Ground Cover Anchoring Pins

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Free Shipping See Details DeWitt Anchor Pins properly secure and anchor landscape fabrics, ground coverings and drip irrigation tubing. These special steel pins are angled at their ends for faster and easier installation. Use Anchor Pins to permanently and professionally anchor all of our fabrics.
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DeWitt Anchor Pins properly secure and anchor landscape fabrics, ground coverings and drip irrigation tubing. These special steel pins are angled at their ends for faster and easier installation. Use Anchor Pins to permanently and professionally anchor all of our fabrics.

6" x 1" x 6" - 11 gauge metal pins used to anchor ground cover material. Sold 75 Pins/bag or 500 Pins/box.

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Reviews (124)
  • Strong pins
    They are longer and stronger that regular pins sold at home centers. Work great
  • Temporary pins
    I thought ground pins would have some electroplated zinc. None. These steel pins will only last a season in most soil as rust eats up the steel pins.
  • Worthless in Heavy Soils
    I suppose these anchoring pins would be able to go into soft loamy soil but my soil has a lot of clay and is hard so the pins bent rather than go into the soil. They are a total loss.
  • Worth It.
    Quality product and holds great.
  • Customer
    The ground covering anchoring pins offered through Greenhouse are the best available. They are strong and diverse. I've laid lots of weed barrier and these are the best quality of pins to use.
  • If laying fabric, these are a must....
    I went to look for these locally and they were $3 for 12. These boxes of 75 were $6. I bought 2 boxes to cover about 300ft. And I used all of them. They are longer than most and are built better. If laying any fabric down before rock or mulch these are a must have.
  • weed barrier pins
    These are great, and necessary. The only downside is that in area where the soil gets damp they are only really good for two years at the most. They rust in damp dirt.
  • Pots and Pins
    The shipping on my items was very fast. The quality of item are better than I expected. The landscape pins were heavy duty. I will be ordering all my greenhouse supplies here.
  • great product
    these are the nice pins that used to come with weedblocker. They are thick, long, wide pins that go in with the tap of a hammer. Well worth the money.
  • Low Quality
    These rusted very quickly, in a matter of hours or days. I used to think this was the norm until I found a better quality at a lower cost from a competitor.
  • excellent
    We use these for just about everything in our garden, pinning down black cover cloth, pinning down temporary frost covers, pinning down drip lines, etc. And this is the cheapest place I have found to buy them. Love it!
  • Worked as planned
    I have a high large crawl space that is sloped quite a bit. Using black plastic to cover the ground to keep mold and other things growing, it is not easy to keep in place. However these pins are exactly what I needed to pin down the black plastic to keep it in place.
  • pins
    This is a repeat order. The pins I used a few years ago were very well made and this is why I re-ordered them again
  • BobD
    Much better than staples from big box stores
  • Anchor Pins
    These staples are so easy to use and they last a long time.
  • Fabric anchors
    Excellent value
  • Great Anchor Pins
    I found the anchor pins sturdy enough to handle our rocky soil. I use them for holding down weed barrier and they work great at anchoring drip tape, too.
  • Ground Cover Anchoring pins
    I have been doing landscaping expansion on our property for last couple of years and due to our hilly terrain and the DOG I find it important to use ground fabric a lot. I am now on my 4th box of these great pins. Wish I had found them years ago, much stronger, longer, and affordable than those I had been purchasing at local big box store.Service from greenhouse megastore is always excellent and my orders arrive very quickly.Happy shopper here!
  • Unexpected
    We purchased pins to secure ground fabric for our hoop house. The pins were good quality and delivered much quicker than expected. However, we did not evaluate the quality of ground that the pins would be used in , which was almost solid rock. The pins kept bending as we tried to secure the fabric with the pins , despite our best efforts. We ended up having to cut all the pins shorter. So my advice to future customers would be to evaluate the length of pins needed before making a pin purchase.
  • really good
    Precisely what is needed to properly install landscape fabric.
  • Heavy duty for serious garden
    These pins are perfect for securing vinyl cover for weed control. Use a rubber mallet for easy installation.
  • Great Product
    I used these to pin down landscape fabric and plastic. They are fantastic! So much better than other landscaping pins I bought at the hardware store.
  • Buyer for home
    Hold cloth down great.
    Much heavier gauge steel than the pins sold at the big hardware stores. These are gauge 11. They go into my hard clay soil very well. Heavier gauge 9 also exists, but I don't find I need them very often.
  • Good stuff
    They were very long and will last forever.
  • ground cover pins
    These pins I use mainly to anchor the ground covering but these are handy in several other issue - use these during x-mas to anchoe decorations. These are durable and can be used even when they are rusted.
    Ordered these to secure weed barrier plastic film to a big flower bed. Expected the usual flimsy, short ones but these are really, really good. They're heavy duty and will easily secure just about any type of garden cover. I will definitely buy again.
  • Ground Cover Anchoring Pins
    A good price, and they are fine. Work well.
  • Excellent product and price.
    Another quality product that GHMS has at a great price point. Staples work very well with the weed cloth I also purchased here.
  • Great product
    Great product. I've tried other brands that don't compare to the quality off these.
  • ground cover pins
    They are an inch longer than the ones you get at the big box stores.
  • low quality staples
    These are only a few weeks old but already rusted. They are easily bent when trying to install.
  • Grond Covering Anchoring Pins
    I found these pins to be first class. You cannot buy these quality pins from a big box store with the quality as good as the Green House Mega Store. They are much thicker and a lot sturdier. I am very pleased with this product and would recommend this to a friend.
  • should work well
    Needs to be a bit longer for East Texas sand, but if covered with thick covering of mulch, etc., will hold.
    Very easy to use with weed barrier and they hold down the barrier really well.
  • pins
    this is the 3rd time I've ordered pins for holding down weed cloth they have really saved me from spending a lot of time on my knees putting down yards and yards of cloth.
  • As described
    Heavy duty. Much better than any others I have purchased.
  • Secures the thickest ground fabric
    I use these pins to secure 50' rows of ground fabric. They are sharp enough to permeate even a double layer of the fabric. They're long enough to secure it quite well. And, they're not a tripping hazard like the little plastic pins with the (though convenient) pull handles.
  • weed material tie down pins 6 inches
    The 6 inch pins are a lot better than the 4 inch ones. In hard ground they are great. I'd like to find some 8 inch pins for loose soil though. good/strong inexpensive product.
  • Good company; good customer service
    The black matting roll was just what I needed not only to lay on the floor of my greenhouse but to experiment with solarization of weeds; I hope to fry the weeds in my lawn within 4 weeks under this black matting. Has anyone else tried this before? Any suggestions?
  • Good Quality Anchor Pins
    Very good thick pins resistant to rocks and roots. Best I've used. I just ordered more!
  • They work
    The price is decent, and they do the job. My wife has been using them to hold her row covers down since last June. The ones she used last year show some rust, but they are still serviceable. She liked them well enough to have me reorder them.
  • Pins
    Great quality, quick delivery.
  • Multi-Purpose Pins
    These are the cheapest and easiest way to secure ground cover. Just hammer them into the ground. Simple. I've also used them to secure irrigation hose and other such things.
  • pins
    These pins are way better than the flimsy, bendable ones i bought at lowes. I would buy these again.
  • Ground Cover Anchoring Pins
    Worked as advertised.
  • Easy to use and good price
    These pins were very easy to use and seem like they will hold up for a good time. At times when I needed to remove one, they would come out easy enough but not so easy that they will loosen by themselves. I needed to wedge something in them to drive them out. Also, the price was very good.
  • good hooks
    very good hooks, get the job done
  • Good product
    They are easy to use, they pin down my wife's row cover material very well, and they are inexpensive. What more can you ask for?
  • Anchor Pins
    These anchor pins are what they should be - long enough to stay in the ground, a heavier gauge and less expensive than the pins sold at Lowe's. I'll never buy them at Lowe's again.
  • Excellent Product for the price
    I used these pins to anchor my 'soaker' hoses in my yard and garden. They more than adequate and have performed well for the last month. I am very pleased with them.
  • Heavy Duty
    This was my first purchase from Greenhouse Megastore and I was very pleased when I received these Anchor Pins. They are much sturdier than the ones I've purchased at the hardware store.
  • Anchor pins
    They work great for holding down ground cover.
  • Good solid pins
    These pins are strong and easy to use. They have good holding ability keeping the ground cover solidly in place
  • greengirl
    Ok as far as use but they rust easily.
  • Great service
    The service was fast & the pins work well. I'd use this company again due to reasonable prices, quality & services.
  • Landscape pins
    Heavy duty pins work perfectly.
  • Anchor Pins
    Very sturdy product.
  • Does the Job
    I have used these pins for a couple years now. They work better than any available at the big box outlets. I have a large vegetable garden and have gone to ground cover to eliminate weeds as we grow organically. I have found these pins reliable to hold the cover in place even under the intense winds we experience in our area.
  • Nice and Strong
    We used these pins to anchor some weed barrier, and they seemed nice and sturdy. Did not bend when we pushed them in, went nice and flat so we won't be tripping on them!
  • works great
    held the cover down in moderately strong winds
  • many uses
    this is the only place i could find the 6 inchers....bought 2 boxes although i thought i would only use 1 box but im working on the 2nd box now...1st use was extra hold downs for tomato cages....then used some to hold down soaker hose...then a late winter freeze now there being used to hold down the freeze protection...i wonder what im gonna use them for sure something will pop up...
  • great price
    It's wonderful to be able to buy a large quantity fo the garden pins for a great price!!
  • Very handy!
    Used these to hold down plastic mesh screens over my bulb beds to keep the squirrels from digging them up. The pins were longer and much stronger than the ones I purchased from the big box store up the street. Shipping made the pins more expensive, but well worth the extra cost. I even came back for another box. Now, here's hoping the flowers all come up after all my trouble!
  • Ground Cover Anchoring Pins - 500 pins per bulk bo
    Very good product. Worth buying it if yiu are loking for in bulk. Will strongly recommend
  • Anchoring Pins/Polypropylene Cover
    absolutely effective in use with polypropylene cover which itself was a high quality sturdy product. plan to purchase more of both products. shipping was quick also. extremely pleased with my purchase.
  • Ground cover anchoring pins
    Sturdy, easy to use.
  • Great product
    I don't think you can find this quality of pin at your local store. The local home improvement stores carry a version of these. They are much smaller and the wire a lot thinner. The local store will charge you nearly fourteen dollars for 80 of these. Buying from Greenhouse Megastore is a no brainer. Great buy!
  • A to Z LLC Natives
    The anchor pins were made of exceptional materials and the cost was affordable for a small independent nursery
  • a third hand
    Fantastic product. I was about to start landscaping/ hardscaping around my house. My younger son told me about your landscaping pins. I told him I didn't think I needed 500. He said that once I started using them I'd be surprised how handy they were and how they make the job much easier. He was soooo right. No problems with the wind, the landscaping fabric stayed exactly where I wanted it. Made trimming it and cutting the openings for planting perennials so much easier. AND NO 500 pins is not too many!
  • Substantial Ground Cover Pins
    Heavy duty pin, won't kink or bend like the regular pins (unless you drive it into a big rock). A must for anchoring weedcloth.
  • Great Pins
    These pins are a great length. I've used them to hold down weed barrier fabric in all types of soil with no problem. I've even used them to hold full size soaker hoses in place that I've weaved around in certain areas. The hardware/home stores in this area carry shorter ones for quite a bit more. So great product/great value.
  • Landscape staples
    Staples worked great, would buy again
  • John
    Not very good for rocky soils. Bend very easy, but do help maintain the fabric until rock or other ground cover is placed over them.
  • anchor pins
    I ordered 75 and used everyone of them they are perfect. heavy duty used to secure black mat floor in greenhouse. Just what I wanted and stronger than expected.
  • Great
    I was very pleased with the timely manner that my order was handled. I would highly recommend this company.
  • Great Product
    Cant beat the price and quality.
  • Good Product
    This length is superior to the shorter anchor pins commonly found in garden supply/nurseries. Very happy with product & fast shipping.
  • Disabled Veteran
    great product -have used them for years
  • As Expected
    Better than you can get at the local big box hardware stores. They are longer than those sold there but still they could be a little stronger; they have a tendency to bend when resistance is found in the soil, e.g. small rock or hard dirt.
  • Mrs.
    These pins are perfect to keep Bio Fleece Garden cover or any type of cover of plants down during the freezing season.
  • heavyduty anchor pins.
    These are great, heavy enough that they are virtually impossible to bend when hammering into the ground. Much better than the lighter, shorter pins. Can also be used to anchor rubber irrigation drip hose.
  • heavy duty
    These are the best for using around already established landscapes. They are heavy duty & very reasonably priced
  • Ground Anchoring Pins
    Very strong and sturdy. Longer than the cheap, flimsy ones you buy at the local hardware. Would recommend.
  • anchor pins
    high quality as expected
  • Cynthia
    excellent service, very fast, thank you
  • Anchor pins
    ok little expensive, little to big for the application
  • garden stakes
    very happy with garden stakes very strong they do not bend when you put them in the ground compared to the one's you buy at local store.
  • Liz
    great heavy duty staples! Good price and prompt shipping.
  • Ground cover anchor pins
    Good amount of pins for price compared to other sites. Metal is fairly thick. Good size-about 6 inches long, 1 inch wide.
  • Great Ground Cover Anchoring Pins
    These pins are much better than the thin ones from our home improvement center. I have hard rocky soil and these hold up to the hammer.
  • anchoring pins
    best prices and most reasonable service....i'll use you again
  • Strong pins
    These work much better than the box store pins because they are heavier gauge and longer. No more bent over pins. Also they are several cents cheaper than the box store ones. Don't know yet how much they will rust.
  • Anchor pins
    Heavy gauge anchor pins perfect for many uses. Great service from the Greenhouse Megastore
  • Great product
    We use these for ground cover and irrigation tubing. These anchor pins are longer and sturdier than those I can find locally. They are far superior to any pins we've ever used.
  • Great Value
    The gauge, quanity and price equal a great value and quality that I was unable to find in local stores.
  • Anchoring Pins Review
    Shipped promptly, just as described, happy with them.
  • Excellent buy
    These anchor pins are great! The sharpened points are perfect for penetrating the durable ground cover weave without tearing or fraying the material. I'm glad I decided to buy these instead of buying the wire and making them myself. This product is well worth the money and I highly recommend them.
  • Anchoring pins
    I have no complaints. After paying in a local store $10 for 10 pins and then getting 500 from Greenhouse for $30 plus I felt as if I was dealing with a fair distributor. The pins were used on a hillside fence to hold dirt and rock back and they seem to have done an adequate job.
  • Great!
    Best price by far on the web for this product! Ships promptly. Thanks!
  • Excellent product
    Heavy gauge with some extra length, what's not to like!
  • Great pins
    These pins are very sturdy. I'm currently using them to anchor my soaker hoses and they work great.
  • Ground Cover Anchoring Pins
    These are thicker and longer than the box store ones. I was able to poke them through the ground cover. Come back after I have them all in, and step on them to set in the ground. My anchors from Lowes bent. the length of these holds in the ground better.
  • They work!
    These pins are a little longer which helps hold down the fabric.
  • These are great!
    We're very pleased with these anchor pins. Not only are they a better buy than at some local stores but they are longer too.
  • Terrific
    Outstanding price.These pins are long and strong. We actually used them to anchor the fence for our dogs' run. They would dig and squeeze underneath; these pins solved that problem with just an hour's work. Over 200 feet of fence and have plenty of pins left over from the bulk box to use to anchor weed cloth in the garden. Highly recommended.
  • Ground Cover Anchoring Pins
    Much better quality than the anchor pins sold in the big box stores to secure ground cover material. Bigger, longer and stronger. Easily worth the extra cost.
  • Superior Anchoring Pins
    I have used many anchoring pins when putting down ground cover, and find these achoring pins far superior to other pins. Now I only use these achoring pins as they stay in the groud for years without any signs of come out of the ground.
  • Great Item !
    Bought these to use with the garden fabric I also purchased for the new raised bed garden. They worked great and I thought 75 pins would be way too many....WRONG. Used most tacking down the fabric. Worked out great...a must have item for this type usuage. By the way, I used a rubber mallet to drive them into the ground.
  • Myoneacrefarm
    The right tool to keep the fabric anchored.
  • Staple-o-matic
    Economical, very useful, and a great time saver. My initial order was for a box of 500 and will be ordering several more boxes.
  • Great anchoring pins
    These are perfect for holding ground cover down.
  • Ground Cover Anchoring Pins
    These pins are great - a timesaver and so easy to use. The landscape fabric stays put, finally.
  • Good Pins
    I have been using pins like this for over twenty years and find them to be the best available to date.
  • GR-1001
    Used these anchor pins to apply 1000 square feet of weed barrier material around our gardens. These held the material down perfectly and were easy to install without special tools.
  • GR-1001
  • Awesome Product
    I am a landscaper and take care of 6.6 acres by myself, so using the pins to hold down landscape fabric is very helpful especially when I am a one man show. I work at an assisted living facility, I have already used over 2,000 pins and they are the greatest invention, very easy to use, just push them in, and either step on them or use a hammer( the hammer is much quicker, depending on the soil.)
  • Exactly what I needed
    Great quality and best price i could find online for 75.
  • Great Value
    I install synthetic turf and use staples every install. A plus for my business, no need to buy for each job, 500 count a great value.
  • These are totally worth it!!
    Having worked in the green industry for ten years, and worked on countless landscape jobs these pins have proved their weight in gold. Whether installing plants with fabric weed barrier, or retention walls with geo-grid these pins are the trick to keep job job going efficiently. They hold up in all soil conditions, allow for easier cutting and installation, and in the end provide a much more appealing and durable result.
  • Does the job but a lil' weak
    Easy to use anchor pins to keep fabric down why you move. Be careful don't hit a rock or the anchor will bend like rubber. Would prefer a little thicker gauge material here but hey you can;t beat 500 count!