Euro Pots

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These co-extruded pots can be used over and over again. Metric sizes ideal for perennials and annuals Tri-level bottom drainage Heavy duty rim Made from durable polypropylene material Specifications Description Outside Diameter Height Volume 15 cm Short, Black 6" 4-1/4" 1.37 qt 15 cm Tall, Black 6"
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These co-extruded pots can be used over and over again.

  • Metric sizes ideal for perennials and annuals
  • Tri-level bottom drainage
  • Heavy duty rim
  • Made from durable polypropylene material


DescriptionOutside DiameterHeightVolume
15 cm Short, Black6"4-1/4"1.37 qt
15 cm Tall, Black6"5-1/8"1.65 qt
17 cm Short, Black6-5/8"5"2 qt
17 cm Tall, Black6-5/8"6"2.58 qt
19 cm Short, Black7-1/2"5-3/4"3 qt
19 cm Tall, Black7-1/2"7-3/8"4 qt
21 cm Short, Black 8"5"3.22 qt
21 cm Tall, Black8"7-1/4"4.44 qt
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Reviews (105)
  • Great pot for the price
    Used to transplant iris plants while i prepared a new bed for them. Thee worked perfectly; plenty of room for the roots, sturdy enough that i can use them over and over for other transplants. Great pot for a low cost.
  • Euro Pots
    Good, sturdy pots. I use 19 mm short for growing stock planks (Sempervivum, misc. succulents) and this size works great for that.
  • Perfect
    I actually bought these to use as liners inside taller ceramic planters with no drainage holes. Before finding these, I had been unable to find the right fit - other pots had a wide rim that wouldn't fit inside the planter, so I was happy to find these Euro pots - good quality and the perfect size.
  • Good quality
    Pleased with potting containers. Will definitely get more than one use out of these.
  • Excellent Quality/Service
    The pots I received are stronger and more durable than expected. The low profile is excellent for potting up bromeliad pups. I should have ordered twice the amount. Much better and way cheaper than what you will find at the big box stores. Shipping is an added cost so think about consolidating your order, then double it, trust me you will go through them quickly.Cheers
  • Plastic Pots
    very fast service. pots as Advertised
  • Plastic pots
    Great pots for my agave project!
  • 1 gallon pots are GREAT
    The Euro-1 Gallon Pots are exactly as described and very good to work with. Perfect for potting up lots of hostas!
  • euro pots
    The pots are better than I was expecting for the price. I am very pleased with the product and will order them again.
  • Perennial Gardner
    Very pleased with the quality of these pots which I will be using for my annual perennial sale in the spring. I got exactly what I was expecting and was very pleased with the reasonable shipping cost. The tracking was great and arrival time as expected.
  • nice inexpensive pots
    I have a part time hobby Blueberry business and pot up and sell hundreds of plants every spring and fall. These pots are very inexpensive and work well for 2-3 year old blueberry plants. These pots will hold up fine for a year or two before I sell the plants. But you need to be a little careful with them as they are not built to last forever. I have searched far and wide and these are the cheapest pots I could find anywhere and well worth the purchase price.
  • Just what I needed
    These pots were extremely affordable and good quality. Money well spent.
  • Euro pots 21cm
    This light-weight, compact rots are durable, easy to destack. I am using it as a pot before final transplant. The shallow pot promotes horizontal spread of root.
  • My first try.
    I am very impressed with this pot, I am using it to grow on some ferns, and so far I am extremely pleased.
  • Fantastic
    I like this pots, they are a little smaller than on gallon. Love them.
  • Good product
    Great quality for the price. I use these for my egg plants, tomatoes and peppers to give them a few more weeks in the greenhouse
  • Great Pots for Adenium
    These are perfect pots for young Adenium. I wanted a shallow wide pot and these fit my requirements. I fo wish these would come in larger widths.
  • Great pots
    Been using these pots for 3 yrs. They are priced right and hold up great in the elements..
  • Pots
    Would highly recommend the use of these pots
  • Surprisingly sturdy, stable
    I order the 17cm tall which are similar in volume to the trade one gallon containers, but they are squat and are far less likely to tip over. I've been re-using some pots for a year or two and they don't seem to be wearing out, despite the thin plastic. Fast shipping.
  • Just perfect!
    This product was just as described and exactly what I needed. It arrived quickly and I would not hesitate to order again from this company.
  • Not disappointed!
    I had never heard of this company before, but was in dire need of this product. I have no hesitation in recommending both the company and the product and plan to order again.
  • Does the job
    Works great for propagating all types of plants and trees.
  • 6
    They are the 3rd stage of my plants and came just in time. They work great for I needed them for. Thank you
  • Perfect merchandise and service
    Exceeded my expectations, will buy more when needed, service was instantaneous, and while I don't recall, I think I had the merchandise 2 days later.. prices are great....
  • Euro Pots
    Pots are great for their use. Arrived just in time and perfect size for potting up our plants.
  • Good Value
    These pots are well suited for what I need. Good quality for what I paid for them. Great drainage & just the right size.
  • Great quality & price
    Pots arrived on time when promised and we're packed well for shipping. They are great quality and are priced competitively.
  • Great 2 qt. pot
    plant slides out easy, sensibly priced
  • Great Nursery Pots
    These pots are perfect to fit in a 6x6x6 box for shipping. Just what I was looking for. Thank you.
  • Perfect for bulbs and tubers
    I have been searching for pots that are suitable for bulbs and tubers. These will work.Fast delivery and good price.
  • pots
    pots are sturdy and as advertised, good price.havent used yet
  • Wish I could get more
    Good value. Just a little flimsy but I would buy again if you had them.
  • Fantastic Mid-sized pot
    I start tomato plants very early in the season to get the best possible jump on production before the Texas heat sets in. These pots are perfectly tall enough to graduate from the 3.5 or 4.0 pots. They cover a good part of the stem to allow for extra rooting. Good quality and tough enough to withstand the use from year to year.
  • Nice for the Price
    A good bargain pot but a little on the thin side. I'll order them again as I really like the size.
  • Buyer
    I thought they would be a lot taller, besides that they are fine.
  • quart containers
    ive ordered these a couple times,there nice size pots ,but I wanted tall quart containers tall,bought some a couple years ago,they were tall ,the ones they keep sending are short,,,i can still use them ,but would like to get the taller ones,,,thanks
  • Lisa
    I purchased the Euro Pots-15cm Short, Black, 10/pack for a Holiday craft project for teens. They were perfect for the price. Easy to cut with scissors and held up well to hot glue.
  • EURO Pots-17cm short, black.10/pack
    Received my order three days after I ordered and the pots are wonderful. I am verry pleased with them!
  • ???
    I really like these pots. They are a nice size for my houseplants when I don't want decorative pots and they aren't flimsy. I got 10 of each size for up-potting.
  • 15 cm pot
    very good quality and fair price
  • Euro Pots - 300 Series
    Great product at a good price and wonderful service as always.
  • Greenhouse grower
    Good sturdy pot, fairly priced. Excellent customer service with fast and efficient shipping.
  • Eoro
    Hold well & are sturdy for second transfer of plants
  • plastic pots
    They send them on time, the product was great and last for years.
  • A great choice
    The quality, size and price made this a great choice. I am certain these will be reusable for years.
  • Euro pots
    I ordered the short 15mm euro pots and was happy with what I received. For the price, they are sturdier than I expected. I will order them again.
  • Perfect pots and excellent price!
    I'm getting too old to dig in my garden as much, but I still love planting annuals for that burst of color. So I bought a big bunch of these wide pots to put several annuals in, then hide them among the greenery of ground cover (periwinkle). I love that they're black so they're invisible from a little distance. It looks like the plants are growing directly in my garden, but are much easier for me to plant in pots.I bought these pots before in a smaller size, so knew what I was getting. They're just like pots I'd buy a larger plant at my local nursery, thin and disposable to the nursery, but plenty strong enough to last fine in my own garden for multiple years. And at this price I can buy as many as I want. Plus, they all nestle together in a neat pile in my garage at the end of the season. What's not to love?! And great company! I've become a regular customer. It's ridiculous to spend at even cheap stores like Walmart when everything is so much cheaper here, and good quality for my uses.
  • Great growing pots
    These pots aren't super thick but provide good support and fit nicely in the support trays
  • Great prices!
    Exactly what I wanted, and needed. Priced just right.
  • home owner
    Excellent pots at a great price. Appear to be durable. Fast and low cost shipping. Great for dividing hostas , daylilies and many other planting needs.
  • Very good quality for great price
    I would recommend these pots. They were exactly what I was looking for and they are a great price. They are holding up well.
  • Euro pots
    Quality & size was fine for what we need them for and we were able to use these instead of the usual ones we order, which were out of stock at the time.
  • Pots & Markers
    Each of the products, the 2.5 pots, the plastic I.D. tag & the marker were a good value. The markers have saved me a lot of trouble, and they help customers who are buying our plants.
  • Mrs
    What a great deal. These are perfect. I can even dress them up as I would like and if they get stolen, well that just says that someone likes my gardening, choice of pots, and craft skills. These are amazingly versatile.
  • Euro Pots
    Great pots for a great price I will purchase these again...
  • euro pots
    This pot is just the right quality and available size and price I was looking for.
  • what a deal
    I am so happy with my purchase and what a wonderful deal, than you will only order from your company from now on. So glad I discovered you. Margie from Nevada..
  • Exactly what we needed
    The pots are exactly what we needed for our science experiments. The price was the cheapest we found on the net.
  • Best deal I could find on new nursery pots
    Pots are not cheap, but the 17 cm tall box of 294 I just got will be perfect for small blueberry plants. These were the best price I could find and the pots stack well and feel nice and sturdy. I hope to buy thousands more as my business grows.
  • Very versatile pot
    A good size pot, not to tall
  • Great products and service
    Very impressed, not only by the product (and I've purchased other items) but by the prompt and courteous customer service. Top class!
  • Great!!
    Great product!!!
  • great!!!!
    Great product.
  • Ms
    Excellent pots, excellent prices. I got them to grow my pepper plants in. They are working out wonderfully. Shipping is super quick and reasonable. I will keep buying here.
  • Great pot for the price
    Love these pots, perfect for the price. Can't wait to be able to order more. Very fast shipping to our door in two days. Thank you.
  • Euro pots
    My euro pots were promptly shipped and exceeded my expectations. Couldn't be happier.
  • Euro Pot (15cm) Review
    Great durability and they have lasted well outside with the cold weather of late winter and the warming as it is getting closer to Spring. Definitely happy with my purchase!
  • Good pots
    They were perfect for my situation. They hold a lot of soil and are strong. Some may say they are a bit flimsy but unless you plan to throw them around they are plenty strong and I am sure I could re use them as well. Price is right too.They hold the plant in the pot til they are ready to be sold or planted .. works for me.
  • Flimsy
    They get the job done. A bit on the flimsy side when full.
  • prompt shipment, great product
    This product was exactly as described and was shipped within just a day or two of my order. I was very pleased with the whole transaction and thought I got a very good deal. Would definitely come back!
  • ?
    Great service
  • Euro pots
    I wanted a low profile pot for my cactus seedlings and these pots fit the bill. The walls of the pot are not strong and can collapse or rupture more easily than the usual black plastic pot.
  • not great
    These pots are not very sturdy, and I expect them to last a max of 2-3 years. I am buying Kords next.
  • William
    Pretty light weight, as expected. Good deal for the price.
  • Aye mate, I like it!
    I like the size of these pots I got--not too big nor too small. I like the shape and color. How do you say, I like a pot?
  • 1 gal Euro pots
    I was extremely pleased with these pots. They are very good quality for what I needed which is repotting daylilies and herbs for sale. The price was fantastic and the order also arrived much sooner than I anticipated. Overall, this transaction was awesome and I would not hesitate to order again.
  • tomato grower
    I ordered 4 cases (almost 1200) of these after searching the internet for over two hours. These were the best price I could fine in the size I needed for tomato plant sales. I was a little nervous to commit to that amount without seeing them, but am more than happy with the quality, the price, and how quickly they were shipped here to the middle of Wyoming. (They were here the day before the estimated arrival time which was very reasonable.) Next growing season, I won't have to search around on the internet, as I'll go straight to this site.
  • 17cm Euorpots
    Very good - perfect size for perennials and small trees/shrubs.
  • Nice Pots
    For the price you cannot beat these pots. I will be buying more shortly.
  • Awesome as usual!
    This is my second case so obviously they are great.Fast shipping as usual. Id definitely recommend this to anyone. No complaints!
  • Thank you
    Can't wait to fill them with soil and plants. Awesome
  • The Best Ever!
    As a grower I need value and quality, both in the products that I buy -- and I got it when I purchase the 17cm terracotta pots. They were exactly what I wanted - quality, quantity and price...I will be ordering all my pots thru you! Thanks Megastore!
  • Euro Pots
    These pots are exactly what I needed. I propagate a lot of plants for our Garden Club sales and these pots are sturdy, attractive and the perfect size.
  • Awesome!
    I bought a case of the 1 gallon pots and they are great! Its a great price and the shipping was super fast! I will be definitely be buying another case of them.
  • Great Value Great Price
    I love having these pots around. They make the perfect Iris pot. I like the terra cotta color, they do not burn the roots like the black pots do.
  • Euro Pots
    Unbelievable speed in delivery and the Euro Pots are just the way I ordered them. Very happy with this company. Will buy again!
  • Great deal
    Great product, rugged, good looking at a price you just can't beat.
  • Just right!
    Great pots. Small amounts are just what I need for my gardening hobby!
  • Faulous product!
    These pots are wonderful. They are inexpensive, look great, and hold up well. I have ordered these several times and will be back for more.
  • Euro Pots
    This is the second time I have bought this type with a different style. They look good, appear to be durable, and are inexpensive in bulk. They also are quickly shipped.
  • good choice pots
    I am just a hobby gardener and I like to share or sell my extra perennials. These pots are just the right size for medium perennials and the price is affordable.
  • Best Purchase Yet
    We are starting our own herb nursery this year (2010). This container has contributed to sales just by attraction value alone as well as the great benefits for plant storage and transportation. The containers don't overheat in the Oregon sun (we live in the high desert) like the black nursery containers.
  • 15cm pot good value
    I searched for a container like I have seen the garden centers use and this is it.! I was happy to find it. The price was right.
  • good quality
    2nd order, I really like these pots!
  • CN-EU
    Nice product. Been looking for a good economical pot. This one fits my needs nicely.
  • Good Deal
    I got the 17 cm pots to sell my tomato and pepper transplants at the farmers market. These pots are sturdy, have good drainage holes, and fit just right into the 17 cm carrying trays. These were what I was looking for and I would buy them again if I need more.
  • very nice product
    I got the 15cm terra cotta/black euro pots to start seeds in, they are the perfect size and have nice drain holes in the bottom, they line up just right on the shelves that I have in my green house, I just love them, I will be getting more , I would recommend them to every one
  • 17cm Terra Pots
    Great pots for planting...sturdy and strong..GREAT price on a case of 294 pots...will buy more...
  • Excellent
    Sturdy, good-looking, good price - can't beat those odds!
  • A good product, but...
    I recently bought a case of the 17mm Euro pots, and it seems to be an excellent product. Don't expect a thick-walled plastic at this price - its actually fairly thin, but its relatively strong and the terra cotta exterior looks great. My only complaint is that there are no soil volume numbers given for these pots. The given external dimensions for the 17mm are very close to the 1 gallon pot, so I figured the volume would be similar, but the 17mm is a 1/2 gallon pot, which is not exactly what I was looking for.
  • Just what I was looking for.
    This is just what I was looking for. Something the right size and right price. I am using them for growing perennials for sale.
  • Great Value!
    Ordered a case of the 21cm Euro Pots, and they were delivered earlier than expected. All arrived in top shape. We like the look of the pot and are using for our mum cuttings as they mature over the summer for fall market. This is the first time we have ordered in a large quantity, but have found the pot sturdy and the color/appearance clean and a compliment for the plant. The price was very reasonable for the value. Just what we want for our business!