Clear Humidity Dome

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Clear Humidity Dome - 2" tall fits the black 1020 trays with holes and the black 1020 trays without holes. Not intended for use with Square or Round Pot Carrying Trays. Product Video  
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Clear Humidity Dome - 2" tall fits the black 1020 trays with holes and the black 1020 trays without holes.

Not intended for use with Square or Round Pot Carrying Trays.

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Reviews (92)
  • clear-humidity-dome 10_pack
  • Fits 1020 tray well
    The dome fit well on the 1020 tray, with substantial condensate forming in a couple hours (tray was on a heat mat). Be ready for a significant water dump if you're not careful when removing the dome from the tray!
  • Heavy duty humidity dome
    I have purchased these twice and have been satisfied with their quality. While the temps are still quote cold here in North Dakota, covering my seedlings at night with a heat mat underneath helps me keep my greenhouse heater at a lower temp. All around good quality product.
  • Nice tray covers
    These seem a bit heavier than the ones you get as part of a seed starting kit, which was what I was looking for. They arrived quickly and undamaged.
  • Good product
    Good product heavy duty
  • Light weight
    The covers are lightweight plastic. One cover had a hole that was too large and the vent insert would fall out. I didn’t receive one package of vents with the order.
  • Sturdy Construction
    I like to use a product until it will no longer work right. This dome seems to be well made and substantial enough to last several seasons.
  • Great
    Fit trays. Straighter sides than most giving more space. Thicker than most. Should last longer than me.
  • Functional
    These are heavier than the ones included in most kits, but not indestructible. They seem to fit ok on over heavy duty trays. You only use them for a few days til seeds pop. Would not leave in sun as that usually makes them all brittle. Happy enough.
  • Humidity Dome
    Great product -- fits perfectly - seedlings look GREAT!!
  • I ordered a bunch of these last year. Nearly every one of them cracked within a month
    Used them once and then they cracked and no longer stayed on top of the trays. Would never buy again
  • Very Disappointed
    I checked and rechecked twice before ordering this product to make certain that they would fit the trays that I ordered at the same time. The product description stated that they were the correct ones to fit. But they did NOT fit and now are totally useless to me. I hesitate to order again from this company. I am now looking for domes that WILL fit the trays that I ordered from greenhouse megastore. Needless to say I will not be ordering from them again.
  • Clear humidity dome
    Good value
  • Great humidity domes to get seedlings started off quickly
    These humidity domes are great - they are of sturdy plastic and will be reused for many years to come. I use them primarily to keep newly sown seeds moist and take the covers off once the seeds have sprouted.
  • Humidity dome.
    the humidity covers for the seedling trays were perfect for my needs.
  • Thousands of cactus seedlings
    Covers keep the humidity in but you will need to use these inside a greenhouse or put rocks on top of them because they do not clip on; wind will carry them away if given the chance. Moisture will sneak out over the course of several weeks / months and if you are growing cactus (like me) you may need to add water over the course of the year. (I recommend the foggit nozzle / 1-2GPM) for watering in cactus seeds. Overall, the lids are much sturdier than disposable bakeware lids and seem to be UV resistant. They should last for several seasons and I intend to buy A LOT more of them as my business grows.
  • Domes
    Used these for many years with great success
  • As advertised
    Yes they are clear. Yes they fit the 1020. They were package nicely so none of them got bent in transit. They are a bit hard to peel apart from each other so if you have poor dexterity like my grandpa, have a buddy help.
  • very poor product
    the domes do not fit properly on the 1020 trays and the little plastic cent doors are a joke. They will not stat in.
  • Works great
    What can I say, it fits on top of the trays properly and comes off without hassle.
  • I like it!
    Greenhouse Mega Store has yet to disappoint. Love their products, great to do business with!
  • Clear humidity domes
    The clear humidity domes do not fit on the 1020 trays when the deep seedling inserts are being used in place of the standard depth ones. I ordered so many of these domes and now I can't use any of them, and there are no affordable ones that I can purchase that will fit properly.
  • The better cover
    If you have ever bought tray covers at ,say, Home Depot, you will notice these to be much thicker. This will offset any extra cost by your trays lasting many years instead of 1 or 2 years if you are lucky. We noticed the difference right away.
  • dome lids
    Great ProductLove it
  • Great Price
    Working out perfectly. Using for seedlings and cuttings.
  • exceedes expectations II
    Another top shelf product
  • Damaged goods
    I ordered 2 of these products. One arrived with a smashed corner. As the shipping box was not damaged, I can only presume that the packer damaged it before shipping.
  • great product
    Propogation domes were wonderful! They put the Jiffy dome to shame.
  • I do not like these
    They arrived promptly, were in good condition and are working fine. If not, you would have heard from me and not needed to ask/
  • Clear Humidity Dome
    sold as advertised. thumbs up
  • Ms
    These were as advertized!Best quality humidity dome ever!Much better than what I could find at a box store. Will definitely order again!
  • Clear Humidity Dome
    The domes are very sturdy and so much better quality than the ones that came with my trays. I will now order my trays from Greenhouse Megastore.
  • Great match for the heavy duty 1020 trays
    They fit well..don't snap into place or anything but sit on top of the tray nicely. Can be tricky at first to keep on while moving around. Best to move the trays then place domes. None have broken over a few weeks time and purchased another batch. Much better quality than I found at the big box stores. Worth the $.
  • Clear Hi Dime
    These are flimsy and do not fit the trays very well. Also the vents do not like to stay in.
  • Something wrong
    I ordered 6 1020 permanest trays and 6 new domes which the description said went with them. But they don't fit. The domes are too small to fit the trays. I wrote but did not get an answer. This is not like GH Megastore, I wonder if I did not get it right.
  • Totally happy
    was totally happy with the domes - fit perfectly. The domes ensure the seedlings stay warm and water them at the same time. They came very promptly - great service!
  • farmer
  • Very Pleased
    I was a little concerned after reading some previous reviews, no need to worry. These domes are great, much more durable than the retail ones available.
  • Clear Humidity Dome
    Disappointed in the humidity domes. They don't fit the plug trays very well. First, they don't fit snugly, and I thought well, maybe they aren't supposed to. But they don't even fit evenly on the plug trays that I purchased at the same time. For the money, I expected better.
  • Durable
    I use these for seed starting. They have held up well to UV and they lasted 4 years in a hot California Greenhouse.
  • Clear Humidty Dome
    Well made and much better plastic than you find in the kits. Delivery was prompt and items were well packaged. Would highly recommend.
  • Broken Clear Humidity dome
    Purchased 1020 trays,606 & 808 cells-just what I ordered and happy. How ever both clear humidity domes were broken on the corners.Taped together and used as they were.
  • Clear Humidity Dome - Pack of 10
    Excellent product and superior service. Thank you for your quick service.
  • Farm Manager
    Excellent Product, fits snuggly on trays.
  • humidity dome
    The humidity dome seems to be great quality. As an inexperienced grower, I was trying to use it while growing sprouts, and managed to mildew the sprouts. So I think I learned that one must remove the lid at times or use less moisture. But I am glad I have this. It fits the oversized tray.
  • humid domes
    Excellent product
  • Quality with a Bang
    These domes are very nice quality. They are a heavy weight plastic and won't break as fast as those flimsy ones.
  • Works Great
    This is my second order of these as they work so well. I even use them to cover trays of 15 4 pots that I use to start zucchini and even sweet corn in late April.
  • Heavy Duty Home Gardener
    Excellent Quality for the price. Not a super ridged plastic so doesn't crack just by touching it! Really nice fit on 1020 Trays
  • Cracked!
    Showed up cracked
  • Clear domes
    These are definitely heavy construction than than others I have tried. They work great on a standard 1020 tray. A great combo for seed starting. You should get several seasons from them.
  • good products
    good quality good price!
  • Helps protect newly planted seeds
    I like the clear plastic dome to raise the humidity above newly planted vegetable seeds. However, for my use the dome was too narrow such that all of my flat was not covered.
  • good
    ordered domes to go on trays,no problems,good price,will order from this company again
  • Great!
    Of all the domes I have tried, these are the sturdiest. I had germination of some seeds in just two days!
  • JQ
    Great for seedling's first few fragile days when humidity control is important.
  • Works Great
    These work great for starting seeds.
  • Clear Dome
    Good price. Can't do without these in my greenhouse. Keeps mice out of seedbed.
  • works great
    exactly what I was looking for, I have the bottoms just needed new domes. Fit perfect and will work great!
  • perfect
    Okay I wasn't happy about the price of these , However I ordered 50 Domes. Thinking that they were costly for one seasons use. WOW I was real happy when they arrived. These domes are 2 - 3 times heavier than what I could get at any local store . Should last for several years. HAPPY-HAPPY
  • great product great price
    I love these domes, they fit my flats perfectly, and they are well made. Wouldn't use anything else. And the price is spectacular.
  • master gardener
    the advertisement was misleading. I thought the product was also with the cell packs as it was shown in the picture...I now have 10 clear domes and no cell packs. not satisfied.
  • 1020 Tray Domes
    These are perfect to go with the 1020 trays and just the right height for starting seedlings. They are a good indicator that it is time to plant on your seedlings or remove the cover. High quality and excellent value for money.
  • Nicoline
    Definitely works to increase internal temperatures. I bought these to help with my seed starting in my 40 degree garage. Even with a seed mat warmer I couldn't get temperatures above about 58 degrees, but once I placed these covers on, I got temperatures around 70 degrees. Only problem is you will need to lift the lids frequently or occasionally to get air flow and circulation. I wish they had small vent holes.
  • Driftless Mark
    Dependable service and for the price, a great product.
  • KJ
    Very Nice, Strong, Highly Recogmend
  • great product great price
    I love these, been using them for years, and greenhouse megastore has the best price I've found. In fact, I need 5 more.
  • Great
    They worked grewat
  • Colleen
    Again, great product at a great price!I just love this store and web site! Very easy to navigate and find what you want at the price you can live with!
  • Excellent Humidity Domes
    These domes are so much better than the ones I've used in the past. Made so much better. Should I need more then I'll be back to purchase these again. Thanks!
  • mbrown
    taller and sturdier than the others. love em, can use several seasons
  • they work
    used the complete set in one day and all work very well, i am on the second round of use and they show no wear.
  • humidity dome
    A plastic humidity dome is a must for starting seeds. I previously used plastic drop cloth but you do not get the height that the dome provides and I have had trouble with some of my plants sprouting before others and then getting the 'bends' because there was not enough head room. This product is sturdy and fits nicely on top of the growing flats. After surfing for prices, I found these to be the best price. Be careful to measure your growing flat to ensure this size will cover it as they make serveral sizes of flats.
  • humidity domes
    were is the humidity they won't hold humidity for more than a couple hours. It's because of the hundreds of pin holes. The domes I bought for another company have vents that I can open and close, and they were only 20 cents more than yours and they work.
  • Good for cost
    I have had harder plastic domes, but these may turn out to be better with any subtle pressure (less likely to crack like the stiffer hard ones). They are very clear and fit the trays perfectly.
  • Works well with seedlings
    Use them to cover seedlings in late winter / early spring. Durable.
  • Great replacement domes
    Domes that came with trays were damaged, so I found these replacements at a good price. They work well as expected.
  • Good price
    Looks Good Works Good
    Great strong built product.Shoud last hold up for several seasons fo use.
  • Humidity Domes
    These domes are of excellent quality; not the flimsy domes that many companies are offering now. I highly recommend them to the serious gardener.
  • Good basic product
    These have to be replaced frequently and the price is good for the tool.
  • CEO
    They are clear plastic lids for black plastic trays. What else can be said about that?
  • Nursery owner
    They were just what I expected, no complaints.
  • Not the best fit
    These fit the 1020 solid bottom trays just fine... but they don't fit other plug trays I've purchased.
  • Doesn't Fit That Well
    I bought these domes to go over the trays that I purchased from this site. The quality of the domes are good and I think they have good value in that they are somewhat inexpensive. but the fit is very poor over my trays. They domes seem to be a tad too large for the trays.
  • Not a great fit with insert.
    I bought these because the site referenced them to use with the 1020 trays and inserts. They however do not fit securely. Have lost moisture and need to check frequently. Work fine with just tray in grass flat sowing applications, but will not buy again. Have used plastic wrap over germination trays in 4 flats are are more moisture, temp sensitive. They are heavier/sturdier than most I've used in the past, but fit is an issue.
  • Wroks
    The domes are shaped well to allow the sprouts in the outer cells room to grow. It would nice if there were a way to vent the domes.
  • Clearly a Winner!
    This year was the first time for me using the clear humidity domes and I must say how well it made a difference. It not only helped with the germination, but I was so thankful for not having to water it as often!
  • Retains warmth and moisture
    My grow light is in our basement and it is somewhat cool. This dome is perfect for trapping moisture and warmth above my seedling pots. They are sturdy and work great!
  • Could fit better
    Fits poorly over 4- and 6-packs trays. Too large. Does not provide a good seal, slides around. Disappointing but marginally functional.
  • Clear Humidity Dome, 10/box
    Very study and they are designed to fit the 1020 trays. Very useful for maintaining soil moisture in the trays.