewing.
  • 6
    The labels are excellent quality. I used a #1 pencil on the label, which if you make a mistake you can erase it, but it doesn't fade or rub off in my greenhouse. Nursery grade, fast delivery.
  • 4 1/2
    the price is great for these, heavy enough for potted plants that I sell.
  • OK
    These do the job and have a nice big surface to write on...but are so thin & flimsy its hard to get them into the pots.
  • Exactly what we needed
    Can't think of a thing negative about these: easy to use and to store, works great with garden markers, stands up to our South Florida weather. All around just what we needed!
  • Plant markers
    This product met all my needs and has helped me in keeping track of my plantings.
  • Just what the doctor ordered
    Bought the 4 1/2 in. tags. Good bargain. Certainly strong enough for general use. These guys are great to deal with.
  • Plastic Plant Labels, 6
    These were the same quality 6 plastic labels that I have previously paid much more for. A fine point permanent marker works great on either side and will last at least through the summer. Received them only 2 days after I ordered them on-line.
  • Plant labels are good quality
    These are the best plant labels I have used. They are flexible but good thickness so I think they will last. Easy to write on with a sharpie but probably best to use a #2 pencil as it will never wash off. The ones I have ordered before were much thinner. Good Value.
  • Plant Labels
    Good product for a good price.
  • Works well but
    These are functional plant labels. They work well and the writing stays on them if you write on the coarse side. Only problem is they come stuck together in a roll and you have to get them apart to use them. This is time-consuming and if you're not careful, you can tear them. But, they're cheap and get the job done.
  • Great Labels
    These are lighter labels than others that I have used but sturdy enough to do the job. They are an ideal size for our yearly garden club plant sale. Plenty of room to write, sturdy and cost effective. I will be ordering more!
  • Take the guess-work out of it
    I couldn't tell you how many times I planted several seed types per flat only to get the tray turned around and forget which was which...never again with the plant too!
  • Plastic plant labels
    Item as described. Just what I needed.
  • plant tags
    these are the perfect size for labeling greenhouse plants - enough room to write AND plant the tag
  • Plastic Plant Labels
    The labels are easy to write on and tear apart, and are big enough to use for our plant sale fundraiser.
  • Good value
    Product description was perfect, I got exactly what I needed at a really good price.
  • Convenient Plant Labels
    These plant labels are conveniently on a roll and stay that way until you need them. There is enough room to write all your information. Highly recommend!!
  • Plant Labels
    Great quality product at an excellent price. This is by far the most economical way for backyard greenhouse owners to purchase labels.
  • Great Price
    I checked prices with several different stores. You had the best deal! Thanks!
  • Great Labels
    When I ordered these I only ordered the 100 pack to try them. After I got them I soon realized I made a big mistake...I should have ordered the 1000 labels. These are great for all the plants I have started. You can't find a better price anywhere. I will be ordering these again.
  • Easy to use
    I usually would not talk about something as small as plant labels but when I received the 1000 roll pack of labels I found the design and utility of the labels very easy to use. Having a continuous roll takes the fumbling out of keeping the loose labels handy and usable. I no longer have to hold a 4 label, find something to use as a support and then write. These are great.
  • Plastic Plant Labels
    CN-1000: Good quality labels at a good price and I can share with the local botanic garden. Really fast shipping too. Thanks!
  • Work fine
    I wasn't sure what to expect, but was a little disappointed with the label stiffness. I would prefer stiffer labels, but these seem to work fine. They certainly work well in loosened soil, so use in potted plants should be fine.
  • Should of looked closer at the description.
    My fault not the sellers. The labels are very thin and bend while trying to mark plants in the ground. Next time I'll look for a more sturdy label
  • Nifty Tags
    Tags work well and clearly visible with a Sharpie marker.
  • CN-1000
  • great way to label items
    this is a great way to label the plants and what a great price
  • Perfect
    I love these. Very easy to write on and very flexible. They have a smooth surface. I will re-order these again.
  • Awesome product
    An excellent product. This is the third time I have ordered them. I will order again and recommend that others do also. No one else has this at this price. They meet my needs very well. The price is excellent and fits my budget. They take the lead from a carpenter's pencil and it does not fade. Yes, I will continue to buy and use this product!
  • Great deal on labels
    I could not live without these of the thousands of plants that I grow it is of the utmost importance to identify them properly. In the thousand piece box the price to do so is reduced to the point that it is a no brained to label every pot or flat. I am sure they have saved me more than the price of the labels by keeping my stock plants positive ID'ed I also use them in my mail order shipments as a free bonus item to thank my many customers for making a purchase.
  • Amazing Buy
    Glad to have found these! Anyone needing adequate space to write out critical details should do themselves a favor and buy these. I love these for just that reason. Now, they're not very thick - in fact, they're not quite the same grade as most labels you see at nurseries but they're definitely useful. I immediately tried writing on them with a pencil (my favorite since it doesn't fade) and was thrilled to see lead takes to it beautifully. Yet another great find!!!
  • good quality
    I tried ink and sharpies on popscicle sticks and they faded. These work better with a sharpie.
  • CN-1000
  • CN-1000
    I was a little disappointed that these plant labels are more flexible than I would have expected. This makes it a tad harder to push them into the ground than if they were stiffer. But it is easy to write on them and much better than wooden labels which get moldy and are much more visible in the garden than wooden labels as well.
  • great product
    these labels are very convenient, and it is a great price on the box of 1000.
  • searched everywhere
    Looked for these labels at the right price, and found them here.
  • Best ever
    I love these plant labels. So easy to use, nice writing surface, and durable/sturdy. Very convenient to use the roll form, keeps them handy and clean, you just pull of the quantity you need every time. Will absolutely purchase these again!!!
  • Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!
    Cheap, Cheap, Cheap! Without subjecting you to a grammar analysis... when I call these cheap, I mean it in a good way. A thousand plant labels at a little more than a penny apiece is an excellent buy. I'd like to comment very favorably on Greenhouse Megastore's customer service. I had a problem with an overcharge on shipping charges. Not only was the response very fast (next day) my complaints were addressed by the company president himself! Additionally, my charge card was immediately credited, and I received a nice gift certificate to console me for any inconvenience I may have suffered. Too bad, I was able to spend it so fast!
  • Great for Organizing Winter Sowing
    I love to winter sow perennials. The only bad part is that it is too easy to forget what is where. These markers (and the marking pen) save the day when spring finally comes.
  • Best Value on Plant Labels
    I have been using these tags for several years. They are easy to use and last all season. If you use the garden marker, the lettering on the marker stays all season. The only down side I have found is that after the tags have been out side and in the sun for a while the tags become brittle and will break if stepped on or bumped with equipment. But they work well and are the best value I have ever found.
  • Economical and best size markers!
    We purchased 4.5 long, 1000 count rolls of plant stakes and they are the perfect size! They are roomy enough for several lines of information, and not too tall to fit under the domes on our seedling trays. They are perforated so they separate easily off the roll, and the price is hard to beat.
  • The Greatest Label
    These labels work really well. I also bought a garden marker and they work well together.
  • Great Purchase
    Love these. This is the second year I've purchase these. Are a little hard to separate. I highly recommended these to any one
  • Standard
    Lots of people have rated this product high and I will have to agree with them. It is your standard white label, but let me explain what makes these a better purchase. First, the price is pretty unbeatable, I think. Secondly, I don't know about you, but I tend to lose them quite easily, putting them on a role is a brilliant idea!
  • good service
    The 5 5/8 in stakes are useful and serviceable. More UV resistance would be great. I found the best price on product and shipping here. Turnaround was extremely fast, shipped in less than 24 hours and received in less than 72 from ordering. Will buy again. Thanks>
  • Useful Recommended Product
    I recently purchased the roll of 4 1/2 & the box of 6 plant labels. The 4 1/2 were just what I was looking for to mark seed tray pots, with plenty of room to write my necessary info and date. They are extremely useful to my needs. I use the 6 hard plastic labels for any individual larger pots and/or pre-established plants. If you are in need of labels, this is the company to purchase from, with good price and fast shipping.
  • excellent value
    I like the fact that these are made from a recycled product. I am all for that. I have a ton of pots to label and these are the best price I have come across.
  • Great Price
    I really like these labels, they are inexpensive and much better than the expensive type. I was able to use a marker and it set immediately. Before these I would end up with ink on my finger using the same marker.
  • Perfect!
    So much easier to use than anything I could come up with myself. Great value for the money. Yay!
  • Excellent Value
    The 4-1/2 tags are a wonderful value. They are easy to use and have enough space to write horizontally. I have bought 3 rolls already, and will continue to purchase them as needed. The price is exceptional in comparison to other suppliers. Though a few tags are narrower than others, I always find a use for the few narrow ones in my roll of tags.
  • CN-1000
  • a must have
    don't forget the labels-all your peppers look alike and if you don't label them with waterproof markers you'll regret it
  • Will Purchase Again
    I love this product. Easy to use. And can reuse. Very noticeable. Easy to read.
    1. I opted for the larger size because I knew in advance that a 5 inch plant marker can also be used as a plant support stake. 2. With the extremely generous and healthy supply of 100 markers which can be reused for the same plant, or hand printed on the reverse side, I found that these markers are perfectly suited to propping up youngsters as they sprout from seeds and reach for the LIGHT. 3. With a little bit of ingenuity, add two markers together, add a wee bit of tape, and now you've got a 10 inch plant support stake. 4. Where there's a WILL there's a WAY - plants don't know the difference - it's up to the plant care giver, and Mother Nature shows her appreciation with GROWTH. Yes call it Plant Markers, I call it Magic.
  • CN-1000