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This sterile, white propagating medium is used to keep soil loose thereby allowing air and water to reach plant's roots. Perfect amendment for propagation and seed cultivation, plug production and transplants, interiorscape and planter growing, composting, hydroponic cultures, turf and lawns and
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This sterile, white propagating medium is used to keep soil loose thereby allowing air and water to reach plant's roots. Perfect amendment for propagation and seed cultivation, plug production and transplants, interiorscape and planter growing, composting, hydroponic cultures, turf and lawns and around shrubs, trees, and landscaping.

Perlite has been used for many years throughout the world for soil conditioning and as a component of growing mixes with materials such as peat moss or bark. Extensive studies have shown that the unique capillary action of perlite makes it a superior growing media for hydroponic cultures.

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Perlite is USDA approved for organic use under mined minerals. See Materials for Organic Crop Production, NOP 5034-1 (PDF)

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Reviews (74)
  • Plesantly surprised.
    The perlite was coarse, hard actually to find coarse none of the bags were ripped. The pallet was well wrapped. Shipping was fast. Satisfied.
  • So happy
    I'm so glad I finally found a large bag of perlite! Way better then getting the all bags from Walmart and home Depot
  • Great product
    Just what I needed. I had been having trouble finding this in bulk. Thank you guys so much. The only problem was not with the product but the shipping. I'm guessing it was ruffly handled because the bags had busted open.
  • Lots of real Perlite, not fake styrofoam
    This perlite is wonderful. You need to know one thing - the bag is HUGE, so it is maybe 200 times more than the little bag you get at Lowes. But you can use it for so many places in the garden and yard. Much better value than Lowes too. We needed a lot because of the crazy garden we are making, not using soil but making soil. We ordered a little too much, but will give away to neighbors of we have leftovers. Worth every penny.
  • Quality perlite
    Nice quality perlite with the largest pieces being the size of a pea or bean
  • Perlite Purchase
    Good product at a good price. Fast delivery.
  • good stuff
    The perlite is pretty good except there are quite a bit of fines and dust in it and you have to be very careful not to breath the dust.
  • Great
    Very good perlite...I mixed it in with my heavy clay soil to keep it loose...
  • Coarse w very little dust
    Works well when mixed 50/50 w ProMix BX as my AV growing medium.
  • Perlite Purchase
    This is the second time I have ordered the Perlite and I am very happy with my purchases and will order again when I need more!!! I recommend this to any one who grows there plants in pots or containers...
  • would buy again
    works great in hydroponics - received in a timely manner and good price
  • Mostly Dust
    I've purchased the 20 quart bag several times and was pleased with the quality of the perlite. However, this last time I got the four cubic foot bag and I'm pretty aggravated. It's mostly dust! Way worse than even Miracle-Gro perlite. I didn't pay $40 so I could get a big bag of dust!
  • Coarse Perlite
    This perlite is awesome for making your own soil. Always comes fast and works exactly as I need it to. Will order more as I need. Great company with excellent customer service, my go to store for supplies!!!
  • Powder
    Perlite is ALL POWDER. Sure there's a few chunks in there, but this is nuts.
  • Coarse Perlite
    Have ordered probably 8 bags of this. Use it to make my own potting mix. Great product, fast shipping!!!
  • Excellent Product
    This perlite was exactly as described... very coarse!!!
  • Good
    Definitely NOT coarse perlite but does the job. SUPER dusty though.
  • Not COARSE... lots of fines and dust
    I would have to agree with the low star reviews here. I was excited to see 4cf bags for sale. I got 4 bags in hope to make my potting mixes. The content was mostly fine granules and dust with some larger bits... not at all like the 3.5 cf bags I got locally which was nice and coarse... I didn’t do much sifting but I bet a lot would end up as dust. Definitely misadvertised. If I had know it’s going to be so powdery I probably wouldn’t get so many bags. Pretty disappointed.
  • Good
    I prefer my perlite to be more coarse but this does what I need & the price is great.
  • Not course
    Good, size of perlite are not as course as I could like. Sizes ranges from small to medium the most... still better choice than other brands sold in big box store.
  • Great price
    saved over $5 versus Amazon/Walmart/eBay for the exact same product
  • Great Price and Free Shipping
    Who could say more! This is the place to buy. Fast shipping too.
  • Coarse perlite
    Exactly what I was looking for! It is definitely chunkier than perlite that you'd buy at big box stores, but it's not like pebbles or anything. I love this and will buy again.
  • Just what they said
    The perlite is medium to large pebbles. Everything shipped with reasonable timing. Is hard to complement rock but this is a good company and product.
  • Industries, Inc Coarse Perlite
    Full of dust after sieving I have about 25% usable product. RIDICULOUS
  • affordable quality
    exactly what I needed to mix into my soil..quality & size is perfect
  • excellence
    This is excellent for my purposes. and I would highly recommend it! One other review said it wasn't coarse enough but I don't know what he was thinking.
    Nice bulk size bag, good size pieces of product. we use in a composting toilet mulch mix. this will last @ 3 years for us. keep selling it we will check back in time
  • does the job, but...
    This perlite is supposed to be coarse, but most of it is about the size of granulated sugar. The remainder is a mix of medium and a small amount of coarse. It still does the job, but it is not really as advertised. Not complaining, just stating my observation. Like I said, it still does the job.
  • Perlite
    Great product for a fair price, delivered two bags per box and was packaged very well, UPS delivered.
  • Great Product
    Arrived on time and as expected,very pleased.
  • good product, but was backordered.
    Product quality is excellent. My only complaint was they accepted my order, the then indicated a week later that it was backordered.
  • self
    It is a great product for adding to soil to help keep the dirt loose for good root's to develop.
  • Not Coarse
    Perlite was not coarse at all. Half the bag was as fine as sand and very dusty. If you are looking for coarse perlite, don't buy this.
  • Satisfied Customer
    Great buy, economical, good yield for homemade potting soil.
  • Perfect
    Exactly what I wanted. The quality, price, and results were exceptional! I start thousands of flowers and vegetables under lights in my basement to go into my greenhouse in late winter. I mix my own soils and have always had trouble finding large bags of good perlite and vermiculite in my area. This year my mix has hit a new level giving me fantastic soil porosity allowing nearly 98% germination. The starts grew exceptionally fast and healthy.I will buy even more soon and hope this product isn't changed or removed.
  • No Problems
    Expensive to ship but is a good quality product
  • Per elite.
    Reasonably priced, quality product that performed well in a number of applications. We use it often.
  • EAK
    Great product, cheaper than H.D. even with shipping!
  • perlite
    just what i wanted at a fair price.
  • Does the Job
    I used this to mix my own potting soil and in soil blocks. It's great for that purpose.
  • Coarse Perlite, 4 cubic foot bag
    nice product at a good price.
  • the perlite prod.
    I am so glad I found this online for all I could find if any was tiny small bag's of it. thanks so much. you guy's and gals are the best.
  • Coarse Perlite 4 cu. ft. bag
    Coarse Perlite: Pretty much as advertised. I can't find anywhere to buy locally and it's good to have a source. Shipping really hurts to have anything shipped these days but not Megastore's fault. The Product had lots of variation in size but that's ok for my use as a sterile media/lightener for starting cuttings. While the cost for shipping is a factor, Megastore put the bags in boxes (which is costly) and the product arrived completely intact with no holes in the bags etc. Unless a local source shows up, would order again when time comes.
  • Coarse perlite
    If you are looking for #3 coarse perlite this is not it. This is small perlite about #1
  • Coarse Perlite
    Great delivery. If you are looking for coarse perlite this is not it. This is small perlite. Nothing like about a #3. Great customer service. Sending this back.
  • Perlite.
    Clean, only a bit of dust, great price.
  • Fine Company to buy from.
    I bought a bag of Perlite, paid for it and it was delivered promptly. The product was packaged well and not damaged. What more could I want?
  • Coarse Perlite
    This perlite is great! Its' not too course, which I have had problems with from other suppliers. Will buy more!
  • Perlite
    I used GM for the first time recently on a perlite purchase and found the product as described. The packaging, price structure, and shipping time were all outstanding. I highly recommend this supplier and have put them on my go to list!
  • Excellent amendment to potting mixes
    I mix my own potting soils. This perlite is perfect for aerating soil-based succulent mix, and peat-lite mixes for seed starting and growing out starts. Highly recommended.
  • Michael
    Good product and shipping was reasonable. Would like to find a larger size, #3 or #4
  • coarse perlite
    Great service but definitely not what I was looking for. Not anywhere near coarse. Was looking for something more like sponge rock. This is more like medium to fine grade
  • good product
    good company to deal with very respnsive, goodproduct reasonably priced...
  • John
    Always the best service. Thank you.
  • Chunky and Coarse
    Chunky and clean, this is the perlite of my dreams.
  • Outstanding service
    Excellent product, very fast service. I have already ordered more as well as other products from this company.
  • Great value
    Compared to other sites and stores, this was easily the best value for money. The perlite is described as Coarse grade, but I would class it as Medium. This was exactly what I was looking for, but for those folk who have to have coarse grade, large chunks, be aware.I really enjoy shopping at Greenhouse Megastore. Excellent all round experience.
  • great product
    Fast service, great product. We make our own potting mix. This is a good quality for the mix
  • just what i wanted
    very good value best i foundusing it to fill auto-potswill use extra in my raised bed
  • Best on the Web
    Excellent qualityInexpensive Large quantitylow shipping costLightning deliveryHave not found a better value
  • Best out there!
    Product was exactly as described and arrived quickly. Got tired of paying too much for a small quantity and this bulk item was absolutely the way to go.
  • Great Value
    I purchased this perlite to enhance the soil in my tomato planters. Since I needed a lot of perlite (three 51 gallon planters, and about 1/6 of my growing medium needs to be perlite), this large bag really fit the bill. It was delivered promptly, and exactly as described.
  • Just what I wanted!
    This perlite is just perfect for working into soil for raised bed gardening. It is coarser than what you buy in the small bags and is just right to give the raised beds the aeration and misture retention I'm wanting. Good stuff!
  • plantnut
    Exactly what I was expecting and very fast delivery.
  • Coarse ? Perlite
    Definitly the bestdeal on the web as far as shipping goes but the perlite was a mixture of fine dust to pieces 3/8in size,,,,
  • repeat customer
    Packaged in the perfect size bag. Half the price of retail stores and dropped at my door! What more could you ask for.
  • great price
    Product arrived as promised- beats the heck out of buying it at lowe's for 3 dollars for a 4 qt. bag!!! the stuff looks great!
  • Quick Shipment
    Product arrived quickly and in good condition. Very satisfied. Thank you.
  • fine not coarse
    great price quality fast shipping, but this is not a coarse perlite size fine to medium at best.
  • So little for so much!
    Wow! Was I surprised when the big bag arrived at my door step! The coarse grade is perfect and can be easily ground down to make a fine grade for topping off seed flats or the like.
  • very good product
    I use this to help aerate my soils, works really good, and recommend to anyone
  • Great Value
    Like the vermiculite, this is the best value you will find. I was surprised by how much I got for the price. It is working great for my propagation classes.
  • Same as Before
    Huge, cheap, quick, and great quality. like i said about the vermiculite i also purchased... i thought i had to much for what i paid....but definitely did the trick for what i needed...