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Shade Cloth Fabrics are a cost effective way of reducing temperatures in the greenhouse or around your garden so we want to help make the install a breeze! Shop our selection of hooks, grommets, zip ties, anchors, and more to have your shade cloth ready for use in a flash.

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10" Bungee Ball
Item No. SC-9012 In Stock
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$9.90 $7.50
Shade Cloth Zip Ties
Item No. SC-9005
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Plastic Grommets
Item No. SC-9000 In Stock
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LS 2.05 MM Wire
Item No. SC-LS-WIRE In Stock
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Double S Hook
Item No. SC-9010 In Stock
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Shark Bite Fastener
Item No. SC-9009 In Stock
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Rope Cleat
Item No. SC-9001 In Stock
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LS Hooks
Item No. SC-LS-HOOK In Stock
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LS C Clips
Item No. SC-LS-CLIP In Stock
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Lacing Cord & Needle
Item No. SC-CLLC Low Stock, Order Now
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Shade Cloth Pin Connector
Item No. SC-9013 In Stock
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Wire Vise for Interior Shade Kit
Item No. SC-9003 In Stock
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Clip It Shade Cloth Clips 25 Pack
Item No. SC-CLIPIT In Stock
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Multi Purpose Hook
Item No. SC-9014 In Stock
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$7.90 $5.00
Oval Ring Connector
Item No. SC-9011 In Stock
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Flared J-hook
Item No. SC-9006 Low Stock, Order Now
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Wire Tightener for Interior Shade Kit
Item No. SC-9002 In Stock
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