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Plug production may be the most technically advanced process in our industry, and our plug trays provide the uniform growth and quality your growing operation demands. Our plug trays offer optional top surface ventilation holes and precisely centered and punched drain holes to help you achieve
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Plug production may be the most technically advanced process in our industry, and our plug trays provide the uniform growth and quality your growing operation demands. Our plug trays offer optional top surface ventilation holes and precisely centered and punched drain holes to help you achieve higher yields. Available with square, star, and hex cells, standard perimeter trim and various depths.

Rigid design allows these flats to be used without a carrying tray (Note: These are not designed to fit our 1020 Trays).


DescriptionConfigurationPerimeter TrimDrain HoleVent HoleCell DepthCell TopMax Dry (Cu. In.)Max Liquid
38 star cells per sheet (deep)3 x 810.94" x 21.44"0.75"N/A5"2.13"13.437.44 fl oz / 220.03 ml
50 square cells per sheet5 x 1011.00" x 21.22"0.37"0.25"2.32"1.90"6.773.75 fl oz / 110.90 ml
72 star cells per sheet (deep)6 x 1210.94" x 21.44"0.43"0.50"3.00"1.56"4.272.37 fl oz / 70 ml
72 square cells per sheet6 x 1211.00" x 21.22"0.37"0.25"2.25"1.52"3.601.99 fl oz / 58.85 ml
72 true cells per sheet6 x 1210.00" x 20.00"0.37"0.5"2.31"1.5"2.751.52 fl oz / 45 ml
84 true star cells per sheet7 x 1210.00" x 20.00"0.38"0.25"1.60"1.20"1.430.79 fl oz / 23.43 ml
84 true cells per sheet7 x 1210.00" x 20.00"0.37"0.25"1.5"1.26"1.80.85 fl oz / 25 ml
98 square cells per sheet7 x 1411.00" x 21.22"0.37"0.25"2.00"1.34"2.261.25 fl oz / 36.97
128 square cells per sheet8 x 1611.00" x 21.22"0.31"0.18"2.00"1.19"1.530.85 fl oz / 25.14 ml
200 square cells per sheet10 x 2011.00" x 21.22"0.25"N/A1.75"0.90"0.850.47 fl oz / 13.90 ml
288 square cells per sheet12 x 2411.00" x 21.22"0.31"N/A1.25"0.76"0.430.24 fl oz / 7.10 ml
512 square cells per sheet16 x 3211.00" x 21.22"0.31"0.19".94"0.55"0.240.14 fl oz / 4.14 ml
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Reviews (57)
  • 72 cell star deep plug flat
    Great starting flat, like the 3 inch depth, Star pattern and ridged interior cell walls has less root spiraling. Excellent service, FedEx lost the first box, replacement sent out quickly, no questions asked. Thanks
  • Great product
    This is exactly what I wanted. Great product, great service !!!
  • Good and bad about inserts
    Super heavy duty 1020s and 38 cell inserts are excellent 5 star. 200 and 98 cell inserts are too short to touch bottom so they sag in middle of tray and perlite collects their when watering. Worse, you cannot water from bottom. I ended up cutting rim off the 98 and 200 so they sit on bottom of tray. I just found that Bootstrap farmer has longer insert that will reach bottom.
  • Great
    Perfect for my seedlings
  • Like but bends when loaded and watered
    Like but bends when loaded and watered
  • 72 trays don't seem to draw up monster as well as the 50's or the 128 trays
    72 trays don't seem to draw up monster as well as the 50's or the 128 trays
  • Zoysia blug trays
    I bought a bunch of these trays to grow my own Zoysia plugs. I wanted the largest plug size I could find and these trays fit that requirement well. The plastic is pretty sturdy so should be able to reuse some.
  • Grower
    Good product
  • Weak
    These crack immediately under the weight of soil when carried without a bottom tray. Price is good but they won’t last, will not purchase again.
  • Better than most
    I don’t like these as well as the coex flats that I’ve been using, but they are heavier than what I usually see at the commercial nuseries. I think they will hold up pretty well, and I like that they fit the 1020 trays and come in so many different sizes.
  • Try cutting them in half, and other fixes
    At first I disliked these for three reasons: 1. Crack easily when picked up by the ends (with soil); 2. Hard to remove plants from cells in the garden (causing even more cracking); and 3. Don't fit a 1020 tray. Solutions: 1. Cut each flat in half with a pair of scissors or a utility knife. Easier to handle, and eliminates cracking. (Wish they offered a half-size.) 2. I used an empty tray as a template, and made a little masonite square with 25 little bolts and nuts sticking up at the exact spacing of the cells. At planting time, position the square under the plug flat, and gently push the flat onto the bolts. All 25 seedlings are released at once, without having to touch the stems. 3. Instead of using 1020 trays, use Square Garden Trays (Item No. CN-GAR-045). Each tray holds two flats (or four halves, in my case). The garden trays are apparently indestructible, I have used them for several years so far, and none shows any wear. With these fixes, I love these plug flats, as they allow much higher densities under grow lights, while still allowing for good root development.
  • Plug flat review
    Not as sturdy as we had hoped and they don't fit the 1020 trays correctly but we will make do with them.
  • Plug flats
    Great quality and arrived quickly
  • These are better than average
    I can't really wax poetic about these- they are thinner than I had hoped but they will do the job. They will do it slightly better than what I could have purchased elsewhere. I am not disappointed nor am I enthralled.
  • DOPE
    Needed plug trays to start a lot of seedlings. Strong and sturdy
  • 50 cell needs carrying tray
    I got the 50 cell version. 1 star lost because about 1/4th of them came with cracks on the corners causing it to rip for the corner cells. 1 star lost because they CANNOT be carried without a carrying tray like the description says. After I put my 50/50 perlite/potting soil mix in the thing flopped a bunch and dropped soil out. I had to use a weird grip on diagonal corners in order to pick it up without anything spilling....which I promptly put into a 1020 'cause there's no way you can carry it anywhere on its own without doing a balancing act. As stated in the description, they do not fit the 1020. They can sit in a 1020 but it will buckle down in the middle (and tear the corners more) and humidity domes if you have any, will be poorly aligned and easily fall off.
  • Nice, but not as sturdy as I pictured
    These are nice plug flats. These are not quite as sturdy as I was picturing, but as a hobbyist, they should last me quite a while with reasonable care. Definitely sturdier than the thin throwaway six packs. It would be nice if they lay flat in a 1020 tray, but some 1/2" gravel scattered on the bottom provides nice support for the 50 plug flat. I also wish these were available in 5 packs, as I would have liked to get more of a mix of sizes.
  • Flimsy and cracked after first use
    Used the 72 cell flats for the first time. After lifting them to place them in the greenhouse, they all buckled and cracked. Would love to get my money back. Don’t waste your money.
  • Love the product
    Best invention ever
  • Plg flats 72 cells
    I wish i ordered this the first time i tried using plugs instead of the hobby pack. This is more sturdy but still needs a some support from 1020 trays.Easier to fill with soil.
  • great product
    I love the quality of these. They are very sturdy.
  • glad to have greenhouse megastore
    everything i buy has fast shipping never damaged and better than box store and other growing companys supplies this is commercial greenhouse supplies thank you for the great store
  • Fine 200 cell flats
    These 200 cell flats are just fine, no problems and came as advertised. They can be full to the brim and hard packed with soil and do not break, they will bow some, but that's to be expected. They do rest on the lips of standard 1020 trays, but as it states in description, they will not sit on the bottom of the tray, so you can't bottom water with these in standard 10 x 20 trays.
  • Great value
    I received my product promptly and they are exactly what I expected.
  • Worth the buy
    Very sturdy and will last at least a few more years. I'm starting all my veggies this year in the greenhouse with them.
  • Service excellent
    Product came quickly with no problem with packaging. I just wish the flats were less flimsy.
  • Durable Flats (Just As Stated)
    I purchased a couple of the 50 plug flats to try them out. I grow euphorbia milii by the thousands and was looking for a better way to transport my rooted cuttings. I was skeptical about the claim that these are durable enough to use without a tray. I was pleased to find that the statement was true. Just be sure to carry from the bottom and you too will be pleased with the results. I highly recommend these and will be purchasing more.
  • 512's doing their job
    Just what we needed. Nice for us because we only needed a few trays. Not the cheapest place if you need more and buy in bulk from other suppliers, but we love em.
  • Great product
    Great product. Fast shipping. Well packaged. Thank you!
  • Just what I was needing
    The trays are what I need to grow my flowers under the lights. Visited a large greenhouse and they used these types of trays as well and got tremendous results.
  • Plug Flats, Full Case - 200 square cells
    Sold as Advertised. Thumbs up
  • Use both hands
    The trays are a good size and durable but too flimsy to carry on their own one-handed. They fit in the 1020 trays, but since they are so much shallower than the 1020 trays, the middle sags. I had them for about 3 months when some of the sides of the rims cracked when trying to lift them with one hand. I've had them for almost a year now and they are warped because I put them in 1020 trays, but still sturdy - if you carry the with two hands when they're full.
  • The best invention ever, love the trays
    Easiest way to start plants
  • Good product
    Fast delivery products packaged damage at all. The seed flats are good quality. I am a happy customer.
  • Decent quality, good value for the cost
    I purchased the deep 72 star cell trays and am pleased with the overall quality. They aren't as thick or rigid as I expected but still seem sturdy enough. If handled properly they can last several seasons. When soil is added, they do sink in the middle a bit, but so far no disasters or breakage. I'd imagine after a while they could get a bit brittle and crack where there's any sinking - but for my operation of rooting cuttings and starting seeds on multi-tiered shelving under intermittent mist, so far so good!
  • Great product!
    These trays are great! Well made, shipped fast! Very pleased. Thank you!
  • Plug Flats, 10/pack - 72 square cells
    These plastic plug flats are exactly what I was expecting them to be when I ordered them. Sturdy enough to hold up to normal use, but flexible enough that you can pop the plugs out without damaging the plants.
  • Great price!
    Lowest price around for a 288 cell count tray!
  • 72 square tray
    not sutable for use without a flat tray it will fold and brake otherwise good trays.
  • Dissatisfied
    cell tray containing any soil sinks in the middle so no seeds in perimeter rows can ever be bottom-watered. Big $$ waste!
  • Good Quality - Fast Shipping
    Very happy with our purchase!
  • Nice 200 cell
    I bought 200 more from landmark Plastice's , But your quality is much better Your prices's are much higher so i have to buy less to get what I need.
  • 72 cell propagation tray
    I like this star shape rather than the cone I had been using. It holds a bit more soil, which means a stronger root system. I purchased a case of these trays and have about half of them loaded with various herb cuttings: mint, oregano, thyme, rosemary, sage, etc. Everything looks good so far but nothing is rooted well enough to pull out of the tray just yet. Judging from the top growth, I'd say these trays are doing what I wanted. The flat bottom sits nicely on our capillary mat system so moisture is wicked up to the cutting.Also, these trays are much sturdier than the cone shape trays. Those things always required a carrier tray and they fell apart quickly. These star-shaped 72-cell trays are a lot heavier. They can be handled without a carrier tray, one less thing to worry about.
    These 500 hole containers are very sturdy and will suit my need to sprinkle small seed like cardinal flower seed into as many separate plants as possible; the holes could be larger to make applying seed easier.
    These deep hole flats will be excellent when it comes to stating seed that needs to have a long tap root and should make me successful when I transplant.
  • Good quality
    These trays are very good quality at a decent price. I have reordered twice.
  • My go-to flat
    I do organically certified vegetable and herb starts for organically certified farmers and this is the perfect size for flats of vegetables and herbs from seed. The quality is good and the price is competitive.
  • Great flats
    These flats work great. I got the 50 cell flats so I don't have to transplant them into larger pots. They are some what flimsy but they work really great with the 'Square Garden Tray'. I can fit two flats in each garden tray!
  • Plug flats
    Great value for these heavy plastic flats that should last many years under normal use.
  • They don't fit the trays
    The flats do NOT fit the trays as claimed, which has been a real nuisance. The flats themselves sometimes crack upon being lifted from water after bottom watering.
  • Disappointing
    The pro: they are quality, sturdy flats. The big con: they do NOT fit the 1020 prop flats. As a previous review noticed, these plug flats are about 1/4 longer than the 1020 flats sold. I've tried them on two other 1020 flats, also too long. The plug flat doesn't reach the bottom so flat watering is ineffective. Also, it prevents the humidity dome from sealing properly. So if for some reason you're not nesting them in 1020's, you're set. They're quality plug flats. But, if you're like most of us and you appreciate bottom watering your plants, and a tight dome fit, do not purchase. If I hadn't needed them in a hurry, I would've demanded a refund. Baffling, disappointing, and ultimately useless.
  • TLC plug flats
    72 cells!! i love it!!
  • Good product with a downside
    These are good sturdy trays but they take forever to separate! It has taken me over an hour total to get 30 of 100 separated. I assume they settled into each other during shipment--it would be great if this could be prevented somehow or include tips to get the trays apart without spending so much time at it.
  • 72 cel trays
    These trays are high quality at rock bottom pricing. I could not be more pleased. Sturdy enough to sterilize and re-use for several seasons. I highly recommend. Best deal out there that I can find!
  • great for growing greenhouse onion transplants
    I purchased a case of the 338 plug flats this fall to grow my onion transplants. The flats are sturdy and have the proper size cells for producing my onion transplants for next spring. With a little care they can be reused in my small operation. I received the plug flats much faster than I expected. Thanks for having the product I needed. I have made several purchases from you over the past few years. All have been of excellent quality and your customer service has been great.
  • Good Stuff.
    Review based on 72-cell tray. Very rigid and uniform. The individual cells are strong as well, do not crush easily.
  • Practical seed starting
    I've shopped all over for plug flats and these are an excellent deal. Durable, lightweight, and if cared for properly can be re-used for many seasons.