Jack's Fertilizer, 20-20-20

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Just as the name suggests, Jack's All Purpose 20-20-20 is a balanced formula applicable to a variety of growing material. Its 1:1:1 nutrient ratio makes it good for almost any stage of plant growth. The design of the formula uses nutrients that provide strength to the plant, as well as, lush
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Just as the name suggests, Jack's All Purpose 20-20-20 is a balanced formula applicable to a variety of growing material. Its 1:1:1 nutrient ratio makes it good for almost any stage of plant growth. The design of the formula uses nutrients that provide strength to the plant, as well as, lush green growth. It can be used as a constant liquid feed or periodic feed, alternating with water or rain to provide the plant with a boost of balanced nutrition.

Preferably, it should be used on soil-based media, rather than on soilless media, primarily during warmer months, indoors or in warm-climate regions. These environments allow the roots to take up the nitrogen sources most effectively. Long-term use of high Phosphorus formulas can lead to plant stretch in some plant varieties. Therefore, it is recommended when using this formula over long periods (greater than 3-4 months) of plant growth, alternate with a lower Phosphorous source such as rainwater, calcium nitrate or other lower phosphorus fertilizers.

Application of this fertilizer can be used as a root drench or foliar spray. The nutrient package in the All-Purpose 20-20-20 is designed for optimum absorption by the leaves when sprayed at the recommended rates; however, a root drench is just as effective and will leave little to no salt build up in the media.

How to Use

For small volume mixing
Dissolve the following amounts in 1 gallon of water. An injector should not be used.
1/2 tsp.  =  125 ppm
1 tsp.     =  250 ppm
1 tbsp.   =  750 ppm

Stock Solution

To make a STOCK concentrated solution for use with a fertilizer proportioner. Dissolve the following amounts of fertilizer per 1 gallon of stock water.

Stock Solution100 ppm200 ppm300 ppm
1:100 (1%) setting6.8 oz.13.5 oz.20.3 oz.
1:200 (0.5%) setting13.5 oz.27 oz.40.5 oz.
1:15 setting*1 oz.2 oz.3 oz.
*When using a Siphonex or Hoze-on proportioner

25 lb. bag: Limit of Solubility in Hot Water = 5.0 lbs. (80 oz.) per gallon.
4 lb. tub: Limit of Solubility in Hot Water = 3.5 lbs. per gallon.

Additional Information

25lb bag - Jack's Professional MSDS (PDF)

4lb tub - Jack's All-Purpose MSDS (PDF)

Specifications for 25 lb. Bag

Total Nitrogen (N)....................................... 20%

3.83% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
6.07% Nitrate Nitrogen
10.1% Urea Nitrogen

Available Phosphate (P2O5).......................20%
Soluble Potash (K2O).................................20%
Magnesium (Mg).........................................0.05%
0.05% Water Soluble Magnesium (Mg)
Boron (B)....................................................0.0068%
Copper (Cu)................................................0.0036%
0.0036% Chelated Copper (Cu)
Iron (Fe)......................................................0.05%
0.05% Chelated Iron (Fe)
Manganese (Mn).........................................0.025%
0.025% Chelated Manganese (Mn)
Molybdenum (Mo).......................................0.0009%
Zinc (Zn)......................................................0.0025%
0.0025% Chelated Zinc (Zn)

Specifications for 4 lb. Tub

Total Nitrogen (N)....................................... 20%

2.1% Nitrate Nitrogen
17.9% Urea Nitrogen

Available Phosphate (P2O5).......................20%
Soluble Potash (K2O).................................20%
Boron (B)....................................................0.02%
Copper (Cu)................................................0.05%
0.05% Chelated Copper (Cu)
Iron (Fe)......................................................0.1%
0.1% Chelated Iron (Fe)
Manganese (Mn).........................................0.05%
0.05% Chelated Manganese (Mn)
Molybdenum (Mo).......................................0.0009%
Zinc (Zn)......................................................0.05%
0.05% Chelated Zinc (Zn)
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Reviews (71)
  • Good product
    Very good product I use for my garden
  • Would recommend
    Great service, product and price!
  • Great for Corn
    I use Jack's 20/20/20 in a 15 gallon sprayer. I spray my corn once a week to keep it constantly fertilized with nitrogen. Nitrogen is the key to Great corn especially once it begins to tassel.
  • Blue granules
    Easy to mix. My plants and roses live it.
  • Awesome Results
    I purchased the 20-20-20 Fertilizer back in March of 2018 and used it primarily to spray the foliage on my Maple Trees , Cryptomerias and Flowering Plants, all I can say is that the Fall Color on my Maple Trees were a definite " Show Stopper" and all of my other trees and plants truly benefited from this product as well, I SURELY will be purchasing more of Jacks Fertilizer once I run out. "Thanks A Million"
    This product is Fantastic. I have a Variety of Tropical and Cajun Hibiscus Plants and theylet love this product. There,is always new growth of leaves whenever I use this product. My plants look healthier and stronger. Best Fertilizer I ever used, to see the results is Amazing!!!!!
  • Jack's Is Where It's At
    You will get premium product if used correctly. It's GREAT!
  • 20/20/20 fertilizer
    I bought the 4lb. tub of Jack's 20/20/20 fertilizer for my annuals . I have used the Peter's fertilizer in the past with fabulous results & the Jack's product is doing a great job for me very quickly---I'm very impressed & it's so easy to use. The Greenhouse mega store is a nice place to buy products. Good stuff !
  • Jack's fertilizer 20-20-20
    This product is very good
  • Great Products
    I've been using Jack's Fertilizer for many years because it's great for almost every plant in my gardens. It dissolves easily and can be applied to the plants' leaves as well as the ground around them. I apply it every two weeks to my vegetables as well as my other plants and they all do great. Last year I had grape tomatoes into winter! Much easier than the fertilizers that have to be worked into the ground around the plants.
  • Good Value for the Money
    This is a solid product - I have used many products but this is the best at covering all the bases
  • Great product
    I have a lot of cactus and succulents and needed a new fertilizer. I tried Jacks 20-20-20 and was very pleased. An old, droopy Christmas cactus came to life! Cactus that rarely bloom had a lot more blossoms. All my plants just seemed so much happier !
  • Excellent and cost effective
    This works extremely well. Dissolves quickly and will last a very long time. I purchased for indoor gardening and only use 1/2 the recommended amount with great results. Great price, great quality, great results. My plants and myself be happier!
  • Fabulous Flowers !
    Great fertilizer! mixes well and never burns roots. For Fabulous flowers use 1/2 strength every week
  • BUY IT!
    Best fertilizer ever!
  • Good stuff
    I saw the results quickly
  • great stuff
    the best fertilizer!
  • Good Product
    I think my plants are bigger and prettier than ever before.
  • Love it nice one better then nay thing i buy any
    Nice one
  • Jack's 20-20-20
    Product is same color as MG and easily dissolves in water. I use a Mazzei injector to distribute the product to my drip fertigation system, no clogging problems so far.
  • Excellent Product!
    I have used Jack's before, but had another name brand that I wanted to use up, and it started burning my flowers! I then order Jack's from here, and put one feeding on. Within a week, the flowers have come out of the burnt stage and are looking great! I will not use anything but Jack's from now on.
  • good stuff
    it used to be called peters and now jacks but is the same persons formulae so it works good on everything. I have used it on flowers and trees.good stuff
  • Great Fertilizer at at Great Price
    We've been using Jack's Classic / Peter's Fertilizer for 20 years.It's the best.Greenhousemegastore's price can't be beat, and my 25 Lb bag was delivered in 3 working days!
  • Mr
    Have used Peters for 20 years. My supply finally ran out this spring. I found Jack's at the Greenhouse Megastore. Was happy to find it as I would have to drive to an Indianapolis greenhouse supply (150 mile roundtrip). Ordering online is awesome.
  • Great product!
    I love the 20-20-20 fertilizer! I've been using it for years and rave about the great results to anyone that gardens. I ran out of Peter's, now JacK's fertilizer, a few year ago and tried several other fertilizers with disappointing results. When I found out I could order it on line I was overjoyed, and have shared it with several friends that have heard me talk about it. Nancy Larsen
  • best balanced fertilizer!
    I was really missing Peters brand when I found Jacks. I love this balanced fertilizer for all my container flower pots.
  • no muriate of potash in jack's
    Unlike other soluble fertilizers Jack's uses potassium sulfate (sulfate of potash) rather than the much cheaper potassium chloride (muriate of potash). The muriate has a negative effect on the flavor of vegetables.
  • Awesome fertilizer!
    I use this on all plants and everything grows like crazy. Gave some to a friend for his herb garden and he said they grew into bushes quickly.
  • My Favorite Fertilizer
    Have used Jack's 20-20-20 for several years as an all purpose fertilizer but mostly in my seed starting area. Use a weaker solution to feed seedlings and keep them robust until they go outdoors.
  • Pleased
    This product works great, it will definitely give your vegetable's the nutrients they need. This was my first time ordering this product was always used to using Miracle Gro every year....never again.
  • Dilution
    Product seems to be doing very well. I wish it had a dilution ratio to fit a few different type hose end sprayers. I had take a stab at it. I guess luckily I seem to be close because a lot of my plant are doing very well. A mix ratio added for a few of the most common sprayers would give it a 5.
  • THE Best!
    I use the all-purpose on my roses every 7 days, alternating with the blossom formula with fantastic results...beautiful foliage and incredible blossoms. I also use the all-purpose on all my flowers and vegetables with amazing results...lush green and beautiful flowers. The best I've ever found.
  • 20/20/20 fertilizer
    Jacks is the best all around fertilizer on the market!
  • Jack's All Purpose
    Jack's products are all high quality and they do what they are supposed to do. Jack's All Purpose is the best all around fertilizer I have ever used. It dissolves completely and helps produce vibrant healthy plants with sturdy stems andlush green growth. Your plants will love Jack's Classic. Greenhouse Megastore's prices are by far the best I have found on Jack's Classic. Service was excellent, with fast shipping and good follow through. Thanks Greenhouse Megastore for making finding great products easy and affordable!
  • TRIPLE 20
  • Great Product
    Jack's fertilizer is just like the previous version of Peter's Plant Food by the W.R. Grace Co. It works great. It even has that same beautiful green color.
  • Best fertilizer
    Jack's is the best we have found.
  • Bob
    This is the best fertilizer money can buy. I use this on my tomatoe plants, and people are constantly asking what I am feeding them. They are monsters.
  • So Thankful 20-20-20 is Still Around!
    This is the best fertilizer. I was so sorry to hear that Peters was not still around. But, thankfully, Jack's Fertilzier 20-20-20 is here! My plants are already smiling. I'm happy to buy it online unitl it's avaialable near home. Thanks!
  • Jack's Fertilizer 20-20-20
    Great service, great product!
    Jack's 20-20-20 fertilizer works like magic. My plants and vegetables look great after a few feedings.
  • Best plant food ever
    I use to buy Peter's plant food at Lowe's, but was disappointed to hear they stopped selling it. I research this food and Jack's plant food appeared which is peter's but under a different name. I have used this plant food for years on all of my plants inside and out. I am so glad I found it! I will be ordering the 25 lb bag so I will be sure not to run out;just wish I could purchase it for the old cheaper price I use to pay when purchasing it at Lowe's. Anyway I say buy this and watch exponential growth in your plants.
  • Pdoduces phenomenal results.
    This is the best plant fertilizer/plant food. I've used it on plants for more than 20 years and always have perfect results. One possible problem: some of my plants have gotten so big I've had to give them away!
  • jean
    i have been useing it for about a month and my plants are doing ==jeannie
  • Jack's 20-20-20
    I have used this for several years. I fill a 100 gallon tank on my tractor, and using a PTO pump, I fertilize trees, shrubs, and vegetable gardens. Price is right, and results are great.
  • Makes plants healthy and strong
    Jack's was recommended to me by a professional nursery. I already see such a difference in my plants - greener, healthier. I've been using this on everything I've planted - flowers, trees, shrubs. I definitely would recommend this product.
  • Just what I needed
    The delivery was fast, the product was just what I needed for all my plants including my orchids. I'd buy here again and I've told friends
  • Diane
    Had such a hard time trying to find the old Peters plant food that I have always loved. Found it on this website, received the large bag I was needing with very prompt delivery time. Glad to have Peters (now Jack's) back on my plants. They are thriving again.
  • Obvious Results Already
    My son is doing a science fair project on fertilizers and vegetable plants. Our 4th fertilizer (Jacks 20-20-20) arrived a few weeks into his project. So, we already knew that his 3 fertilized pots and one control pot had sprouted on days 12 and 13. So, we were surprised to see sprouts in the Jacks pot on the 7th day. He has 6 more weeks to fertilize and observe. We are excited to see what happens.
  • jacks fertilizer
    This is the best on the market. I have been using it for years. Glad I found it again.
  • steroids for your plants
    My plants look like a Jersey Shore cast member. They are HUGE for no rhyme or reason. Cheap plants in cheap pots producing unheard of results. I Jack once a week. It's amazing. Your friends will want to know your secret...don't tell them.
  • Best Flower Fertilizer Anywhere
    Hard to find but this is the absolutely best flower fertilizer you can buy....since I got it and used it each week, my plants have bloomed 200% more flowers...love the stuff.
  • Jacks 20-20-20
    great fertilizer. readily dissolves with no fertilizer burn and lots of lovely healthy vigorous plants! The results were almost immediate
  • Great product
    I love this product. I use it with every watering. My plants do wonderful!!!!
  • Best Fertilizer Ever
    My gardens have never looked so pretty. Plants that usually only bloom for a short period of time in the spring are still blooming at the end of June. Blooms have been much larger than those without Jack's.
  • sundance
    product really works but hard to find. this is a great web site to buy it.
  • Great product!
    My plants are thriving with Jack's! I also do a half dose every time I water potted cactus and they are healthy and happy! I get compliments on my green thumb all the time!
  • AMY
    I have used this product for years in years prior and have noticed the last two years I have not been able to find it in any of my local stores. Because of this, I had tried Miracle Grow only to be very dissatisfied in it's performance. I found that unlike Peter's plant food, often times it burnt up the leaves on some of my flowers (which did not make me happy). I have been using this product on my perennials and they look great...also in my garden is some Hosta plants which are slowly returning---when I was feeding my flowering plants some of the food would leak down to the areas where my Hosta plants were. The Hosta's that received the overflow of that food are a lot healthier/bigger looking than the ones that didn't. I had to go feed the others so they would hopefully catch up. I have always loved this product and wish that I could find it in my local stores...until then I guess I will be doing my shopping online!! My flowers are looking very happy by the way!!
  • Reasonable Prices
    With shipping the price was the same as buying a lesser brand locally.Thanks
  • well pleased
    their products were just what was presented and fast delivery will buy again
  • Penn State Master Gardner
    Thank you, I thought that the Peter's fertilizer could not be replaced when I ran out. BEST ON THE MARKET
  • Jacks 20-20-20
    I have always used Peters professional 20-20-20 and was so devastated when I was told it had been taken off the market . So glad to find out it was available under a new name .Good product and good service too . Thanks
  • Excellent results
    First year using Jack's... 10 times better results & harvest than using Miracle Grow products.
  • FE-JP-2020
  • Great for vegetative growth
    This stuff really out performs all the other nutrients that I have tried. I highly recommend this product if you want to grow like the pros!!
  • FE-JP-2020
  • 20-20-20
    This is absolutely the best fertilizer for flowering plants that is currently on the market today. This was the situation under the Peter' and is the case under the brand name Jack's
  • FE-JP-2020
  • good fertilizer
    This fertilizer is great to use with bedding plants, leggy plants and also great for hanging baskets. This is also a fairly good deal on the 25 pound bag.
  • Hard to find in this quantity
    Jack's is the perfect all around fertilizer. I mix it in a five gallon bucket and hit everything in my yard: lilac shrubs, fruit trees, bulbs...everything.